Scary Mommy Confessions

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  • I brush everyday...but I never go to the dentist. Take my kids to the dentist every six months without fail but can't make myself go.
  • I have to be 2x the parent because I was a teen mom. People assume I'm some MTV show character. My house is spotless and my son is more loved by his mommy than most. I wish I was older so I could slack off without judgement.
  • I am on the verge of a breakdown. Single momhood sucks. Doing it all by myself is getting harder and harder as ds gets more active. I want his dad to step up more than every other wknd, but his gf won't let him.
  • MIL is such an idiot. She seems like a nice person but she bailed when I needed her most 2 wks after DD was born & then again 2yrs later after DS was born & I had mastitis. WTF! DS is 2 now but I still resent her.
  • Here's a thought. Some people grew up poor and couldn't afford braces. And no matter what age it bothers you knowing they aren't straight and you can't smile. How about you stop judging people! Petty...
  • I have a boil on my tailbone that is killing me! Sitting or standing it hurts. Work is literally a pain in my backside!
  • Fingers crossed for a 2 hr delay tomorrow!
  • "Back to Black" was basically the soundtrack to my last relationship. Listening to it now brings back sad memories, but I love the songs. It's terrible that Amy Winehouse passed how she did, she really was a great artist.
  • Went to a book club meeting at last minute. Told DH it was a school board meeting for our preschool so he would put kids to bed. Having tons of fun talking to other adults & luv my wine buzz :D.
  • Reading confessional in the bathroom. Hoping by the time I come out, hubby will have forgotten about sex and will have found a video game to play. I just want sleep!
  • Just had anal sex for the first time with DH, ladies, the orgasm is worth the few minutes of pain, just breathe and keep twiddling your twat, sooo good...
  • I am sorry, but I HATE women over 35 who have braces. You made it this long with two crooked teeth, do you really think you need braces now?? You look foolish.. 14 year olds should have braces, not 40 year olds. sorry-
  • Living rooms cleaned up kids are bathed their teeth are brushed and tucked in bed. Off to clean kitchen as dh still sitting on the couch.. sounds like its normal still gets me though
  • MIL and POS SFIL are finally getting divorced! should have happened years ago, now you want a pity party because your kid is a ward of the state and this may interfere with you getting her back? sucks to be you.
  • the idea of elf on a shelf creeps me out

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