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Scary Mommy Confessions

  • I don't do drugs, drink, do porn (much), or cheat - I read to escape my life. When my nose is buried in a book, I'm not a fat 44 y.o. "never was", with a dead-end career, a cold wife, and kids who don't respect me.

  • I just ran the numbers, I'm 40, I've slept with 1 man in the last 4 years, I was married for 13 years, lost my virginity at 16 and still managed to have sex with 37 men. I.AM.A.SLUT.

  • I went to happy hour with my coworker crush tonight. He's almost young enough to be my son. I think he likes me too! WIN!

  • I'm so obsessed with possible EA that I've stopped wanting DH to even touch me. I think he notices, but he doesn't make any efforts to change things. Is he just telling me to go ahead?

  • I have to hide for days after Mother's day, Xmas, Bday, Vday... I hate having to answer the well-meant "What special things did DH and DSs do/get for you?" with "Nothing. They forgot." I feel stupid and pathetic.

  • Found a letter to my DS from DH. I never realized that my abuse from childhood was so apparent. I'm lucky to have my DH he makes sure I'm not judged just because I'm broken.. I didnt know he loved me so fucking much. Sad

  • Sometimes when the toilet paper runs out I just wipe my crotch with the cardboard roll.

  • My max was 2 glasses of wine/night. Then I got married. Now it's an entire bottle, easy.

  • I've been experiencing some hormonal rage. It's made me fantasize smacking my daughter. Making an appointment next week. This is scary.

  • I feel so guilty that my husband works everyday and makes twice as much as me. If I was working full time we would be a lot better off financially...I feel like I'm selfish because I hate my job and don't want to work more.

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