If you can’t beat ‘em…


I’ve spent a good deal of my life frustrated with other people: People who constantly run late, while I’m inevitably early. People who neglect to RSVP to parties, while I always do within a few days. People who mail things weeks later than they promised, while I make a point out of getting to the post office way too frequently. People who don’t write thank you notes while I addressed mine before the wedding or the babies even arrived. People who simply don’t don’t show up to appointments, while I never forget a commitment. You know, like, 99% of the population.

Well, it seems that I have finally become this person. The person I so despise.

A few weeks ago, my refrigerator was plastered with party invitations. I kept meaning to respond, but just hadn’t found the time. When I finally sat down to do it, I saw that the parties had passed weeks ago. 

I finally began utilizing my voicemail last week. Before that, I’d used an old school answering machine, not realizing that calls received when I was on the phone were automatically passed to voicemail. When I set it up, I already had 257 unheard messages. Many were from doctors and dentists whose appointments I’d unknowingly blown off.

Last week I never showed up to a play-date, simply forgetting all about it. 

The week before, I had a bowl that I’d sold on E-bay sit in my car for a week before I remembered to ship it, resulting in my first negative ever review.


I finally understand how the rest of the world lives. And, I’ll admit, it’s a hell of a lot easier joining ‘em than beating ‘em.

I’m just a tad bit late to the game.


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  1. 1

    T Rex Mom says

    All it means is you are normal! Welcome to the real world where we all run late and forget RSVPs!

    I can’t believe you’ve done so well for so long with three kids. I haven’t been on time to anything since my son was born 18 months ago!
    .-= T Rex Mom´s last blog ..Happy Father’s Day =-.

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  2. 3

    Futureblackmail says

    I have a fridge calendar, a paper back-up, a calendar in my phone and still another on my computer….you’d think I’d have my shit together but no – that would be too easy.
    .-= Futureblackmail´s last blog ..MATCHING TWINKIES =-.

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  3. 5

    courtney says

    You have three kids, it is summer, and it is hot. You have an excuse.

    Kind of. I too am always on time, always rsvp, and have my thank-you notes in the mail the day after I receive the gift. But don’t ask me to mail you anything. That will take MONTHS.
    .-= courtney´s last blog ..I’ve got the fever…. =-.

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  4. 6

    LinLori says

    Hahaha! At least you’ve finally joined the rest of us in being forgetful. I’m not as forgetful as most, but ohhh, I’ve been there, done that.

    And Courtney, you’re not alone in the mail thing. I’m HORRIBLE about getting to the post office. Especially since it’s so far away form us now!

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  5. 7

    christy says

    Welcome to the land of having a kid – and you have three!

    I was always on time, rsvp’ed quickly, etc too…now I also have loads of unheard messages in my voicemail and I need reminders to respond to evites even. UGH. I tell you what, I do give other people a break now…now that I’ve joined them too!
    .-= christy´s last blog ..The week of the NON-COMPLAINING CHRISTY =-.

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  6. 8

    Cookie Crums says

    Better late than never!!! :)

    And that’s why everyone should email instead of calling….. because most people have crackberries these day.
    .-= Cookie Crums´s last blog ..Who’s your daddy? =-.

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  7. 9

    Jennifer says

    Thank you notes are my kryptonite. I NEVER get them out in a timely manner. And by the time I get around to it I’m almost too embarrassed to send them.
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..He thinks he’s so big… =-.

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  8. 10

    migrainemom says

    I used to get so mad at people who ran late and than I became a mom…I think 10 years ago was the last time I was on time for something! I feel like I am constantly trying to get ahead!

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  9. 12

    Jasie VanGesen says

    I’m good about remembering things… most of the time. Since we started homeschooling I’ve kind of retuned my brain to slow down and mellow out. The problem is, somewhere in there the switch for “actually remember shit” got turned to the off position. I pretty much write everything down, leave myself notes, mark the calendar… and forget EVERYTHING.
    .-= Jasie VanGesen´s last blog ..Finally getting into some outfits again. =-.

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