Custom Toy Portraits; My Favorite Gift!

Custom Toy Portraits; My Favorite Gift!


I’ve written many times about Bo-Bo, my son’s favorite teddy bear. I adore Bo-Bo, (and the other Bo-Bo, his twin brother,) perhaps to an unhealthy degree. The day that Ben is too big for him, I have no doubt that I’ll be clutching the tan bear, sobbing into him, and wondering where my baby went. Bo-Bo is so much more than some simple fabric and filling.

Jennifer from Custom Toy Portraits understands that toys can be more than just toys. A long-time collector of unique stuffed animals, she began painting them when her daughter was a baby with loveys of her own. Other parents wanted the sweet paintings for themselves and a business was born. Through her custom paintings, Jennifer manages to capture the charm and uniqueness that makes these animals and toys so special to our children (and to us.) Here are a few of her adorable creations:

So stinking cute right? And so affordable. The smallest, a 5″x7″ acrylic on canvas is just $60 and the largest, a 9″x12″ is only $130. I think that is an absolute steal for a one of a kind work of art that represents childhood so well. Birthdays? Christmas? Baby gift? It’s just perfect for any special occasion.

Here’s the painting she did of Bo-Bo:

I just adore it.

Best of all, Jennifer has generously offered one of my readers an 8″x10″ Custom Toy Portrait, worth $100. To enter, just leave a comment and tell me which toy you’d get the painting of if you won. I’ll pick a random winner on Sunday, October 31 at noon. Good luck!

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Custom Toy Portraits; My Favorite Gift!