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Scary Mommy Confessions

  • I pretend that it's a huge sacrifice for me to work long hours and get home after the kids go to bed, but secretly I love it.

  • I want to get pregnant by my EA.

  • I totally keep our babies face against my breast after he feeds just to make DH change poopy diapers and spot clean messes from our 2 and 3 year olds.

  • I'm Ms "Eat Healthy, Kids!" and my gluten intolerant ass just snarfed down a vending machine muffin because, seriously, fuck this day. Tomorrow'll suck, but today, white flour and sugar and fat are making me happy.

  • My bf who used to date strippers told me I give the best bj he's ever had. Easily could get 250 and hour for it but could get the job done in 4 minutes. I do love giving them, I don't know if its worth it. I'm broke.

  • I regularly rub some Old Spice on my inner arms so I can smell it all day. It reminds me how much I love him (my EA).

  • My mother is a controlling bitch whom my husband and I both work with. Therefor we get it 24/7. I resent her and my "perfect" brother for it. I am completely scared for my girls I will turn into her.

  • I wish some hot rich guy would kidnap me.

  • Please let me pregnant! I need good thoughts! We just did our first iui after a year and a half of trying. Xo

  • My cousin announced she is pregnant with triplets today. I said congratulations and gave her a big and cried. she thought they were tears of joy but I was really thinking "I hate you" I miscarried 3 weeks ago

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