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  • Afrer my son was born, his drunk dad pushed me to the floor and kicked me in the stomach. 6 years later he has a bad back but doesn't remember me beating him with a baseball bat. He thinks he fell down the steps that nite.
  • Frustrated with 20 mo DD this morning b/c she couldn't decide on a freaking movie to watch. Whined till I yelled. While I was yelling I KNEW I shouldn't be. I hate when I lose my patience with her. :-(
  • I want to slap the fucking shit out of Casey Anthony. She is smiling!!!
  • Hey, bitch with the twins on fb. My kid CAN be difficult, even if he is "JUST one child"... Sorry you have two, but fuck off already. You aren't better than me just because you pushed TWO watermelons out of your vag.
  • I have to take a piss test for a new job today. I'm worried I won't pass not because I use drugs but because I pee so often my urine is very dilute they fail you for that because they think you are trying to hide drug use.
  • I think my toddler just swallowed his big sister's tooth. Ugh, gross! Why didn't the tooth fairy chuck that nasty thing. When she lost it, like months ago!!!!!!!
  • I think DW has misplaced her Horniness...if anyone finds it let me know ASAP! SOL.
  • We find out the sex of our first child today. For as long as I can remember I have wanted a boy first. I'm scared I may be depressed if it's a girll. I already call it he without realizing it.
  • I feel terrible. My 3 YO is inheriting my horrible sleep patterns. It's an awful way to grow up. Makes you tired in school all day, go to bed early, only to wake up in the middle of the night. Cramps your social life, too.
  • *Fidgeting* - forgetting
  • I am fidgeting the sensation of losing myself in the bliss of Passion and desire.
  • And so passes another passionless and sexless night, with every night like this one, I learn to rein in and bury my Passion, Sensuality and Libido.
  • More fucking morons slowing down to look at my missing tire. One more person does it and I'm gonna scream "no ur eyes aren't playing tricks on you, the fucking thing isn there!, would you like to put it on for me?"
  • I got uo in the middle of the night and ate a whole box of nut thins! I'm such a pig! :(
  • I got spanked as a child and I grew up just fine. Its not illegal to spank a child as long as there is no physical injury or SUBSTANTIAL bruising. Just because you don't spank, doesn't make it abuse.

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