Lily in Paris


I fell in love with Paris for the first time during an exchange program in high school, and every time I come back, I fall in love all over again.

PicMonkeyIf you’ve ever been, you know, it’s impossible not to.

1collageBut it’s never been more magical than through Lily’s eyes.

This trip will be forever remembered as the week she smiled non-stop for five days straight.

momAnd also the week I never said “no” to yet another dessert. What’s not to smile about?


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    Beautiful! I also went to France for my sophomore and junior years in high school. I think about those trips everyday and can’t wait to someday take my daughters who are 5 & 3. Thx for sharing. Looks like it was a magical trip.

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    Amy Shelden says

    I lived in Germany for a year a long time ago, we took a bus trip to Paris for a day….and my boyfriend at the time forgot his wallet in the car back in Germany. It was a disappointing, and STARVING, trip! lol But I did get to see the Eiffel Tower, and the Arch de Triumph, and Notre dame, so I was pretty happy without any money.

    I’m glad you got to take an awesome trip with your daughter!! Those memories will be cherished!!

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    I have some friends there now, on their way to my mom's for Christmas Day. So they sent me pictures of the inside of the box of chocolates and pastries they're bringing her. And then YOUR pictures. It's too much. IT'S TOO MUCH!! Glad you and Lily had a lovely time. It's impossible not to in Paris. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Jill.

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