Ouidad- A Review
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    My hair and I have always had a love/hate relationship. My curls are either extremely thirsty, frizzy beyond belief, or so greasy.  I've tried a lot of different hair products lines, and only a handful ever make my hair behave. When ScaryMommy offered a chance to try Ouidad I really hoped I would be chosen, and I was.   
    In anticipation of receiving my package in the mail I went onto Ouidad.com and investigated the whole website. I watched all the tutorials, which showed me I was washing my hair way to much, and drying it all wrong.  I learned how to do the rake and shake technique, and learned tips to keep my hair healthy. I also found out Ouidad has a charity called Curls for the Cure for breast cancer. I am at a high risk for breast cancer, and a lot of my family have had breast cancer. I really love that Ouidad gives back.
    I finally got my products in the mail and was really excited to go home and try them.  We got the Climate Control line, with a Defrizzing Shampoo and Conditioner, a Heat and Humidity Gel, a shower comb, and some clips.  The Shampoo is sulfate-free which I've heard is really good for your hair, but I'd never tried one before.
    Washing my hair the first time, I found out that the shampoo is very low sudsing. So low that my hair basically soaked it up.  I had to keep using more and more because I felt like my hair wasn't getting enough to get clean.  After I used about a fifth of the bottle, I was satisfied that all my hair was covered, and rinsed it all out.  My hair has never felt that clean. I ran my fingers through it, and could hear the nice, clean squeak.  
    The Conditioner came next. I made sure to follow the directions on the bottle and the website and left it in for 3 minutes, and used the shower comb to make sure all my hair was covered.  When I rinsed it out, my hair felt like silk.  I love it!  I towel dried my hair partially, leaving it slightly damp.  
    The Heat and Humidity Gel came next.  I parted my hair in 3 sections, and started working on getting the gel into my hair.  At first I used a dollop the size of a nickel, but quickly found out to use less for the small (approx 2") sections.  I attempted the rake and shake technique, but halfway through my head started just scrunching it.  (I had to be somewhere, and the rake and shake takes a long time if you have thick/ long hair)  I gave my hair a really quick blow dry, and let the rest dry on its own.  The gel made my hair feel a little crunchy at first, but by the end of the day was nice and soft. I did not like the way the gel felt on my hands, but I have a weird thing about textures on my fingers.
    I really loved my hair after it dried completely! My kids kept telling me how pretty my hair was.  My curls were nice and big.  My frizzies were minimal. My husband kept smelling my hair, and telling me how good it smelled. The smell reminds me of baby shampoo, which I can't decide if I like.  The prices online are a little expensive, between 18 and 22 dollars for each product for 8.5 oz.  I don't know if I can justify paying $60 for 3 8.5 oz bottles, but maybe I'm just a cheapskate.
    The longer I use these products, The healthier my hair gets.  Even on days that I don't shampoo, my curls have been holding up.  I usually scrunch it instead of using the rake and shake technique, because I feel like scrunching it gives my hair more volume on top. 
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    If you have really long hair that's why the shampoo seemed to soak in. I have shoulder length hair and just a quarter sized dollop did the deed for me!