Tooth Fairy forgot to stop
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    My son lost his first tooth! I got busy at night, went to bed late. Woke up to crying boy, told him that the TF gave me the money, and I forgot to pass it on, and handed him the cash. Hid in my closet and cried FML~
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    Honey- I really really hope you see this...I'm pretty sure there was a discussion about this before and I KNOW you are not alone.  Odds are this won't be the last one your forget to pay for either.  I've been known to 'find' the money under the bed....where it OBVIOUSLY must have fallen after the tooth fairy decided said child could keep the tooth and the money.  Psst...sometimes the toothfairy doesn't take the tooth because someone hasn't been brushing well lately or because the child has been so good it's a bonus prize. works...HUGS!

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    I have also "found" the money on the floor...

    And when ds lost 3 teeth in a row & I was broke, he was informed that the Tooth Fairy only stops by once a week & we would have to wait a few more days.

    I know I will forget several more teeth. I have 1 kid losing them now & 2 more kids to go! Just make up something plausible & keep on going. Hugs! It will be ok :)
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    I told ds that the toothfairy has so many childern all over the world losing teeth so sometimes it takes a few days for her to get to us. He was satisfied with that awhile.
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    I came into The Boards specifically to post about this confession. I felt so bad for the OC and wanted her to know that i have done the exact same thing. Was way too busy and went to bed way too late and didnt remember until a teary little girl came down to breakfast. I went up and "found" it under the bed. Up until i saw her confession, i thought i was alone and a crappy mom. But were not alone so please dont feel bad...We are mothers and we are human. Nice save by the way! =)
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    You could always leave the money the next night, with a note of apology from the Tooth Fairy - a baby whale lost a tooth and it took her all night to fly it back to fairyland or something - and so she's leaving a little something extra by way of apology. Then add a small toy or other gift.
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    You could always leave the money the next night, with a note of apology from the Tooth Fairy - a baby whale lost a tooth and it took her all night to fly it back to fairyland or something - and so she's leaving a little something extra by way of apology. Then add a small toy or other gift.

    Yup. I've done this, more than once. DD8 lost like 3 teeth in 2 weeks while I was pregnant with DS, and had both DD8 and DD3 at home by myself at nights and worked during the day. Shit happens. Kids are pretty gullible. And if they're not, like DD8 who came to her own conclusion that I was the tooth fairy, then they're happy just to get paid for losing teeth!
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    Happened to me too! We told my daughter that the toothfairy has some nights that she just can't get around to all the children but she will get here soon. Sure enough, the tooth fairy made it the next night! We probably did make the reward bigger out of guilt! LOL
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    In one instance I said the tooth fairy had left it with me when I went to the bathroom, and said they were to busy to whatever works!
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    Ugh... I didn't get a tooth-fairy when I was a kid. My kids may/may not get a tooth fairy. I really really hate all of the things kids feel entitled to nowadays. Gifts literally every holiday. Allowance. Tooth fairies. Birthdays. All the in-betweens... IDK. I know its about the "magic" of childhood and whatnot, but it just strikes me wrong.... 

    OC- don't cry. It isn't worth crying about. Everyone forgets!
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    oh my god, my son has list 5 teeth i've fucked up every time. my dh has taken over the job as tooth fairy

  • I';ve done it too.  That morning she came out crying so I told her maybe she just didnt look hard enough.  Told her to go brush her teeth and get ready for school and I would look for it.  I magically found it ;)
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    I have forgotten too and I slipped some onto the counter and scribbled a quick note from the Tooth Fairy when they aren't looking and explain that she left the money downstairs because she did not want to wake them up! It happens to everyone! Don't stress! Mom's are in charge of everything and we are human and make mistakes!! It will be ok!! :)
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    Awesome cover OC! It happens, don't beat yourself up over it. He has a whole mouthful for you still. :-)

    @fatchickonabike, I love the baby whale tooth story.
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    Aww please don't beat yourself up!!! I have done it too! it happens, moms get busy and we forget, we're human. big >:D<
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    LOL @toyoungtofeelold...I handed the job over to my DH too! I almost got busted one night. She had made the tooth fairy a picture and written a letter, and tucked them way under her pillow, so that when I went to slip it out and replace it with money, it made the most God awful sound and of course, she started moving like she was waking up! I dropped to the floor and army crawled out of the room. I have never been so scared in my life.
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    oh god do i have toothfairy fail stories!!! Ive forgotton, or DD yanked a tooth out after she was in bed, and i had no cash on me!!! there is no way the toothfairy is leaving a crisp $20 outta the ATM. i gave up after DD left a note under her pillow saying "do not take my tooth unless you let me see you" She was white knuckling her tooth!!!! she has burst into my room in the middle of the night screaming you have to email the toothfairy and tell her not to come i want my tooth!!!! Other times she'd hide her tooth, swallow it, or leave it under her pillow like a good kid. The toothfairy is the dumbest thing ever IMO!!! hahaha I get to loose sleep trying to sneak in, find a tooth under a pillow, slip the kid cash, and sneak out. whos Idea was this?
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    We have forgotten so many times with 5 it isn't funny.  We make an honest effort with the youngest and always make decent excuses.  My best one was "helping" them find the money in case it fell somewhere else (looking inside the pillow case is an awesome trick too).  Sometimes, I can't find the tooth, so I jut leave the tooth behind and my kids think they can double dip....I just grab t another night an don't leave anything.

    The other night, DS6 lost a tooth and was all excited.  I waited until about 11 and then sneaked in.  AS I was searching for the tooth, my DS10 from the top bunk said, "Hello Tooth Fairy"  Just glad he didn't wake his brother up. 

    Another trick to remember the tooth fairy is to get the dollar out immediately and put it by your toothbrush or phone or on our pillow so you don't forget - it isn't foolproof (Who the hell put money on my pillow?), but it can help.

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    The last time i forgot told ds7 that the toothfairy left it so i could take it to the dentist to make shore it was all out + if they pull them out the tooth fairy dosnt come till when it would of fallen out
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    I did this just a week ago! My daughter lost it later at night. I told her the tooth fairy probably had her route all mapped out and didn't have time to squeeze in one more stop, I said I wouldn't worry unless she doesn't come tomorrow. It worked. Plus I put a reminder on my phone for 1030pm so I wouldn't forget again
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    I have forgotten many times - after the 2nd time i told my girls that I have to call or e-mail the tooth fairy to get on the scheduale and she must not of had time to get to them that night.


    Also - another thing you will be hit up with is why do I only get .50 cents and little Suzie down the block gets $5 ....I told my girls that the tooth fairy only has a certain amount of money budgeted for teeth each night so if there aren't a lot of teeth to collect then each tooth is worth more so they get more money.  That's right teach them the law of supply and demand at an early age - after i explained that to them I had to make sure to vary the amounts I gave them for a tooth - made it easier as whatever change I could scrounge up that's what they got - could be 50 cents could be 94 cents could be $1.12

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    You could always leave the money the next night, with a note of apology from the Tooth Fairy - a baby whale lost a tooth and it took her all night to fly it back to fairyland or something - and so she's leaving a little something extra by way of apology. Then add a small toy or other gift.

    I just created an account to thank you for your comment. My 6 year old daughter just lost her front tooth and I fell asleep before putting a dollar under her pillow last night. I told her that I googled the tooth fairy and even showed her your highlighted piece saying that she had to take the baby whales tooth back to fairyland. She totally bought it! Thanks again, I truly appreciate it.
  • KrabbyKay
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    OMG I forget ALL THE TIME!!! Let's see, it was too windy to fly, the storms were too heavy, the cat was on your pillow and she was a little scared (the cat is a fierce hunter), she said she's coming tonight instead, so many teeth. I know, I'm the worst mom, but hey :D

    The kids totally accept the winds/storms thing as I work for a helicopter company and if THEY can't fly in heavy storms, how can a little fairy fly, right????

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    I've done that 3x last year. I think by now my kids know the tf just had a busy day and will return thst night with there $1. :-) it happens we get sleepy to and forget little things. Don't be so hard on yourself. We are mom's.
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    The things we do for our kids! DD asked Santa for a bike trainer for me last year, and was VERY upset that I didn't get it...just told her Santa must not have thought mommy needed to exercise  :D
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    Don't feel too bad. We have all done that. 2hen I forgot, I would put the money in a weird place and help them look for it. And tell them the tooth fairy must have been really busy that night, and got confused.
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    Here's an idea if you're divorced and have a cooperative ex.  I'm a single dad and just got busted trying to swap out a fiver for the tooth under my son's pillow.  I told him the tooth fairy probably messed up and didn't know he was at dad's this weekend.  I texted the ex and she's gonna' give him $5 and a note that says, "I got word that you lost a tooth but couldn't find you last night.  Here's 5 bucks.  Give your mom the tooth and nobody gets hurt.  Love, The Tooth Fairy."