i actually smile when i get a hug/me too/like on my confession

I can't wait for Halloween! Mommys gonna eat ALL the candy! Bahaha! At least my kids are little and they don't notice

im yelling so much im sure my neighbours think im a horrible parent

I miss the sister I used to have, before she got engaged.

my young kids just laugh at me when i tell them to behave or do something. gawd i wish i could spank them

I have to let a male friend of mine fuck me in order to get him to shave me when I want. The sex is whack, I just want a shave.

since becomming a mother im lucky if i can get a shower in every 4th day!!

i hate having no friends! im just too damn picky on wHo i wanna hang around. i guess i just dont like people anymore

I just took a very impressive shit. It was almost a foot long :D

im drinking waay too much at night not to be social just to end the boredom of being the house 24/7

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