I'm having cyber sex with a hot younger man I met only online and I'm loving it.

Screw the diet and my chubs, I'm going to Chipotle for dinner

Just want to pack up and walk away from it all... do over right here please....

I love breastfeeding. So worth it to see my chubby little 4mo and think, yeah that's all mama's milk

Half of my wardrobe is stuff from Amazon that I was too lazy to mail back to return. I'm stylin' :)

I'm anti VAX and quite a few of my friends don't know.

Haven't used any kind of BC in 9 months and not PG. So sad even though we aren't actually "trying" and worried I'm infertile. I want a baby so badly.

I just moved my growing pregnant ass to a new neighborhood. All the women are perfect, thin, and toned. Sorry to bring down the tone with my wobbly dimpled butt, ladies. Jeez.

I want to feel pretty and sexy again. Used to be a tiny size zero. Now I just feel like an overweight, frumpy housewife. I'm not even 30, and a size 6, but my husband makes me feel super undesirable a lot of the time.

Our dog would be gone in a second if my kids didn't like the lil mut. It deserves better owners. Not an animal person at all

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