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  • i feel sorry for you. you use your child as a weapon. one day he will see who you really are. you're nothing but a lying, conceited, "all about me" BITCH!
  • I have a feeling my youngest son (18) doesn't love me. He's rude, disrespectful, terrible temper and bigger than I am and I am afraid that he will hurt me. I am scared to be in the house with him.
  • I just started taking lithium and welbutrin - if that doesn't stop the "raging, moody housewife" syndrome I have, then I'll know for sure it's ALL HIS FAULT. ;)
  • Wishes my boyfriends mom would have taught him how to wipe his butt. I'm sick of seeing poop stains in boxers!!! I promise to do my best to teach my son how to wipe his butt til he doesn't see any poop.
  • Whenever a friend tells me they are pregnant with their first child, I say, "Congrats! AND WELCOME TO THE SHITSHOW!!!!" (No pun intended)
  • i have slept with more than 50 men in my lifetime. i'm 29. lucky i don't have diseases, but did have an unplanned kiddo. i love him more than life itself, but he's testing me. his father is a worthless piece of shit.
  • I am at my whits end and its only 10:30am!!! My children won't stop fighting, won't stop hitting one another, my son shorted out the TV, my daughter is a 3y/o piss pot and I am ready to BREAK!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!
  • 99% of me thinks this Rapture on Saturday stuff is nonsense and no one really knows when it will be. The other 1% thinks it could b true and I don't know if that scares or excites me. A little of both.
  • I started Champix 8 days ago and I think today is my quit date. I am so excited to be done smoking. I hope this helps my mom and friends to see that its easier than cold turkey. (I don't hate those that have)
  • So, Taylor Swift is now giving "Relationship Advice" in In-Style Magazine.... Um, she's 12, right? Thanks for the input kiddo!
  • I don't want to be sad all the time anymore...
  • I refuse 2 wash anything that isn't in the hamper. So tired of him being a slob and thinking it's my job 2 be his maid just because I'm a SAHM. He'll figure it out when he has no clean socks or uniforms 4 work.
  • I started the south beach diet monday and I've already lost 6lbs!!!! 18 more to go!
  • I'm going to have a good day today and I don't give a crap how all these negative bitches try to ruin it.
  • Haven't weighed myself in almost a year. Set a goal of 135lbs. I am at 134.8. Reset my goal to 130 by the first of June. I am in a size 1-2 with a body fat of 15%. Think I may have a weight loss problem.

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