Cute & Funny Ways To Announcing Baby #2
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    So I took a test and it came out positive. I have an appointment next Tuesday to make sure, but until then I'm trying to think of fun and creative ways to break the news to everyone. DH already knows and DS is only 1 and a half. I know I could always get him a shirt or onesie and decorate it with some of my fabric paint or sharpies and make it say "I'm Gonna Be A Big Brother!", but I want some more ideas. I told everyone right away with my first pregnancy through text and DH didn't get a chance to tell anyone, so I want to think of s way for him to be the one to brag about our future baby. Anyone have any ideas they'd like to share?
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    I had a friend who took a picture of a bun in her oven (as in the one in the kitchen) and posted it on FB.  Then when she found out the sex her status read she was "tickled pink" at the news she got that day.  I thought is was precious.
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    I love your t-shirt idea!

    And congrats on #2
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    My SIL did the son #1 holding up a sign that hes going to be a big brother. It was cute. I bought coffee mugs for my parents that said #1 grandma and grandpa for my pregnancy... that was way before FB lol
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    if I ever have another, I will tell my so by giving him a box with appropriately colored balloons in it and snap a pic of him opening it. I wanted to do it this time but we got into an arguement so I was kinda like oh its a girl by the way just to be a dick. 2 months later found out it was a boy anyway lol
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    Really cute announcement ideas here, even for second pregnancies:

    Otherwise another idea would be a picture of your oldest holding an ultrasound picture of the new baby.


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    bump! I'm thinking of the t-shirt idea though.
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    I made t-shirts for my kids that said "I'm a big brother" and "I'm a big sister". It took my mom about 10 seconds to get it, my inlaws read the shirts and didn't understand what they meant until we explained it to them lmao!
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    Good friends of ours did the "I'm going to be a big sister" t-shirt for their 2nd and invited the group of friends over for brunch and about halfway through their DD took off her sweatshirt to reveal the "surprise".  It was so cute.
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    I saw something once where the kid had a t-shirt that said "Only Child" on the front and then "Expires February 2011" or whatever on the back.
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    Congratulations!! I have no ideas, my announcement was all negative! I love to hear about the happy exciting announcements :)
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    And Congrats! 
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    Congrats!! That's all just happy for you!
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     I only have a suggestion for if you find out that you are having a DD (I have had this in my head for a while, and I will do this if I ever find out I am having a DD - I only have DSs).

    Take a picture of your DS holding up baby girl items and looking at them with a face that says, "what ARE these things?!" Items include ALOT of pink stuff  (If you can). Along with it, a sign that says, "ITS A GIRL!"

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    I wanted to take a picture of all 3 of my kids together and then a big ? next to them. But my oldest dd ended up telling everyone
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    I thought I responded to this earlier :/ Oh well, here's the update :)

    Well, I made DS a t-shirt that said "Big Brother" on the front and "Utley 1" on the back like a sport jersey. I decided to break it to my parents when they were at work (they work in a factory). Mom came in the front office first and when she saw the shirt told me DS wasn't a big brother. I told her he was. She said she was going to kill me, I needed a bigger house, and get rid of a bunch of my pets (all was said with a smile on her face). She went and got dad. He saw the shirt, said he wasn't yet. I told him he was going to be. He said "Holy Shit!" Smiled and said I needed a bigger house, lol

    Mom wanted me to call my aunt to tell her (she lived 4 hours away) before posting it to facebook, but she posted it right after I left. My BFF called and said, "So whats this I hear about you being pregnant?!"

    Mom let it sink in after I left and was super excited about it. I managed to get a hold of my aunt and tell her about it and she was stoked :) She also took the time to tell me about her health (which had been getting worse). She passed away a few days after Father's Day. Everyone is hoping I have a girl, and if I do, I'm going to name her after my aunt because I was named after her (we have the same middle names).
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    I think it would be cute to have your son hold a balloon that says "we're expanding [month]2013" or something like that.

    I had a friend on fb that baked a cake with white icing and wrote on top "and our baby is..." and posted the picture. The next day she posted a picture of a slice missing from the cake and the inside was pink.
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    I was terrified of my mom. I didn't see or speak to her for 2 weeks straight...then I called her up.
    Me: Hey, Mom, guess what? I'm pregnant again!
    Mom: Oh Lord. Why did you do that?
    Me: It's not like I did it on purpose.
    Mom: Well, you kinda did. It's like feeding a lion raw meat with your hands. Don't feed the lion and not expect to get your hand bitten off.
    Me: Mother, it's a baby, not an amputation.
    Mom: Whatever.
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    you could also get your DH something that says "daddy 2.0"
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    @shate98 What about Daddy2 ? lol  <----Edit alert: That's SUPPOSED to say Daddy squared, but the 2 doesn't want to stay in place.
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    All these ideas are so cute ^_^

    I have an ultrasound this coming up Tuesday to find out how far along I am. I would know, but my cycle says one thing and my tummy measurements say another. I'm either due at the end of December (again, lol) or the end of January. I'm kinda hoping for the end of December because my aunts birthday (the one who passed) is the 11th of December. 

    Now I just need to figure out a cute idea for announcing the sex of the baby. Was waiting on my medicaid to process so I could get the ultrasound scheduled (waited almost a month and a half) and I can't remember how far along you have to be to find out the sex. I'm kinda hoping I'm far enough along to find out ^_^
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    I was 4 1/2 months when we found out the sex....but anywho.....Congratulations!   Glad every is going well for your pregnancy.  Please give an update on the sex (if you feel like sharing).


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    @Dontpooponthedog I will definitely be sharing the news as soon as I find out :D
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    I did the T-shirt thing with my parents. But I had my DD4 give the test to SO and tell him mommy's going to have a baby.
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    Well, my ultrasound was yesterday and everything went pretty good. I almost passed out once because on of my babies was laying on a cord (or so the nurse and ultrasound tech said). Yep, you read that right. Yesterday I found out I'm having twins! I'm 15 weeks and 6 days (now) along with what appears to be one boy and one girl. They both look healthy and are in their own sacks. The ultrasound tech said they looked to be about 5 ounces each and the one we think is a girl (cords were in the way on both of them) was very very active during the ultrasound. I have another appointment on the 17th this month for a check up and to talk to my doctor about the do's and don't's of carrying twins. She also said that my due date is January 24th, but twins never carry full term and they always do a c-section. I'm a bit scared, but super excited! Also super glad that the ultrasound tech I got this time was super nice and attentive. I almost passed out at DS's ultrasound bc he was laying on my cord (seems like a pattern here, lol) and the one I had then didn't seem to care. The tech I had this time went out in the hall as soon as I told her I felt funny and it sounded like I was in a tunnel to get a nurse and get me a glass of cold water. She even got into her purse and gave me a few pieces of candy out of her personal stash (werthers green caramel apple). I have to schedule another ultrasound for 20 weeks to find out for sure what both babies are and to make sure they are both doing fine :)

    If anyone has any tips for carrying and having twins, please please please feel free to share!!