Father's Day Gift Ideas
  • ButterflyButterfly
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    It's less than 2 week away, but at least I started the process of what I think is a great idea....

    I ordered vanity plates ($60) for my DH, with the first 3 letters of both of our son's names on it.  It won't mean much to a stranger who sees the plates, but it will mean the world to DH, and anyone who knows our family will "Get It".

    What other cool ideas have you come up with that you know will rock your SO's Father's Day?

  • momsaidnomomsaidno
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    last year I got my dh a shirt that said "daddy needs a time out" on the front of it and a zippo lighter with his initials which are b**** j***** c***** but i did bdc which stands for big daddy c*****
    then one time i got him something for his car. he always asks for piratical things. so i am still thinking for this year

  • MistyStacy_2010MistyStacy_2010
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    He will be getting the stuff he needs to complete his gas powered Rc cars.
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  • BakingmommyBakingmommy
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    THis year he is getting a robe and a hat (he asked for it), last year I think I bought him clothes and the kids always make something. 
  • beachmommybeachmommy
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    This is his first and he is such an excited first time daddy that i went a little overboard for him.

    I got him a beach wagon to pull our shit down each weekend in.  LOL - I know it sounds silly but this thing is like the cadillac of wagons.  He is so jealous of the other dads that have them - they park them all in a circle on the beach and walk around to each one like it is a freakin antique car show. 

    I also got him baseball tickets to the Subway Series (Mets vs. Yankees).  It will be DS 4 mo first baseball game and I wanted it to be special.

    Ok. I went more than a "little" overboard. 

    My beach is still Sandy....
  • nessamommynessamommy
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    Crap! Why do these things always sneak up on me?! 
    He only ever wants expensive stuff... so I'll probably go with what he got me.  I'll clean the house, then be an ass to him. lol.
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  • LifeofchaosLifeofchaos
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    A card..... Thats what i got for mothers day. I love that mothers day comes first so i know if i have to go all out or can ignore the day LOL
  • FierceFierce
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    Money is super tight around here. I found some free fill-in-the-blank printables online, really colorful and done nicely, with headings for Dad or Grandpa. Your child finishes statements like "My dad always laughs when I [blank]," etc. I'll probably gift them in some inexpensive acrylic frames.
  • irishlassirishlass
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    @lifeofchaos hell yes. I got a card, he's getting a card. That's all!
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  • LoveLove
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    I got a card. The next day.
    And I guess my pissy mood hit home, because I got a diamond ring the NEXT weekend. The one I had posted about 17 times on FB with the words HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT


    He's going to have to get a card and a bj, and just be happy about it. We have to make our trip north every single weekend this month, and that's an extra $100 each time. We'll be lucky to not OD before he gets paid again!

    Normally, he'd get a new guitar, or some parts for a new guitar. (That's his thing) We just don't have a couple extra thousand (or hell, hundred) laying around for it right now. I think I'll get the kids to paint him something, to go with his card and stuff.

    It's just SO aggravating, because I've always gone out of my way to make FD really special, get the kids involved, etc.. and I don't get the same. The diamond ring thing was a joke, I'm glad to have it, but I never really thought he'd DO it. A card, a gesture, hell--have the kids draw something. Just the effort would have made me happy.

    eta: Oh wait, I forgot, THIS weekend, we are going to watch one of his favorite guitar gods. I'm counting THAT towards Father's Day too LOL


  • AnonUser27
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    Love said:

    He's going to have to get a card and a bj, and just be happy about it

    Bahahahahaha! I love it!
  • MegsueMegsue
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    I'm going to buy DH the shit to make my new window boxes that I asked for him to make me on Mother's Day. Think he'll get the fucking hint then?