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Scary Mommy Confessions

  • I'm finally recovering mentally from my abortion. I can't carry this guilt for the rest of my life. I was left no other choice but to terminate and I WILL NOT keep blaming myself.

  • I want to sleep with an ex when I'm visiting family so bad. It would be so easy and bf would never find out. I'm so fucked up.

  • I am 32, with a daughter (age 5) who's father died while I was preg. I do not resent her, but I do resent the fact I can't find a man to fit the bill. All men want is sex. I stopped. I resent all my happily married friends.

  • Not even 8 am, baby has been fed, changed, & napping. I'm showered & hiding in the bathroom, taking bong rips, to get through his 2 mth well child & shots..

  • Fell asleep immediately after masterbating. Woke up to an imprint of a dick on my left side and a bullet imprint on my thigh. (Sigh) can't tell how exhausted I am!!

  • I haven't shaved anything since last year. I'm just too fat :(

  • I fucking want to scream!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ds17 said boy at school was making a 'your mom' joke to him and another boy cut in "dude his mom's kinda hot". :) I don't see it anymore but hey made me feel good for a minute.

  • I never have more sex than when I'm pregnant. He just can't get enough of me. I guess my fat thighs and swollen ankles are a turn on!

  • We had our kids young so we would have freedom now ds17&20 don't look as thought they are going to move any time soon. I'm beginning to really resent them and their lack of drive.

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