Quick go to breakfast
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    What do your kiddo's eat before school in the morning? Pop tart, cereal, eggs, toast, fruit, pizza?

    Mine do muffins, cereal, or fruit.

    How about weekends? Do you make French toast, or pancakes big lavish breakfasts?

    We do omelets, pancakes, hash browns...Yummy and DH is always in charge of weekend breakfast.

  • fatchickonabikefatchickonabike
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    If I have some HBEs (hard-boiled eggs) on hand, she'll have one of those with toast. Other options include bagel with cream cheese, cereal, toast with jam or peanut butter, raisin toast with butter or microwave oatmeal.
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  • CrashCrash
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    Cereal and cinnamon toast.
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  • BirdieBirdie
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    My dd has 2 eggs and a piece of plain toast every morning. Along with coffee with almond milk and honey. Since I started this routine for her, her behavior at school has changed (for the better) dramatically!

    Weekends I do turkey sausage, egg and cheese biscuits.


  • unforgivenunforgiven
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    Cereal bar and milk this morning :)


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  • DemandaDemanda
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    Cereal, toast, toaster waffles, sometimes eggs if I get up first but lately he's been getting up before me and making his own breakfast.
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  • Toast, cinnamon toast, oatmeal, cereal, or toaster waffles during the school week.
    Sometimes pancakes, or eggs on the weekends.
  • SammieSammie
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    I don't have a school kidlet yet, but my girl loves yogurt parfaits. They are so easy and always a hit! Plain yogurt, granola or whole grain cereal, some berries or other cut up fruit (pineapple, peach, etc) and a little drizzle of honey. If we skip the fruit in the yogurt, she has some on the side. Today was watermelon.

    Also, scrambled eggs w/cheese, granola bar with fruit, wheat pancakes, PB toast with fruit...

    I do not have a picky eater, I mean she will eat anything, except when it comes to meat. She's a self imposed vegetarian.


  • [Deleted User]
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    @sammie we are the same, minus the vegetarianism. Her current favorite is eggs with spinach and goat cheese with quinoa bread, or oatmeal with applesauce, cinnamon, and berries/bananas.
  • serenitynowserenitynow
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    our breakfasts on the weekend are pretty much the same as during the week. once in awhile if i'm feeling it, i will make a big breakfast.  we typically have pancakes as a last resort.

    the kids usually eat cold cereal, waffles, mini (microwaveable) pancakes, french toast sticks or chorizo & scrambled eggs, toast, pb&j, yogurt, granola/cereal bar, fruit, or scrambled eggs with (microwaved) sausage


  • loveitloveit
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    My dd (6) loves soy sausage with a fresh cut up pear and a peice if plain toast...about half the time. The other half its cereal dry and a homemade smoothie which includes: strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, banana, a touch of soymilk, and flax seed. Yum!
  • etherieletheriel
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    I am sssoooo not a breakfast person. Not only do I hate breakfast foods, but my brain is too fuzzy to even think about preparing food until 9:00 or so. Thankfully, my kids are old enough to prepare their own breakfast and I keep stuff on hand that's quick and easy...cereal, instant oatmeal, frozen breakfast sandwiches and waffles. Occasionally, on a weekend, I'll cook up some biscuits and sausage patties and make up a bunch of breakfast sandwiches to wrap individually for them to heat up during the week.
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  • Mommyto3
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    I feel horrible after reading all of these! I try SO hard to get my girls to eat something, anything, in the mornings before school and they just won't eat. I have made big breakfasts and they just get thrown out later and I have even tried little Debbie's and everything in between. They just won't eat! I always keep frozen pancakes and sausage and biscuits and on rare occasions they will accept one of those before school. I ask everyday but I can't force them to eat (believe me, I've tried that too). So y'all are all awesome!!
  • Mommyto3
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    Just wanted to add; on the weekends they eat breakfast just fine, just later after they've been up for a few hours. They love most breakfast foods!
  • jacigirl6354
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    There is a recipe on Pinterest, if you do that, for breakfast burritos that you can freeze, then just pop in the microwave and heat up. My family loved them and they were really inexpensive!
  • etherieletheriel
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    @Mommyto3 Mine do the same thing, which is probably yet another reason I just don't do breakfast. DD11 eats just fine, but then again, she's my bottomless pit and has never had any appetite problem. DD14 always says she'll get breakfast at school, but probably doesn't. DS9 has never had much of an appetite and is the pickiest child I have ever seen and getting him to eat is a struggle. He HAS to eat something before he gets on the bus though or his morning meds will make him sick. Every morning he says there's nothing he wants to eat, even if I just went to the store and got something he requested. It always ends with me telling him that I don't care what he eats, but he better eat something, at which point he'll usually grudgingly heat up some leftovers or grab a Gogurt.
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  • TVmommyTVmommy
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    I will make DD9 Pancakes, egg burritos or frozen waffles during the week. She has never been a cereal eater so I have gotten used to making her breakfast. On the weekends I try to make big breakfasts for everyone a little later in the morning.
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  • deviltwinsmommadeviltwinsmomma
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    Wow you guys are amazing! we do carnation instant breakfast with skim milk and apple slices or oranges. Lol im ALWAYS running behind schedule I have a sweet addiction to my pillow.
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  • momsaidnomomsaidno
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    My daughter likes a cereal bar and a banana (1 year old). My son likes cereal and those Danimal yogurt drinks (2 years old). Those are perfect for little hands!
    Sometimes, when I'm feelin' extra spunky, I'll make toast and eggs on Sunday.
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    @socalibeachmum, do you know about my not-so-secret obsession with bacon?! IF IT WAS THE ONLY FOODS I WOULD BE HAPPEH!
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  • bombkittybombkitty
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    ^^This.  They all LOOOOOVE it.

    Sometimes a bagel and yogurt with fruit, sometimes scrambled eggs.  I try to steer them away form cereal but they end up eating it sometimes.  I figure with the kind of cereal being pretty good for them it's OK.
    I absolutely love making a big breakfast on the weekend, like blueberry pancakes or french toast or crepes with fresh fruit.  But with trying to lose weight and all, I haven't been doing it.  

    I have a great recipe for slow cooker oatmeal that I make sometimes, too.  I buy those crock pot liners so there is almost no cleanup.

    I remember just eating a bowl of whatever cereal or a pop tart when I was a kid. My parents were gone for work already, so I just grabbed something. And I was always starving by lunch.  So I try to make sure the rotten offspring get some semblance of breakfast.