If you find a bird nest outside of your window…


If you find a bird nest outside of your window, do not worry that the birds are overheated in the 100 degree weather. Do not open the window to try and create shade for them. Do not show your children how tiny they are and do not try to document the whole experience for your blog.

If you do, the baby birds may just make a run for it…

And they won’t be nearly as cute as you imagined.

{The above picture was followed by three bird babies running around on the counter. Followed by one falling behind the radiator. Followed by me having to rescue it, Diego style. Much screeching ensued. And some hyperventilating. Pardon the lack of photography. I was a tad busy.}

The birds are now safe and sound, but having nightmares, I’m sure. As am I.

bird flip off


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    Sara Plays House says

    Nature is SO creepy. Even when it’s babies. And ESPECIALLY when they’re in your house.
    (I’m wishing for a vlog here. With screeching.)

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    Julie says

    I cannot believe they were in your house! I would have freaked out. Is it true that the mommy bird won’t come back to them if they’ve been touched? If so, you may have dead birds there soon. Ewwww. Sad.

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      Scary Mommy says

      No. It’s a misconception. Since the incident I have done much research. Also turns out water can be fatal–I had to remove the cup I left for them. Next time? I leave the birds ALONE!

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        Jason says

        The mother bird will only reject its babies if she her self pushed them out of the nest. Wild baby bunnies on the other hand the mother will not touch if a human has handled them.

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    JenniferG of Hip As I Wanna Be says

    Not only are they fugly but they also leave a trail of bird crap up the side of your house and serve as a nice host for ant hills. Not that I have had any experience with that, of course.

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