The F Word


Really, Kimie? Really? Kids are reading MY Facebook page? Your kids? Because mine certainly are not. Kids under 13 shouldn’t be on Facebook anyway, and why a kid of any age would end up on my site is beyond me. Puh-lease.

I see nothing tacky about the word FUCK. Perhaps there are other ways to express myself, Marisa, but on my page I can express myself however I want. My babysitter is not just a GOD SEND, she is a FUCKING GOD SEND. Wanna know what other words I frequently use? One rhymes with mussy and one rhymes with stunt and they fit quite perfectly in my vocabulary, thank you very much.

Oh, and point of my original update? That my sitter is amazing and I love her. Hallefuckinglujah.


  1. 8

    Devan @ Accustomed Chaos says

    LOL!!! {This is going to look funny with my RSS feed under here on watching our language – but it’s not the same thing}

    Another facebook group was just “called out” yesterday about using language and how its bad for the kids …LOL kids should NOT be on facebook… seriously!

  2. 11

    Amanda says

    Wow, yeah I’d be pissed. If they don’t want to see the F word, then they shouldn’t read your posts. Plain and simple. I’m fucking pissed for you! <–f-bomb intended.

    • 13

      Winter says

      LOL! I was just rereading these and sharing with my husband. I guess I didn’t see this one the first time around! Good fucking point!

  3. 16

    Ashley says

    Fucking awesome post! People are way to sensitive. I guess people just need a reason to complain…

  4. 18

    alexis says

    i am mormon so i try to limit the use of the “f-bomb” to…almost never. and while i agree there might be better ways of expressing oneself, none of those is nearly as funny.

    also, you really shouldn’t be using the word “fussy” around children. it’s irresponsible.

  5. 20

    Formerly Gracie says

    I can’t get my friends to read my blog, much less my FB profile… Like hell anyone’s kids are.

    Sounds like you and I both need to find cooler friends. Fuck yeah!

  6. 21

    Sarah M. (Travel Mommy) says

    Well fuck that shit! Dude, those shits are bitches. Don’t listen to that fucking shit.

    Haha. I so wish I talked to you at Momzshare. You make me happy.

  7. 22

    Shell says

    LMAO Kids shouldn’t be on there. Your page, say what you want. If people don’t like then, then they can click away.

  8. 24

    jaye lisson says

    un-fucking-believable is all i have to say. your facebook is yours, kids should not be online, and the eff bomb should be the LEAST of anyone’s worries…there are far scarier things out there!

  9. 25

    Tutus and Tantrumns says

    LOL! Ya, that’s why people like that get deleted from my facebook page! Kids should NOT be on there and you should be able to say whatever the “FUCK” you want! If they don’t like it, they don’t have to read it!

  10. 26

    Jenny Talia says

    I had someone take offence to me swearing on my FB page too. His daughter read it, & he thought I should apologise. I told him to fuck off (& so did all my friends on FB) Then he got really mad & said I should be ashamed of myself
    I was like, really?
    What about if I just think it then? Is that OK?
    Good. Because I think you’re a stlupid cunt

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