LapFit Review (go buy one NOW!!)
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    I was super excited when the hottest UPS guy on the planet showed up at my house with this! I was sent a large and a small one, I only have one child so I'm not sure if this was in error, or if they were being really nice. The very next day (Saturday the 18th) I had to pack DS3.5 up in my Aunt's Yukon and ship him off on a two hour ride for our family reunion. Talk about perfect timing for this to arrive! I had to work, so sadly could not attend. I sent the smaller LapFit along with some paper and crayons. DS had so much fun with it he colored the interior or my Aunt's vehicle too! Oops, but it definately kept him occupied, and fit really well over his legs. It's also notched out so it fits perfectly between the arm rests of a booster seat. It has compartments inside that are slotted out for things like: juice boxes, sauce holder (chicken nuggets anyone?), ketchup, and two larger ones for crayons and whatnot.

    For test number two, we hit the drive-thru. I got brave and let little man have some sauce for the first time EVER in his life in my backseat. I had visions of a sticky vehicle, but to my surprise, not one drop was spilled! The juice box fits well in its little holder too, so I never got yelled at for "dropping" his juice when I went over bumps or around corners!!

    The larger one has not made it to the vehicle. I'm not sure how well, or even if it would fit in a booster seat with arm rests. DS likes to use this one in the living room on the (gasp) couch. He has yet to spill anything here either!!! This one also has special holders inside (the flat tops just snap on and off). This one has a rather large round hole for a drink holder, so if this is used in a vehicle, beware! It looks too big for fast food child-sized cups, more like a medium-size.

    So far, we have used our LapFits daily. DS LOVES THEM. He only wants to eat off of those now, and always wants Burger King or McDonalds when in the truck. (I'm afraid my child will become overweight because of it ;) )

    I would highly recommend them to anyone with toddlers or small children that spend any amount of time in a vehicle. I haven't found a lost French fry or chicken nugget yet! It's really easy to clean (it's even dishwasher safe \:D/ ), it's small enough so it doesn't take up much room when not in use (I stuff it in the pocket on the back of the Driver's seat), but also big enough to color on. I wish I'd had one of these a long time ago!
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    Awesome!! Sounds like it worked perfectly inside and outside of the car. I never even thougly about using it for picnics, BBQs and all those other times you don't eat dinner at the table. Like movie night ;) Great review!


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    This seals it, I'm buying one!! Great review!!?


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    This seals it, I'm buying one!! Great review!!?

    I wonder if they have a bulk discount LOL