Bedroom Chemist. Giggity!
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    When I first signed up to review the Bedroom Chemist, I will admit I was a little nervous. Did we really need anything to spice up our sex life? Were we that boring? 

    The Bedroom Chemist kit I received was filled with all kinds of goodies: 
    -3 .17 oz packages of Sliquid lubricating gel. 
    *Pros: After searching high and low for a product that feels natural downstairs, I think I've found the one! I couldn't believe how much this intensified my pleasure, as I don't normally get very wet on my own. Made sex so much more enjoyable and isn't greasy like most I've tried.
    *Cons: The small non-resealable package makes storing the remainder difficult, but it really wasnt a big deal.

    -1 1oz tin of Flower Balm
    *Pros: This minty balm is great for lips (up top and bottom!), and the tingling sensation was AMAZING. *Cons- I got nothin'. I love this stuff! 

    -1 4.4 oz tin Ono Red Mandarin & Shea Butter Massage oil candle 
    *Pros: This was my favorite part of the whole kit! We lit the candle, which smells amazing, until there was enough oil. Extinguish flame and VOILA! My husband and I would never have thought to give eachother massages during foreplay, but I'm so glad we tried this! The perfect way to start a steamy night..
    *Cons: Nada! 

    -1 3" bcute Waterproof silicone multi-speed curved massager 
    *Pros: This 3 " curved massager is just enough to get me going. Adjustable apeeds and a nice curved tip make it perfect to reach your spot! 
    *Cons: None. It's my new best friend! 

    -3 sexy "lottery" tickets 
    *Pros: I would have never bought something like this, but it was so much fun! With "prizes" such as nipple kisses and oral pleasure, it really made things a lot more fun!
    *Cons: A little cheesy, but it made both of us giggle. Ain't nothing more sexy than having a good laugh in the sack!

    -Tip book 

    -3 referral tickets. 

    All in all, I would give the Bedroom Chemist kit an A. The products all went together beautifully to make a perfect night of passion. Very well thought out. It really gave a kick to our fairly routine sex. 
    This kit is perfect for those whose sex life has hit a slump. We have sex more often, and it's definitely more pleasurable for both of us. It's also great for those who would be too apprehensive to buy all of these products at a sex shop. 
    I know I would definitely recommend this to friends and would buy another kit! Way to go, Bedroom Chemist!

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    Giggity! LOL! 


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    WOOOOO HOOOOO @notsohotmomma change your name to hotdamnmomma !!!! You totally made me wanna buy this. That's the idea right?? ;)


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    I totally channeled my inner Quagmire when I got this in the mail! :p
    DOOO EEET, @batti! I swear, it's amazing!
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    :-bd good job momma!


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    I am deleting all my content.
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    I want this!!!!!
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    Refer me chicka @notsohotmomma
    Like a river and a waterfall, a strong person channels their own path...
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    I want this!!!!!

    I know right!!! I'm seriously thinking of purchasing a kit also :D

    Great review!!

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    LOL @mellowyellow. I think the site is It is so much fun!
    Don't hesitate, @Nikki! Get on that! ;)
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    Dear notsohotmomma, from Andee and Emily, co-founders of Bedroom Chemist.

    We can't tell you how excited we are that you enjoyed your Chemist's Kit!  

    As women in our own long-term relationships (Andee has been married for 12 years and Emily for 6) our #1 priority is to have all couples "break their boudoir boredom".  We pay attention to every single detail of our Chemist's Kits and strive to send our members the very best couple-friendly products (all reviewed and approved by our panel). 

    We'll be posting a thread shortly to all the members, but wanted to let you and this board know that we're offering a special discount to members of the Scary Mommy community: 
    • From now until July 31, 2012 Bedroom Chemist is offering all members of Scary Mommy a choice of either $5.00 off or a free gift ($5.00 retail value) if you sign-up for a Bedroom Chemist subscription at on or before July 31, 2012.  To redeem, once you sign-up, please forward your order confirmation to with your Scary Mommy screen name and indicate your choice of either $5.00 off or a free gift.  If you elect $5.00 off, you will be refunded $5.00.  If you elect a free gift, it will arrive with either your 1st or 2nd Kit.    
    Thanks again!  It really means a lot to us.  

    Emily & Andee

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    Great review!!! Makes me want to try the kit! :)
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    I want this!

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    sounds like you found hot happiness!
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    whoop whoop! :) good for you guys, sounds so fun! did it help spice things up?! :D
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