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Scary Mommy Confessions

  • Just found out d16 is lying and sneaking out to be with over age boys.

  • We're so broke. I wish we could buy a house, but every damn thing is budgeted and there's never any extra. How the hell does everybody else have houses, new cars, giant TVs, vacations...? We both have good jobs.

  • I feel like I'm failing baby #2. She is in pain and I can't help her... :/

  • I feel like this other mom and I had some chemistry. I wish we could have acted it out. She's beautiful! :-/

  • I think because I had untreated PPD with DC #1, I have a broken bond with her. Love her fiercely but connected much more quickly with DC#2&3. This breaks my heart all the time

  • Sometimes when my kids do something that annoys me but is normal for kids to do, like spill drinks, make messes, accidentally step on me, etc, I mumble "horrible children!". I'm kidding...mostly

  • When I stop and actually think about the huge amount of responsibility I have I nearly have panic attacks. Adulting is waaay harder than I thought it'd be. Married mom of 4.

  • I make any excuse up not to kiss my husband or have any physical contact

  • Haven't drank in 4 years, pregnant w/ baby 2 right now. Most stressful week In years. Just popped open a wine cooler 3% alcohol. Took a huge swig & don't even feel guilty. So stressed with everything. Mainly money

  • My husband has a nicer butt than me. I can't tell whether that makes me super proud or very depressed.

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