Ouidad Review
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    I've had the busiest week ever so if I'm a little late with my review, I apologize.

    I LOVE the way Ouidad makes my hair look. I didn't do the rake-and-shake technique, or use the volume clips (except to keep my bangs out of the way when I wash my face. lol), but I did use the shampoo and conditioner, and combed my hair in the shower. Most days I just let it air-dry with the climate control gel in it, and it did pretty good. It was nice and curly, the first few days, but then I guess my hair got used to it. After a week of doing that, my curls were limp and lifeless by the end of the day.

    That IS my lazy-girl way of "fixing" my hair, so I also tried blow drying it upside-down and locking it in with a bit of hairspray. Oh. My. God. My hair looked aMAZing! I went to a party with friends and as soon as I walked in all the girls were touching my hair and asking what I'd done. It looked THAT good.

    The bad news is my skin can't handle it. I wouldn't go so far as to say it would break out other people, though. I've dealt with problem acne for years now and had finally stopped using any products beyond shampoo and conditioner in my hair. My skin cleared up and looked great for a couple of months, but a week of using Ouidad and my entire face is broken out. Since I have to make a choice between pretty hair or pretty face, I'll choose face! I think it would be okay if it was only once in a while and if I wash it back out before I go to bed at night, so I'm still excited to have been given the opportunity to try this great product!

    Now for some before and after pics...


    A combed hair day (before)


    A not-so-great fixed hair day (before)


    A random took-it-in-class air dried day (after)


    An up close with a flash so you could see the curl definition blow dried day (after)

    Sorry about the quality of the photos.

    All in all, I'd recommend Ouidad to any curly hair girl! I'd even recommend it to women who like to straighten their hair because my hair felt so healthy and was so glossy!
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  • WickedDunkieJunkieWickedDunkieJunkie
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    The blow dried after looks fantabulous...
    It's too bad about the breakouts.

    At being 25 years old for the past almost 11 years, I'm so over breakouts.
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  • ImWendyImWendy
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    @wickeddunkiejunkie, Thanks! Too bad I can't use it. :( And I feel you on the breakouts. I was so THRILLED when I finally got my skin cleared and then blam.
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  • ScaryMommyScaryMommy
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    Your hair looks amazing, that sucks about your skin. Dammit!!
  • unforgivenunforgiven
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    Omg that last picture is so glamorous!!


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    Wow! Great pictures, bummer about the breakouts. I have sensitive skin and it makes me mad sometimes of products I can't use but like!
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    @scarymommy Yes, I'm so aggravated by my sensitive skin!! Not FAIR Dammit!

    @unforgiven lol! Thank you!

    @lakegirl34 Exactly!
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