It’s 10:30 at night, what are your children doing?


Can we trade?


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    Stephanie aka Minky says

    Yes at least they are happy! They are adorable, and usually I am just now getting my little one to bed. No matter what I do he is a night owl. I love her singing.

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    Cranky Sarah says

    I’m out of town but since they’re with my parents I assume it’s something similar. Since mine only sleep 9 hrs a night on average and I don’t relish getting up before 8am if I don’t have to (and since it’s summer and my kids are little, I rarely have to) they’re often not in bed until then anyway!

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    MissMom2U says

    Hey, they’re wearing themselves out! (it’s a whole process) If you’d like a little proof that there is blissful (but brief *sigh*) moments in your future, pop over to my place and see what the Minions are up to! (Or, rather what they’re not up to, I guess!)
    What just BROKE?? I did say brief, right?
    *walking away from laptop muttering as I come up with a nefarious plan to ensure more quiet…)*

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    Jayna @ Yankee Drawl says

    I would cry. Seriously.

    Or put in some earplugs and rock in a corner. That’s way past the end of my acceptable parenting hours.

    Of course, mine are waking up now for their second wind of torturing me – a mere 2 hours after falling asleep.

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    Melissa says

    This is what Summer is all about! :) {Trust me, I had to give up on early bed time for this season of long days and short nights ~ thankfully, I love this time of year too much to wish for winter!}

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