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  • Sometimes I think my chronically unemployed, too-good-for-housework husband would be worth more to our family in the form of life insurance money.

  • I hate some people. They just make me sick! If I wasn't afraid of jail I would buy a gun just to shoot some of them in the knee!

  • My friend said she wants to lose weight, BITCH you are in a size 2! My big ass need to lose like 50 pounds and this stank ass bitch tells me all the time girl you look good you don't need to lose weight. Lying ass slut!

  • I feel like a terrible mom. Ultrasound says girl. I am so disappointed. I really wanted another boy and no more drama that my girls entail. I really hope that they are wrong....that happens right?

  • I just want to lay down and stare at pics of Rpatz on my iPad. Is that too much to ask??

  • I just screamed in my kids face. Wonder why she needs therapy????

  • I really want to be nice to my kids... I really really do.... I just can't!!!

  • I'll be a better mom, wife, and person tomorrow.

  • The fact that the kids would go missing, be malnourished, or die if left in the care of my idiot H is the only reason I haven't killed myself yet.

  • DH thinks I am at my therapist appointment but I have not gone for 3 wks in favor of alone time. Getting a pedicure instead!

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