blunt words for divorcing parents
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    Minnesota Judge Has 200 Blunt Words for Divorcing Parents

    In a failed or failing marriage, parents are often so angry that their children are caught in the middle.  I have seen it so many times that I was pleased to see Judge Michael Haas express this advice so concisely.

    "Your children have come into this world because of the two of you. Perhaps you two made lousy choices as to whom you decided to be the other parent. If so, that is your problem and your fault.

    861105_children_7_2No matter what you think of the other party – or what your family thinks of the other party – these children are one-half of each of you. Remember that, because every time you tell your child what an “idiot” his father is, or what a “fool” his mother is, or how bad the absent parent is, or what terrible things that person has done, you are telling the child half of him is bad.

    That is an unforgivable thing to do to a child. That is not love. That is possession. If you do that to your children, you will destroy them as surely as if you had cut them into pieces, because that is what you are doing to their emotions.

    I sincerely hope that you do not do that to your children. Think more about your children and less about yourselves, and make yours a selfless kind of love, not foolish or selfish, or your children will suffer."

    I love this. I wish that it would be legally mandated to be included in all divorce decrees.

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    Where I live you have to take a parental class before your divorce can be finalized. It goes over that sort of thing for 2 hours. Its a great idea I wish people would really pay attention to it.
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    I completely agree. Our job is to protect our children even from ourselves, even if we are hurting. Thanks for the post.