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  • I HATE going to my sons school and avoid it whenever possible. Talking to the teacher, the other moms, dealing with the other kids - NO THANKS.
  • My husband just said he is leaving me .. Devistated does not begin to describe how I feel
  • A trip to the grocery store makes me feel homicidal. I hate everything about grocery shopping.
  • So excited to find a cute clearance bathing suit that fit. Bought for next summer. Got it home, realized it's a maternity suit. I eat right, work out daily, but will always have a mum pouch. Cut tags out & calling it a win
  • I have a joint visa with my parents. I use it to buy groceries when we run out of money. H doesn't know.
  • My H is VERY traditional in bed. When we have sex...VERY rarely (did I mention I'm 5'5" 110, and the hot woman who enters a room?) he can't bring himself to be domineering, rough anything outside the bounds of vanilla :(
  • So excited - one of my favorite bloggers just followed me on a social media site!
  • A relative complimented how attentive & interactive I was in playing on the floor with DS6mos for almost an hour. I didn't have the heart to tell her it wasn't all intentional- I just couldn't get my fat ass up.
  • Ever had one of those moments where you wonder how stupid people think you are? I've been living that moment for 2.5 years.
  • Every one of my H grad school friends of 20+ years, his oldest buddies. Has come on to me/propositioned me behind his back except two. I like it only wish it was from H. He does fawn over n compliment me just not fuck me.
  • I just left the house after husband was a snarky asshole again. I don't want to go home but I love my daughter too much to leave.
  • My son's daycare teacher is so hot. I fantasize about him and make up excuses to talk to him - bet the other moms do too. Could never admit it and would never act on it. Anyway I couldn't live on preschool teacher salary.
  • I just had to take a klonopin to get through the day with my dds. Everyone says this time goes fast so enjoy it. I try to but it is impossible when the kids are whining and fighting every waking moment.
  • I often wish i had met DH's best friend first... he's way more attractive, and a better father than DH could ever hope to be.
  • Watching Don't Trust the B in apt 23. Never thought it would happen. Have a huge crush on James Van Der Beek. Was too little for Dawson's so I didn't get the hype. This dude is funny and extremely attractive. Good Lord!

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