I have a crush on my new shrink, he's kind of sexy.

I did it. I just my son to stop crying or I'd give him something to cry about. I've turned into a walking cliche.

I wouldn't mind being this fat if I had better boobs to go along with it. Big girls with big boobs look balanced. I don't. Even the clothes don't fit right.

DH is opening flirting with another women... I think he's cheating.

Id rather hang out with DH's friends than my own. Guys dont have drama!

Why didn't I marry a happy person? If I flashed forward to what depression has done to him, I'd walk away. If it was this moment that just happened I foresaw, I would run screaming.

Almost 40 yrs old and have nothing in life to show for it besides my kids. They are grown except the baby. Is this all my life was meant for? No job, no future. Just dependant on dh . Sigh

OMG,just ran in to Kroger to get some crotch cream,I feel like I am on fire,went and sat in the bathroom rubing myself with the wipes & lathering on the cream! dear god why do women have to go through this,it freaking hurts!

I'm a husband. I wish I could switch places for one day to see how it feels for women during sex. I don't want to be penetrated as a man I just wonder... maybe if I knew I could be a better lover.

have been trying to be responsible about money; no lunch, $7 walmart shoes. Today I bought DD something she had really wanted for $7. She was so happy. DH got mad at me and ruined it. FU and your $ 300 a month pot habit!

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