I have thick nipples. After kids the breast and aureola are so soft and squishy that when I lay down my nipples sink in.

If contracting an STD or getting murdered weren't a possibility, I may actually try selling my body for money. I feel THAT broke and useless to this family.

I may have to have surgery tomorrow, will find out early in the morning at CAT scan. Is it wrong that I'm slightly excited about the prospect of getting some REST in the hospital for a day or two?!

I told my DD 4 not to touch the TV, her reply, " I need to because I'm helping Dora" lol....

Dh just ate a Klondike bar and wiped his messy hands and face on his shirt, just like ds4 does. Gross!

DSS's are going to BM's house for the night. Have had them by myself for a month! I am going to take DH out to dinner, take a shower (I hope he'll join...) and have really loud, hot sex! I deserve it!!!

Down almost 20 pounds, 5 more to go. I am seriously considering a laxative to carry me over the finish line . . .or make me doubled over the finish line!

Dh went out for the night, the kids are in bed... I should be cleaning but think I'll go masterbate instead...

My moms mom was horribly abusive to the point of attempting to kill all her kids. Despite this, my mom was an amazing mom to me and is an even more amazing gma. So when ppl use their past as an excuse it really pisses me off

I hate that my bil's wife gets every thing from her parents kiss my ass mouch. I have bills and I don't live with mommy and daddy.

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