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  • I really couldn't care less that it is NYE. Don't think we are going to make a big deal out of it over here. Just treat it like any normal day. My kids don't care--nor do I.
  • It REALLY annoys me when people on fb put in all these prayers thanking God, and everyone for a wonderful, blessed life, blah, blah, I hav a blessed life and walk w Goe but u don't c me SHOVING it down people throats!
  • i'm so sorry if on my weekends off i like to sleep in & lounge in my pj's all day. dh, you spend your entire days off playing xbox, and you want to bitch at me being lazy???
  • Not lookinf forward to getting back to normal after vacation
  • I too want to lose 60 ponds. Hmmm, guess my sweettooth & I may have to be estranged for awhile... Nah! Fuck it!
  • my friend left her dh after he beat up one of her kids 2 weeks before xmas. i gave her $60 on a gift card for xmas presents for her 4 kids & gave her more than $70 in groceries. she got back with him & now i'm pissed!
  • New years resolutions are just another platform in which for me to fail. Why can't I achieve goals? And if I can't how do I teach my kids to!??
  • Don't get upset with you for going to bed whenever you want!? You stay up all night then sleep in all day ass fuck! Yeah I get upset, we have two kids to take care of but you go ahead & sleep in every weekend, jerk
  • I don't care who is elected president, Obama tried to make changes for the struggling working & all he's gotten is walls. They're all crooks & in bed w/ the crooks
  • Where we live there isn't trash disposal of a normal kind...if DH doesn't do something with this stinking pile of garbage in my garage I am gonna load it into his car myself! I don't care had bad it makes it smell!

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