How Not to Have a Lemonade Stand (Sponsored)

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My kids had just been pestering me to host a lemonade stand when I got an e-mail asking me to help spread the word about Peeps’ new lemonade flavored marshmallows. Now, I’m not usually one to believe in fate and destiny and all that, but clearly the universe wanted me in on this. And you don’t ignore the universe, especially when candy is involved.


The kids were ecstatic. Not only would they get the lemonade stand they’d been asking for, but they would also get to give away the Peeps which they all loved. It was a very serious job and they were up to the task. Unfortunately… they have me for a mother. And like everything else in our house, the results weren’t quite as planned. But I did learn a few lessons for the next lemonade stand we have. If we ever have one again.


1. Check the weather forecast before you set up shop. Very few people are out and about when the weather man called for afternoon thunderstorms. Even fewer are craving lemonade.


2. Don’t let your kids bang on doors asking neighbors to visit them. Neighbors don’t really appreciate that; the first, second or the third time.


3. Those same neighbors don’t really care for hand delivered lemonade, either, once the stand has been shut down. No really does mean no.


4. Have your kids wash their hands before digging through the ice bucket, pouring lemonade and presenting it to customers. Dirt under fingernails must not be all that appetizing when it’s not your own kid.


5. If you live on a quiet street, you might want to venture out to an intersection or something. Unfortunately, invisible patrons don’t carry money on them.


We ended up making a grand total of two dollars and six cents, and I’m pretty sure I spent more than that just on the water that made the ice.


But we did manage to waste a few hours of a long summer day. And that? Is always a win.


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Peeps sponsored this post, but the way it went down was all us. If you want to see a Peeps stand done the right way, visit my friend Ilana’s blog. And if you’re a lemonade or marshmallow fan in any way, shape or form, you really should try the new Peeps. They’re sweet and sour and full of sugary goodness. They’re also highly addictive, a fact that I learned the hard way once we had ten packages left over. I suggest you don’t make that mistake, either.

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