I wish the morris dancers outside my house would kindly fuck off! If not i cannot be responsible for what i will do to them with their bells and sticks! FML I just want to sleep!

My fucking husband sleeps at the worst possible times it's like he avoids us on purpose. Then when he is awake he complains that he has had no sleep even if I know better and was awake myself! If you want to avoid us LEAVE

My fridge & cabinets are empty. I have nothing to feed my kids tonight or tomorrow. I got paid yesterday but my sitter wanted what I owed her plus this week in advance. I have to work, so I paid her. Every dime I had.

I think that every person in the world was probably dropped on their head as a baby at least once.

I fought like heck to keep my husband, and now I don't know why.

The walk from the car to the buggy return is the most peaceful moment in my day.

I just gave the baby some grabbable solid food to play with and practice eating... or as I call it, "feeding the dog."

Oh my holy what in the actual fuck??? WHY? Why do I let my curiosity get the best of me??? 2 girls, 1 cup??? I need to bleach MY EYES!!! *gag* *gaaaag*

I cannot wait for my 4 year old to start prek. I'm slowly and steadily losing my shit.

DH is sick in bed & it's the end of the fucking world. I've been nauseous for 2 days, and today I shit my pants. But, noooooo, no one cares how I am. Selfish bastard.

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