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We went to the pet store today to buy a guinea pig. The kids have been pestering me for months about getting another pet and after limited much research, I decided that a guinea pig was the way to go. They’re fuzzy and cuddly like a puppy, but low maintenance and patient with young children. They’re not moody like cats, and they’re CUTE- just look at that face! They would be the perfect pet. I even contemplated getting a pair, one for each of the older kids.

We were first in line as the PetSmart opened at nine o’clock and marched straight to the small animal cages. But, instantly, looking at the cages filled with a hundred little creatures, all I could see was a rat.

They were rodents, Jeff was right. I’m not sure why it didn’t dawn on me looking at the photos online, but seeing them in person wasn’t nearly as warm as cozy as I’d hoped. The gum popping teenage employee handed me one, and as I held the screeching, black and white spotted pig, I realized that there was no way in hell we’d be bringing one home. The sharp claws clung to my dress and it left a scattering of hair across my chest.

I booked it to the fish tanks. The kids were pretty easy to convince, and they’ve been fascinated with their new pals all day.


We’ll see how long the three of them last. Given that they’ve all ended up flapping around on the floor, not once but twice on their first day home with us, I’m not too hopeful for a long life.

In fact, I’m banking on it.


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    Meredith from thinkthinks says

    Hee, rodents indeed. I always felt it was the tails that make the rodents icky.
    We just got hermit crabs – low maintenance, but you can hold ‘em in your hands. (We also have cats and a dog though, so the fur factor is not an issue.)
    .-= Meredith from thinkthinks´s last blog ..Which? What? Who? – 18 August 2009 =-.

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      Samantha says

      Rodents are cool ..but as a pet for a young kid I highly recommend a Pet TickleMe Plant. This is a plant that moves like an animal as it closes it leaf like fingers and lowers its arm like branches when tickled. Its a great way to teach your child how to be responsible about taking care of living things. My students love them as well and I find those that grow them are more sensitive and attentive to all living things. Just search Pet TickleMe Plant and you will find videos of this live plant in action and kits to grow your own.

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  2. 5

    LZ @ My Messy Paradise says

    We just bought M a small tank with 2 dwarf frogs. You clean the tank once every 6 months and feed them twice a week. They’re really cool to look at. My kind of maintenance!
    .-= LZ @ My Messy Paradise´s last blog ..Christmas, already? =-.

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  3. 7

    Reluctant Housewife says

    I thought at first that you were saying that Guinea Pigs are the perfect pet for small children and I’m relieved that that’s not the case because those things FREAK ME OUT.

    Fish are cool, though.
    .-= Reluctant Housewife´s last blog ..5 Random Thoughts for the Weekend =-.

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  4. 8

    Theta Mom says

    Dashing to the fish tanks, smart move! At least with fish, you drop a little food, clean the water here and there and you’re good to go. Anything else is just too much work!
    .-= Theta Mom´s last blog ..June Cleaver Didn’t…But I Do =-.

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  5. 10

    Michelle says

    Fish can also be replaced when they die w/o the kids even noticing as one fish looks like the next…. so long as you remember to buy the same kind of fish.

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  6. 12

    Jen, buried with children says

    I am so glad that you went for the fish. Guinea pigs are scary.
    .-= Jen, buried with children´s last blog ..Do Axe Murder’s Ring the Doorbell? =-.

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  7. 13

    Ryan Ashley Scott says

    I hear the rodents stink, too. Lots of cleaning potty-mucked wood shavings and such. Ick. Fish should be much easier – especially if they kick it before you have to wash the bowl. ;)
    .-= Ryan Ashley Scott´s last blog ..Why I don’t write: real life scenarios =-.

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  8. 14

    Lu says

    That is a great picture. My mom would never let us have anything that pooped in the house, which now I think is a great rule. We were allowed fish though. Everyone has to go through the token fish funeral, LOL!
    P.S. I have the same table and chairs. ;p
    .-= Lu´s last blog ..That Evening and The Funeral =-.

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  9. 17

    Shannon says

    The girls each had a beta fish for about a year… I say “had” because thankfully, both of those things have kicked the bucket. Fish are nice to look at, but personally, I think they’re gross. Once when I was cleaning out Michaela’s fish’s bowl… the darn thing leapt out of the bowl like it had some sort of kamikaze death wish! It landed on the floor and I literally stood there for minutes thinking, ‘how am I going to pick this thing up without having to touch it?!’

    It’s a wonder the fish lasted as long as they did…
    .-= Shannon´s last blog ..Looks like someone got a hold of my camera… =-.

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  10. 19

    LizzB (@hereslizz) says

    Like LZ, we also have an aquatic frog. We raised him from a tadpole. Very low maintenance.

    You know, I had a pet rat about 11 years ago. She was “rehomed” to us. What can I say, I’m a sucker. Honestly…she was the sweetest damn thing. And so smart. Almost dog like. We left the hatch on her cage open and when we’d come home she’d jump up there and run back and forth, so excited we were home. LOL. Like a dog. I’d have another one!

    Now fish…heh…they freak me out. When Hubz changes the fish water and cleans the tank it freaks me the hell out. No way I would touch fishwater with my bare hands.
    .-= LizzB (@hereslizz)´s last blog ..A Manic Monday = Vintage One Nerve =-.

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  11. 21

    SWIRL GIRL says

    We don’t do fur. We don’t do claws. Thanks for supporting me here.
    We’ve had goldfish, and one lived with us for 13 months (RIP Sharkey..sniff)

    Now the girls want a turtle. Specifically one small enough to hold but too big to flush.
    .-= SWIRL GIRL´s last blog ..Imagination Station =-.

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  12. 22

    Kate Coveny Hood says

    We tried keeping a fishtank in Oliver’s room as a while for a night light. We just got goldfish for it, which was a good thing since they never lasted more than a week. After a few weeks we stopped naming them. A few weeks after that, we threw out the fish tank. It was gross.
    .-= Kate Coveny Hood´s last blog ..A Muse Bouche =-.

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  13. 24

    C @ Kid Things says

    I had a guinea pig as a kid. A long-haired guinea pig. That poor thing.

    Fish are definitely the way to go.
    .-= C @ Kid Things´s last blog ..Weekly Winners Vol. 4: State Fair Edition =-.

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  14. 25

    Mike says

    I am in this very discussion with my wife. I don’t want hamsters or gerbils! I am in the pest control industry and make a living off of killing these things! Fish are certainly the best option. They are relatively easy to take care of and DO NOT LIVE long! I know, I ended the lives of many O’fish in my youth.
    .-= Mike´s last blog ..A Father’s Place of Serenity =-.

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  15. 26

    Lady Mama says

    I think you made a smart move not getting the guinea pigs. I had a couple as a kid and they were a giant pain in the behind. Mainly for my parents, who ended up doing all of the guinea pig maintenance when I lost interest. I would never go there. Fish are much better.
    .-= Lady Mama´s last blog ..Sylvia… Yes Mickey? How do you sing your baby to sleep? =-.

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  16. 29

    Chelle says

    The whiskers in that picture? Totally freaked me out just now :)

    Good luck with the fish–they may last long if they’ve survived the 2 near death experiences so far, ha!
    .-= Chelle´s last blog ..Swimmy Pooool! =-.

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