Is it just me?
  • Redmomma
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    Or is letting every single person know who makes a statement based on thier opinion whether you know them or not, that they have offended you or that you disagree with thier opinion, the popular thing to do right now? On Facebook, on forums. People you know, complete strangers. I just see people over reacting to everything other people say so much, it's really getting to me.
  • stinkersmommystinkersmommy
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    No its not just u and omfg I am so over it too!
  • beambeam
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    Holy shit how could you think something like that? Bitch, please.

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  • FoulMouthedSailorFoulMouthedSailor
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    "Just because you're offended doesn't make you right"
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  • KrabbyKay
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    =)) If you had any idea how many times per DAY I say that....!!!
  • JustJulia
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    This year i have been so careful that i post nothing that anyone could take the wrong way.
    That is changing in 2013, i am so tired of all that crap.
    I will post what i want and if they are so sensitive they take it the wrong way then it must have
    hit a nerve.
    They can feel free to delete me. If they take it to heart then to bad.
  • Dragonbabyx3Dragonbabyx3
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    @JustJulia I know what you mean... I have stopped posting anything really personal on my fb due to assholes telling me that I am wrong, or that the way I feel is wrong. I have really stopped talking to a lot of people cause of it!

    Its annoying that people believe that their opinion is fact... and everyone else's opinion is just shit.  I usually end up telling them they know where the delete button is. 
  • rockmomrockmom
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    This is currently ALL OVER my fb newsfeed. I don't understand why people can't just agree to disagree and carry on. If I have a problem with something someone else says I shut up and mind my own business (except for occasionally bitching to DH about it). 

    What's the saying?
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  • MegsueMegsue
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    This is the ONLY thing I've seen on FB forever that made any fucking sense
  • WickedDunkieJunkieWickedDunkieJunkie
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    @MegSue do you wish to be validated?
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  • BettyboBettybo
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    Haha, I dont care who I offend, its never intentional.
    Thankyou, I value ur opinion.
    but tough shit. :)
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  • gramalibbygramalibby
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    My opinion mine , don't have to agree or not
  • RuralRebellionRuralRebellion
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    I have a few old friend on FB who would be very offended at the stuff I post, but either they ignore it or have some respect for differences in opinion/senses of humour because they haven't complained, yet.

    I hardly ever post anything about personal problems on FB because it's obvious so many other people have way worse problems, like worrying daily if there will be (wanted) snow on their wedding day (updates EVERY single day for a month like: "YAY SNOW!"  or ":( the snow is melting, I hope it comes back for *insert date here*"), or being "soooo tired" from partying/playing video games all night.

    I'm lucky I do have a handful of mommy friends on FB who enjoy my posts (although one of them is the annoying "daily countdown for 9 whole months until the birth of my child" status update type).  And even luckier to have found SM!
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