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    I think I broke the rules a little bit posting so late. I blame @unforgiven for not reminding me! I was going to post this last weekend but I got a lil caught up in someone. :-\"

    I didn't want to give the review right away. I wanted to give the product and I a chance to get to know one another. I've used it now for two or three weeks.

    It is the Ouidad climate control formula.

    First, my hair. I have always had thick, board straight hair. The hair dresser wanted to perm it do it would hold a curl for my wedding umpteen years ago. That's how straight. Until my hormones started changing. In the past few years my hair has started getting waves to it. Sections would get kinky curly. To have straight hair, I would have to blow dry, flat iron. My mom is the same way. And at her present age, she's pretty kinky. :p

    I was really hoping that this product would help me learn to deal w my new found hair. It looked good when I would put hell in it, scrunch it, and let it air dry. But I couldn't always do that. And the frizz was just annoying as hell.

    The product:
    I'm not a fan of the scent. It is a little strong for my taste. I LOVE the shampoo. It does get your hair squeaky clean! It doesn't take much either! I do not like the conditioner. It seems to dissapear into thin air the moment it touches my hair. I need something that is going to get the tangles out. But I have just followed it up w a quick rinse w frizz eeze conditioner that I used before.

    The result. I don't know why; I'm completely puzzled, but it seems like it sucked the curl right out of my hair! Not even wet, is there a kink!

    My opinion. I'm pretty happy. I no longer have that messy frizz. Sah-weet! I do use a dab of coconut oil before drying, but only bc it keeps the tangles out. My hair is down to my bra in back, which provides for excellent opportunity of rats nests.

    I have started wearing my hair down more than typical for me. I may not have gotten the results I expected, but to be able to live my hair again is pretty awesome.

    (I know you wanted pics, but I'm still not ready to my face out here for prying eyes.)

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    It's actually good that you gave the product some time to write a better review :)

    Don't worry about the pics, I understand. 


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    Thanks for the review - I am glad that you got SOME sort of positive results out of it. :) 


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