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  • Every time I sneak to go to the bathroom, my telapathic DD3 bursts in and yells in my face "poop or pee mom?" Over and over until I answer. Yes we have locks. Must remember to use them!
  • I have seriously contemplated licking raw chicken to get out of a family event with my in-laws-I stood in the kitchen holding raw chicken and staring at it. I have no doubt that one day I will actually do it.
  • I feel like a monster for admitting this, but I wish my H would die on the way home from work every day. He is lazy, controlling, selfish, & rude. I would never be able to get away from him & have peace w/ dd's otherwise.
  • I am addicted to watching Louie CK stand-up. One of my life dreams is to go to one of his shows. I love how raunchy and cussy he is. He's my favorite comedian. What's wrong with me?
  • My ex is handsome, sucessful and owns several businesses.He's even been on tv advertising for them. Everytime I see him, I wanna chuckle. For someone so arrogant, he had the most smallest dick & couldnt fuck for shit.
  • I feel like being a good mother is making me a terrible wife. But I'd rather have a bad marriage than a bad relationship with my DD.
  • When I hear people go on about how they love their niece/nephew/stepkid as much as their own I imagine them in a sinking ship/Sophie's Choice type of scenario and wonder who they'd save then.
  • Husband called me a fucking dumbshit last night. I know he's dying to beat me, but he won't...and I guess for that, I'm thankful.
  • I had no idea before ds1 was born how much work being a parent was. I am baffled that so many children survive into adulthood.
  • My parenting skills are so crap that my 19 yr old daughter attempted suicide rather than live with me. My other 3 kids tell me I'm wrong - it's very hard to believe them.

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