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Scary Mommy Confessions

  • My cousin's sexy husband came on to me last night. I talked him down, but I secretly want to fuck him silly. Stupid goddamn morals.

  • My husband doesn't love me, but stays for the kids. Going on 6 years of this since he told me. I'm pretty much dead inside and couldn't imagine anyone ever loving me after this Shit show is over.

  • I get high just so I can deal with all these kids. Annoying fuckers.

  • I internally curse everyone who said breastfeeding helps you lose weight. I haven't lost any weight from first child, whom I fed for over a year. I'm on child #2, and only getting fatter... I'm just so hungry all the time!

  • DH told me I should get Gastric Bypass surgery. He doesn't know that if I do get it and it works, I am leaving his ass.

  • Pregnant with my 4th. A new nurse at my last appointment said "wow 4, you must love it"(being a parent). I really REALLY don't.

  • I am to the point I would rather get divorced than have sex with my DH.

  • My husband loves Dreamteam more than me.

  • Just found out i'm expecting #4. I'm super excited but can't announce it because nobody besides DH will approve.

  • I am simultaneously jealous of and full of pity for newborn parents. But I pretend to be over the moon excited and happy. I really want to tell first timers "I'm sorry for all the smoke and mirrors. Welcome to the suck."

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