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  • NikkiNikki
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    Our first SM product review is here! 

    Run by a group of women who know how to keep things fun and fresh, Bedroom Chemist offers products and advice to keep couples’ unique bedroom chemistry energized. Think of Bedroom Chemist as a BFF for the bedroom. Their top priority is to help create sparks beneath the sheets because they know the chemical chain reaction will reach every part of a relationship.

    Their products have been reviewed and tested by women like you because, well, they are women like you. They will never mail or email anything that would be in the least way embarrassing, exploitative or derogatory. Bedroom Chemist believes that if couples have great chemistry in the bedroom, their sex life, and appreciation for each other will get better and better…

    The first five posters in this thread who fit the criteria below  will receive the Bedroom Chemist "Sexy Elixirs. Combustion Fixers" Kit and participate in the Bedroom Chemist product review.


    • Participants must be married or in a long term
    • Participants must be over 18.
    • Participants must be willing to give an honest,  comprehensive review about the product and
      conduct discussions about the product with other community members
    • Participants must be registered members of the forum for 3+ months with at least a 250 post count.

    Sign Up's will open on this thread on Saturday June 23rd at 12:00PM EST.

    This thread will be closed until that time, please direct any questions here.

    Once the five participants have been selected and verified we will be in touch with you directly for additional information (names, addresses, etc). Good luck everyone!

    If you were interested in participating but didn't make it this time, please keep an eye on the Review Board for more product review opportunities! Also note that once you've signed up and been chosen for a product review, you will not be eligible to sign up for any more product reviews for 3 months (so be sure to pick one that you're really interested in doing)!

  • AnonUser28
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    Me please! I love to write and to "play" with these sorts of toys! Can Canadians play too? 
  • BirdieBirdie
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    me! I meet all criteria!


  • [Deleted User]
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    I meet all criteria! Pick me!
    Get me a damn beer.
  • NikkiNikki
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    I am SO sorry for not opening it right at 12 like it was supposed to. Completely my fault :(

    Sign ups are now open.
  • [Deleted User]
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    This is not for me it is for @kmetz44 since she was waiting at 12:00

    (I will wait for something else, but please count this as @kmetz44's entry, is that ok @nikki?)
  • NikkiNikki
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    Absolutely, @chocoholic! That was really sweet of you to do :)

    We have one more review slot open for Bedroom Chemist...
  • breezybreezy
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  • NikkiNikki
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    Sign ups are now closed. I'll be in touch with you all shortly!





  • breezybreezy
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  • BirdieBirdie
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    Yay x 2!!


  • shadylaneshadylane
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    wow that was really fast
    ~slim shady~
  • katz_meowkatz_meow
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    :-( I missed it
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  • ScaryMommyScaryMommy
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    We're working on getting more products lined up, so don't worry if you missed it. And, we'll be punctual going forward. :)
  • LoveLove
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    I'm so flippin excited!


  • AloneOverseasAloneOverseas
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    Wow! You are some uninhibited mamas! Lol. Enjoy! :)
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  • irishlassirishlass
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    Wow this is so cool!! I can't wait to read the reviews! I don't qualify for this one ;)
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  • Avahsmom
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    I need to post more! This would have been so fun with the hubby!!
  • Ashdawn684Ashdawn684
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    This is the first I have heard but I will so keep an eye out now!


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  • Peace
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    Ahh, ladies? This would be one of the products that should NOT be videotaped while using, ok?
    Have fun! :D
    Lol just thinking about the reviews...
  • AnonUser28
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    Got my parcel today! We will have fun trying out all the products this week, expect my review for next week! Don't worry @peace, no video! I will take a few photos of the products, but not while they are in use ;)
  • 2isenuff84
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    Omgoodness. Me!!!!
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