Disney Social Media Moms 2012

Disney Social Media Moms 2012


I spent the first three years of my blogging career not getting invited to a single exclusive event. I’d read about amazing opportunities other bloggers were privy to and wonder: why not me? Why didn’t I get the trips and the dinners and the swag? Why wasn’t I on anyone’s radar? Why was I stuck reading about everything thing at home instead of actually experiencing them? It wasn’t fair.

Because of this, I’m hesitant to discuss the last several days my family and I spent at Disney World as part of Disney Social Media Moms. I was beyond lucky to be invited to the conference and am very aware that every mom in social media couldn’t be included. I know it’s hard to read about these things and not be a part of them. Trust me, I know. I almost want to tell you that it wasn’t all that great and you didn’t miss a thing… but I can’t. The whole experience was actually kind of (forgive me for going there) magical.

First, there was the actual conference part. I confess to feeling like I usually don’t learn all that much from blogging conferences. It’s not that I think I know everything, but I often feel like I know as much as the chosen speakers. This was not the case at this conference. The speakers spoke on starting a business, staying motivated and customer service. I soaked up everything they had to say, especially wanting to kidnap Chris Brogan and Peter Shankman so I could pick their brains for a few hours. They are pioneers in this industry and their talks were inspiring and motivational and exactly what I needed to hear.

And then, there was the other stuff. I expected to have fun watching the kids have fun, but not really have much myself. Wrong again. The private parties at the Disney Yacht Club Hotel, Dinoland and The Art of Animation Resort were an absolute blast and we were spoiled rotten. The parks, every one of them, were so much better than I even remember. “It’s a Small World” holds a special place in my heart, but “Toy Mania” topped my ride list this year. I actually went on a roller coaster, twice, with the boys and didn’t even dry heave. It was truly monumental. I’m a sucker for fireworks and the evening events at Magic Kingdom were the perfect finale. Am I annoying you yet? Apologies.

Of course, we had moments of horrific meltdowns and scene causing tantrums and let’s not forget that 16 hour drive, but the trip really was a great success. Most of all, it was wonderful for the kids to really benefit from my blogging for a change. The line between work and fun is more blurred than ever and I love that.

Disney likes to say that they are in the “memory making” business and they simply excel at it. I’m going to have a hard time topping this one…

Pirate Party Ride
IMG_2111 IMG_1935 IMG_2182 IMG_1933 IMG_2426

Sleeping at Disney


We can’t wait to go back.

(Next time, however, we’ll consider flying.)

Participants in the Disney Social Media Moms Conference paid a conference fee which included hotel accommodations, park tickets, meals, admission to private parties, and more. We were not required or asked to write about the conference. 

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Disney Social Media Moms 2012