My New Waves!
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    My hair...oooh my hair. Iv put it through so much. Dyes, bleaching, home haircuts, flat ironing with a clothing iron, trimming with a razor (the face kind). Loading products on, using cheap shampoo and mousse. My worst curly girl mistake (but one of my best hair times) may have been getting it professionally braided and kinked complete with about 200 faux hair extensions. They were pretty awesome...could wash your hair with them and everything. Lasted me months. But there was a price to pay.  Before that it seemed my hair was more curly, defined. After that it seemed to fall flatter, less curl, less definition. 

    So here's what we started out with on my Ouidad journey.


    My daughter was also a tester! She will be 2 in November of this year, has quite a curly mop. It goes curly/defined; just add water. It will however start to frizz pretty fast, and if she sleeps on it overnight well...behold exhibit A.


    The shampoo and conditioner are fine. Smell fine. I don't mind if its not an overly floral smell, that's not really what its for. So I shampoo, condition, comb it out (I do this in the shower normally anyways but now I have a fancy comb that hangs right in the shower, thanks Ouidad!) rinse and get out and start the gel process. 

    So rake and shake is not an impatient persons friend. I raked...I thought it might somehow be similar if I just...headbanged...and tousled it that way. That ended up with boob to chest slappage and thusly ended that experiment. I will admit to scrunching. I prob tousled too.  I have thin hair! I like a lift! This time I let it air dry.

    I was impressed with how it curled my hair that first night. It doesn't curl like it used to, as I mentioned above, and this is maybe the closest Iv had to my "old hair" in a while but in a softer, wavy-er, less crunchy way.


    And here's the wee one's "after" shot!


    Im not a washeveryday type girl, so within  the next day or 2,without washing,  I added some defining spray I had here (not Ouidad) and it all came together for a sort of beachy wavy look which I would totally wear! I of COURSE would try Ouidads spray but didn't have any here ;)


    Now I like to blow dry. Remember the part where I said I was impatient? That includes waiting for my hair to dry when its down. So I decided I'd try the routine but throw in a blow dry. Weeellll, I must have used to much heat and was better off air drying because my friend ended up telling me I looked like an 80's band bitch. I tried on a makeshift headband for funnsies which resulted in what could be known as my Motley Crue tribute. So a word of caution when blow drying. Higher heat plus frizzy hair may result in an urge to sing  rock ballads while wearing leather pants and heavy eye makeup.


    All I had to do to go back to wavy was wet it down and scrunch it up again.

    Overall,  my favorite thing about Ouidad is that its super easy to get a defined soft everyday hairstyle. I also like that its sulfate free. Someone had mentioned that the shampoo didn't sud up a lot but that's because the sulfates were not there. They cause dyed hair to fade prematurely and I feel much better about using a shampoo after a fresh dye that's not going to strip it back out! I had been having trouble with this very thing in the past, color fading that is, and my aunt mentioned my shampoo to me and it clicked. 

    Thank you to  Ouidad, and ScaryMommy for the oppourtunity to try out this product!  
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    AWESOME review! I'm glad your little beauty got to test the product too! :)


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    Looks great! And omgosh your LO is SOOOO freggin cute!! Love them curls!
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    Love this review!!
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    80's band bitch!!!  AWESOME!!! 
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    Your daughter is adorable!!
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    Aww I love it! Your daughter looks like you and you're both beauties :)


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    You already know I think you're a hottie, but DAYUM!!! It looks fantastic!
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    Hmm... Maybe I may have to try this stuff myself...
    Love your review.
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    best review so far...totally made me want to try this stuff.

    too bad my hair's poker straight...
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    I am so totally gonna try this! Where can I buy it?
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    Who ever can rock out the 80's Motley Crue look is awesome in my book, lookin good sexy! B-)

    By the way great review! :)
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    Great pictures and review!
    @littlebitz to purchase online or search for a store/salon in your area-some Sephora stores carry it
  • Absolutely gorgeous!!! and your munchkin is super adorable!!!! :x :x
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    beautiful.. you and your daughter! :)
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    This makes me wish I had curly hair, instead of just wavy in some spots, curly in some spots, and flipping out in others.  You and dd both look awesome!!
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    You have nice hair.  That stuff must work very well.
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    You have a beautiful daughter.
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    Love me some curls. You lil one is adorable!
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    You have a very adorable daughter.  
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    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Ouidad Expert Curl Kit.  I have hair very similar to OP.  Mine is dark brown and more coarse.  I also add into the mix Curlkeeper.  I start with using a non-sulfate organic shampoo and conditioner, then I use Moisture Lock with a pump of Curlkeeper and comb it thru the hair is a little longer than OP...use more if my hair is thirsty.  I use the Botanical Boost as needed for thirsty hair then I use the Climate Control and again add a pump of Curlkeeper (helps my curls be less "crunchy").  I diffuse dry the front/top a bit and don't touch it anywhere else until it's dry.  I basically try to avoid messing with it the rest of the day.  I live in Ohio with hot humid summers and dry cold winters.  Since I started this regimen,  I actually rarely put my hair in a ponytail as a last resort.