If you find a bird nest outside of your window…


If you find a bird nest outside of your window, do not worry that the birds are overheated in the 100 degree weather. Do not open the window to try and create shade for them. Do not show your children how tiny they are and do not try to document the whole experience for your blog.

If you do, the baby birds may just make a run for it…

And they won’t be nearly as cute as you imagined.

{The above picture was followed by three bird babies running around on the counter. Followed by one falling behind the radiator. Followed by me having to rescue it, Diego style. Much screeching ensued. And some hyperventilating. Pardon the lack of photography. I was a tad busy.}

The birds are now safe and sound, but having nightmares, I’m sure. As am I.

bird flip off


  1. 21

    Jessica says

    Gross! When I think of birds, I think of creepy parasites and bugs. I would have been screeching too! Too bad your kids didn’t grab the flip cam and video the rescue adventure, now that would have been priceless. Nice pics!

  2. 22

    Jessi Arias-Cooper says

    Well, that’s officially a lesson learned for me on your behalf. Screw you defenseless birdies!

  3. 23

    Rachel S. says

    I peed myself a little looking at the photo & caption of bird giving you the finger. Thank you, I totally needed that laugh…as a half an hour ago I stepped on a poop ball that escaped from my son’s diaper, barefoot. Yes, barefoot. Thanks for the hilarity that is delivered to me via your blog, everyday!

  4. 24

    Gigi says

    Lesson learned – I will never try to help Mother Nature – she can do it herself. Great pictures though. And the mental pictures you gave – even better.

  5. 25

    Kady L. says

    That’s crazy! We had a similar thing happen to us last year, but the birds fell out of the tree when hubby was trying to get a closer look :(

  6. 26

    Stephanie R says

    Hahah! Im so glad you grabbed your camera!
    Somehow I thought baby birds would be cuter {obviously you did too lol}.
    Im glad you learned the lesson for both of us.

  7. 27

    erica says

    Ew! Ew!Ew! Ew!Ew! Ew!Ew! Ew!Ew! Ew!Ew! Ew!Ew! Ew!Ew! Ew!Ew! Ew!Ew! Ew!Ew! Ew!Ew! Ew!Ew! Ew!Ew! Ew!Ew! Ew!Ew! Ew!Ew! Ew!Ew! Ew!Ew! Ew!

  8. 28

    Anthony from CharismaticKid says

    They mustve thought, ahh it’s a scary mommy! I know I know, I’m too clever.

  9. 29

    Crazy Lady says

    I would’ve used a gallon of bleach on my counters.. Wow those are some ugly birds!! There is a blue bird nest in a tree in my yard. Momma dive bombs my greyhound.

  10. 30

    Holly {ArtistMotherTeacher} says

    I had one FALL OUT OF THE SKY and hit me on the way down while I was weeding the garden a few weeks ago. I was INSTANTLY freaked out by the situation and needless to say done weeding for the night.

    Crazy birds.

  11. 31

    katiezoeb says

    Sounds like a darker version of If You Give a Pig a Pancake. Good story! (yours, I meant, but the pig one is good too.)

  12. 32

    Jen says

    Very sound advice.

    Now please excuse me while I go rock myself in a corner. The birds! The BIIIIIiiiiiirds!

  13. 33

    angie says

    Yikes. That rescue mission doesn’t sound fun. At all. I’ve had birds in my house before. Ones with feathers. THey poop everywhere.

  14. 34

    claire says

    Yay! I LOVE it. We had baby birds again this year, while not on the counter it was still pretty fun!!

  15. 37

    Justine says

    You are right – cute when together, not so much when by themselves. But still – kudos to you for the rescue mission.

  16. 38

    Yuliya says

    really that will teach you to be a good Samaritan. Our dog alerted us to the presence of a bird (still alive, don’t worry) in the yard last week and hubby and I called the next door neighbor (who’s a firefighter) pleading with him to come take care of it because he’s a “real grown up.”

  17. 39

    Danielle says

    My dog knocked a Robin’s nest out of a bush a few years back. (Damn nosy Dobermans.) Those birds were like my kids. I would check on them every day. One day before going to the movies, I checked the bush, only to see three babies scattered all over the ground, wings asunder. I had to fix the nest and put the babies back in. I helped the mother with food (raspberries and wet dog food are preferred) and kept an eye on them until they left the nest. I was so happy when they finally went off on their own, until my ex-bf’s douche bag sister told me that her evil Chihuahua killed one of them.

    Now I’ve moved on to fostering kittens. I have two families living at my house, in addition to my own brood. Pics on blog. Oy vey. :)

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