I have no friends because I am so afraid someone will find out my husband abuses me. I would be so embarrassed for anyone to know how he talks to me and how he treats me. We have a 7 month old.

I can't help thinking that maybe this unborn baby won't live and maybe it would be for the best. I want this baby, but my situation is bad.

H is looking for a place. Sad but relieved

My H told me tonight that it annoys him when I kiss him and tell him that I love h often. He makes me feel so unwanted

I'm feeling very indecisive about my marriage and I have no one that I can trust to talk about it. The inner turmoil is driving me insane. The bad is beginning to outweigh the good but I feel bad just giving up on 8 years.

My DS2 keeps saying "we're going home now" over and over. Perhaps he's an alien and the mothership is coming soon to beam him up. It would explain a lot...

I'm trying so hard to take care of my shit, on meds for depression and anxiety, yelling less... H apparently expects perfection, and I can't live up to his standards. I'm trying. :(

I'm tired of wearing my ring. This marriage is a joke.

Thought I was catching a whiff of someone bbqing until I realized it was 2 am... Nope just DH's b.o.!! Does it make me a freak that I really could go for some BBQ now?

Finally made the call to a lawyer. Tired of him not taking responsibility.

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