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I’ve mentioned my husband’s taste in food a few times here (he doesn’t have much, in case you missed those posts.) When I look at his childhood though, I really can’t blame him. His mom hasn’t cooked since 1985 (a New Year’s resolution that she stuck to) and his Grandmother cooked most of the meals he fondly remembers. I love her dearly, but 90% of the ingredients in his favorite family recipes can be found at a gas station convenience store (for the record, she does make killer brownies from scratch.)

However, her stuffing consists of Ritz crackers, chicken & rice soup, an onion & canned mushrooms. Hawaiian chicken is salad dressing, onion soup mix and jelly. Salmon croquettes? Canned salmon and saltines. When Jeff’s mom did cook, a dessert called “Yodel Pie” was her signature recipe, made almost entirely of one of the least nutritional foods on earth.

There is one concoction that I absolutely adore, and proudly serve at every party we host. It’s called “Kahlua Dip” and consists of 3 ingredients that you can grab from a 7-11. Kahlua, Cool Whip, and Hershey’s milk chocolate bars. When they combine, however, the result is pure magic.

How to make it: Grate four Giant Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bars. Mix into 2 tubs of Cool Whip. Add 3/4 cup of Kahlua. That’s it.

His family served this treat as as a dip with Pirouette cookies, but I prefer it as a mousse or in those little chocolate cups as a bite-size dessert. (Or, better still, straight from the mixing bowl with a spoon. Because those calories don’t count.)



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    Shannie says

    OMG, yum. I bet you’d also like something we make… You take vanilla ice cream, crumble up those cheapo hard coconut cookies and add cream sherry… It’s oh so yummy! I’ll have to try this. Pronto.

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    Lynn says

    This is a definite must-make for my next ladies’ poker night. I plan to get some chocolate wafers for dipping.

    Mmmmm…on second thought, why wait for poker night? :)

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    Christine says

    oh my, that does sound yummy. I hear ya on the husband side – my husband’s idea of a thanksgiving side dish is cool whip, pistachio pudding mix and canned pineapple mixed together – and don’t forget the mini marshmallows on top!

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    Nicole says

    This looks so tasty!

    It’s so nice that you are able to share recipes from your Mother-in-law! One day, your children will love that their Mommy shared Grandma’s concoctions!

    What a nice post!

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