It’s 10:30 at night, what are your children doing?


Can we trade?


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    Stephanie aka Minky says

    Yes at least they are happy! They are adorable, and usually I am just now getting my little one to bed. No matter what I do he is a night owl. I love her singing.

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    Cranky Sarah says

    I’m out of town but since they’re with my parents I assume it’s something similar. Since mine only sleep 9 hrs a night on average and I don’t relish getting up before 8am if I don’t have to (and since it’s summer and my kids are little, I rarely have to) they’re often not in bed until then anyway!

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    MissMom2U says

    Hey, they’re wearing themselves out! (it’s a whole process) If you’d like a little proof that there is blissful (but brief *sigh*) moments in your future, pop over to my place and see what the Minions are up to! (Or, rather what they’re not up to, I guess!)
    What just BROKE?? I did say brief, right?
    *walking away from laptop muttering as I come up with a nefarious plan to ensure more quiet…)*

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    Jayna @ Yankee Drawl says

    I would cry. Seriously.

    Or put in some earplugs and rock in a corner. That’s way past the end of my acceptable parenting hours.

    Of course, mine are waking up now for their second wind of torturing me – a mere 2 hours after falling asleep.

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    Melissa says

    This is what Summer is all about! :) {Trust me, I had to give up on early bed time for this season of long days and short nights ~ thankfully, I love this time of year too much to wish for winter!}

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    Damonie says

    That is just the cutest thing. My kids are out of school for the summer, so they get to stay up late too… and I have 5 kids – ages 5 months to 9 years. Just adorable. What time did they actually go to bed?

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    From Belgium says

    No I will not trade you my “Must have my bottle of hot milk at 9pm sharp and then go to bed with my kiki or will scream house down’ bundle of joy.

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    Rebecca says

    Where is your tranquilizer gun???

    I love how she kept trying to twirl with him and he was like, “uhuh…ain’t gonna happen…I’m not tall enough.” Too funny!

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    Jennifer says

    Hell no. Mine were asleep and so was I. Of course by 6:30 this morning we were all up and getting ready for work and daycare so mine have to go to bed early. If we could stay home and sleep in then I wouldn’t mind.

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