#$% Skin Care Products
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    So. Because I would forget my head if it wasn't attached, I have forgotten to buy my face wash for 2 straight weeks.  I fell back on a bottle of Johnson's Baby Shampoo I found in the cabinet.  And guess what? My #$% skin looks better than it has in a long time. Less oil, better tone, ZERO zits - I added a little nighttime cream and WHAT'S UP!

    All that #$% money wasted over the years ...  What are YOUR tips and tricks to make your skin look - and feel - great?

  • PurpleFlowersPurpleFlowers
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    I use Aveeno soap and thats it.
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    Bahaha! :D
  • OpheliaOphelia
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    You couldn't have posted this at a better time! I tried proactiv today and my face has been a bumoy itchy mess since. I just used baby shampoo and the itch is gone. The bumps feel less bumpy too. Thanks!
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    I am so going to have to try to baby shampoo. I use Aveeno right now, but I also have some oil of olay, some avon products and probably a million other products. I also use Noxema on a regular basis and actually like the way Noxema cleans my face better then most things. I have horrible red blotches on both of my cheeks and have tried every product I can get my hands on to lighten that and nothing seems to work.
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    I'm a bit of a chemical snob so avoid anything with petrochems and other harmful to skin/body additives, that being said I DO NOT have a bazillion dollars to spend on skin care so I make most of my own, its inexpensie and they're great gifts too.
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    I'm seriously going to try this! I've been using Aveeno for months but my skin still has redness under my nose and I break out every once in a while, my skin is so sensitive it's oily but yet dry until I put lotion on.. I also need to find a better {{Yet Cheap}} lotion too I've been using Aveeno.
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    My mom is 73... she has used baby shampoo and baby lotion (she likes the smell) for years and years and years.  A few months ago when she was at the health food store for vitamins someone guessed her in her 50's and when she told them her age.. they said.. "Screw this shit what do YOU use!" .. LOL 

    She and my oldest sister get asked if they are sisters often... LOL 
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    Wow @boring_name, I wish I would have met your mom 20 years ago when I started my quest for the perfect face wash!
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    I had a microdermabrasion facial yesterday, and of course the lady asked me what products I use (she did say I have great skin.. but that's just luck and genetics) and gave me the whole talk about how the good stuff is only available through doctors and aestheticians (sp?), I was just about to post here asking what people use and if they felt it was truly better.  I'm at a crossroads now and I feel I really should start taking better care of my skin as the wrinkles multiply along with my ager.  I've always used store brand stuff, usually cheap stuff at that, like Clean and Clear, Noxzema, St Ives, Oil of Olay, etc.
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  • I use baby shampoo for face wash and shaving cream all the time!  Works wonders and leaves everything all kinds of soft and silky :)
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    Skin care products are a scam. Good skin is mostly a matter of genetics. Apart from that, don't smoke, eat as healthy as you can, and use whatever the hell you want on your skin because there's one product, and one product only, that will prevent aging: sunscreen. Everything else is a bullshit moneygrab.

    Hopping down off my soapbox now.

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    Ok I had awful acne for the longest. Being pregnant made it worse. Neutrogena, Loreal skin products and Proactive made it ten times worse than that! Hideous!

    Olay Daily Facials and that Clean & Clear System (like $17 at Walmart... Pricey but guaranteed results in 24 hours... I was skeptical but it freaking worked for both me and dh!!!!!) and baby shampoo when I run out & can't buy any more is what has kept my skin nice. And like @fatchickonabike says... I drink lots of water, don't smoke, And use a moisturizer (Lancôme) with sunscreen... I'm working on the healthy eating lol

    Oh and a home made toner that I use combines witch hazel, lemon juice & Johnson's baby oil... Awesome!

    Wow that was a bit much, sorry but I had such bad acne that I'm still kind of amazed I have any skin left under there let alone pretty skin!
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    Seriously think I'm going to try the baby shampoo...I have worse pimples now that when I was in my teens! 

    @MellowYellow, any way I can get you to put your toner recipe on here? I buy the Neutrogena stuff but I don't really like it too much.  I used to use the Lancome 3 step thing, but I just cant afford to do that anymore.  Thanks!
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  • Quietmom
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    @katz_meow yeah let me go dig around and find the slip of paper that I wrote it on last time I made it haha
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  • Quietmom
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    1c water
    1/2 c lemon juice
    2/3 c witch hazel
    1-2 drops johnsons baby oil (optional)

    And believe me that makes more than enough for a while because one cotton ball full is enough for your whole face.
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  • monstamomonstamo
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    Noxema, everyday since I was 16. And my skin is my favorite part of me!
  • AnonUser34
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    Baby lotion @boring_name really? I'm going to the store later today to get both I'll do it for a week and let you ladies know how it's working :)
  • katz_meowkatz_meow
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    @MellowYellow, thank you! I'm going to try this weekend
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  • runbitchrunrunbitchrun
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    I tried Proactive and it ruined my skin. It took two years to get it back to normal, I loathe that crap! I use Rhonda Allison and laline products and cosmedicine SPF. I'm a product junkie whore.
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    This is TOO  funny, I was trying to figure out where to post this...I was online in search of soap flakes for paint for dd.  Anybody old enough to remember Ivory Snow soap flake paint?

    Anyway, I found PureNaturalSoapFlake.com, a lady in Minnesota makes it in her garage.  Bottom line, she ALSO makes a bar soap that's the most wonderful soap I've ever used.  I'm in the desert, and since moving here, my skin's gone to shit.  I look like the top of a sun baked mud puddle, even spending $$$$ on body  lotions, etc.

    My skin looks better than it has since I was a teenager with this stuff, and it's only $4/bar.  I even use it on my face. 

    She also mixes up the soap flakes in a laundry powder thats great too, and ends up costing about 25 cents/load, and sends you "recipes" if you're so inclined to DIY.

    Plus, she's so nice, I had emailed her about how long I'd been looking for a replacement for Ivory Snow flakes and she called me that afternoon to thank me for my order.

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  • putonalittlemakeupputonalittlemakeup
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    Neat to read all of this stuff. :)

    I'd like to weigh in here as I've been in the beauty industry practically since birth. I'm an esthetician with a background in makeup and medical spa stuff.

    There is so much misinformation out there that's spewed by salespeople (remember, they are salespeople FIRST, makeup artists/skin care professionals SECOND, always) and it makes me absolutely sick. It's why I've taken a long sabbatical from the industry.  I've seen the craziest advice given and so many people *don't question it* and it can be harmful and expensive.  You ladies here are smart.

    I've never tried baby shampoo other than as a body wash, so maybe I'll try it on the face. I also have a friend who SWEARS by Miracle Whip face masks (the stench makes me nauseous and I don't eat it, so not for me).

    I made a natural mask the other day using 1/2 a cup of Trader Joe's raw organic honey with 4 tablespoons of brown sugar, warming up the honey in the microwave for like 6 seconds so it would mix well together.  The result was glowing and lovely skin, let me tell you, but it's MESSY!!

    Think of it all dripping from your face, hahaha. DD laughed at me and my pasta lunch tasted a little interesting with a dollop of the mask in it, but hey, us mommies have to be good multitaskers!  Use a warm washcloth to remove it in the shower.

    I just want to conclude that I approve of everything that I've read here save for using St. Ives on the face.  You know, the walnut shell scrub?  I've seen nearly microscopic tears in the skin when I've done facials on clients who regularly use it (under the magnifying lamp with the light).  

    Not good and can introduce bacteria, icky. I prefer gentler baking soda with a very light hand a couple of times a week or anything with softer polyurethane beads.  Keep the St. Ives though for your elbows, knees, and feet.  I'm all for using up what you have, it's one of my mottos.

    Remember that anything can make you break out or cause you to have an allergic reaction, as there are no really "legit" requirements for hypoallergenic or non-comedogenic standards, sadly. When using new stuff, introduce one product at a time for several days to a couple of weeks before touting its miracles or denouncing it, for that matter. This is so important if you're prone to the acne (like me) or are really sensitive and reactionary or have rosacea or other concerns.

    I love the following sites for real, honest info:

    Beautypedia (from Paula Begoun, the Cosmetics Cop, she's rad and awesome)
    Makeup Alley (mostly non-fake reviews from real people)
    The Beauty Brains (real cosmetic chemists answering beauty questions)
    Temptalia's Foundation Matrix (gives you amazing dupes and the rest of her site is just as awesome, I spent hours on her makeup review porn, haha)

    Thanks for listening. :)
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    Having been in sales in a previous life, I know what you mean @putonalittlemakeup.  And after dumping or taking back boatloads of makeup/skin care crap etc., I don't buy any of it unless they can give me 2 weeks worth of samples, especially if it's expensive, like Sisley, since that doesn't generally mean good.

    It amazes me, that the expensive ones frequently don't want to give out samples...not sure why they wouldn't want to "entice" more people to spend the money.  I suppose people who are willing to spend $$$$ on stuff will whether they get to try it or not...

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    Since I was a teenager I have used St. Ives Apricot scrub and Oil of Olay Face Cream. Nearly every day without fail. I also smoked for 10 years and lived in the desert for the past 6. My skin is still smooth and I haven't noticed any wrinkles. I still breakout a little bit around that time of the month but I just wait it out. I also don't use any face make up. No powder or liquid, nothing. If I get sunburned I used Oil of Olay Cream face wash.

    I use sugar scrub under my arms and on my legs before shaving. I shave with baby lotion under my arms. Works better than most shaving creams/gels I have tried. I use the cream oil body wash to shave my legs. Works like a charm.

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  • LilbitLilbit
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    So after reading this i went and bought a bottle of baby shampoo for my face, since i got mirena i am breaking out like i was in HS! I hope it works!

  • ImWendyImWendy
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    I've tried everything from expensive Clinique and Mary Kay 3 step systems to using sake (Japanese rice wine, or is it liquor?) as a toner. My skin is horrible. I mostly get bumps on the lower half of my face, and professionals have told me that's from hormones and there's nothing I can do about it. I also know that hair products cause me to break out, so I've been trying to keep my hair out of.my face. Other natural products that are all the rage now, like coconut oil, are highly comodeogenic. Bf and I had been using that a lot in bedroom. I still prefer it, but we're going back to olive oil for that. It's not pore clogging. Right now I'm using Clearasil automatic pump stuff and it's getting better. I also live in a home that has mold, so I'm sure that's not helping. It's frustrating when you can put your best face forward, though. It makes me want to just hide.
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  • Anonmyzer
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    I have used baby wash when I have run out of cleanser too. 
    However - I recently discovered the Oil Cleansing method. You mix olive oil and castor oil and use it to clean your face. Yes, really. My skin is amazing since I started! I get a few blemishes around that time of the month, and this makes them go away fast. I also don't get oily in the middle of the day, because my skin doesn't get stripped of oil every night and then doesn't need to over-produce to compensate the next day.

    You can search for Oil Cleansing Method and find a variety of ways to do this, you have to experiment a little to find what's best for you, but here is what I do - I have combination skin, oily T-zone, dry cheeks

    I use a 60/40 Olive oil/castor oil ratio - more castor oil than that and I actually get too dry!
    Mix oil in a small bottle. At night, pour about a quarter size amount and gently massage over your face for about two minutes. You don't need any make-up remover, this will take your make-up off too. 
    After two minutes, let it sit for about 30 seconds while you run the water until it's hot. It should be hot enough to be steamy, but not burn your skin. Soak a washcloth in the hot water and place it on your face for about 30 seconds. This will steam clean all the impurities out and really feel good! Then gently wipe the rest of the oil off. 
    I don't use any other moisturizer, and in the morning I just do a gentle wipe with a damp cloth before I put my make-up on. 

    This was my starting point for the OCM - lots of good info 
  • MaryPoppins25
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    @putonalittlemakeup :O

    I use the apricot scrub a lot :( I have for years now followed by ponds dry skin cream. My skin is pretty dry, especially around the nose if I don't use the scrub. Do you think baking soda would be effective in removing the dry skin?

    I was just coming to give my routine because anytime other than period time my skin is pretty flawless. Sad to think of having to give it up, but I want nice akin forever not just right now!
  • BellaBefanaBellaBefana
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    @eapple:  sea salt makes a great scrub.  You can probably google natural exfoliants and find a ton.  I don't think baking soda would have enough "scrub" in it.
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  • Anonmyzer
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    I used to make a home made body scrub with sea salt mixed with a body oil (I used baby oil). It was amazing, left me so smooth and soft! BUT - if you use it right after shaving it will sting a bit!
  • BellaBefanaBellaBefana
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    @anonmyzer:  use it before you shave, you'll get a better shave and it won't sting!

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  • fatchickonabikefatchickonabike
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    I've been using baby shampoo on my face for a few weeks now, along with distilled witch hazel before I apply my sunscreen, and my skin hasn't been this clear since the Reagan administration. I'm gobsmacked.
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  • jezebeldelilahjezebeldelilah
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    I use neutragena (spelling?) naturals. It has zero additives. its only been a few weeks so I'm not sure yet. My skin is sensitive to so many products. .