LapFit--Less than impressed
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    I was really excited to try this out since I've used a car seat tray since dd was 18 months old and last summer I left it at my mother's and hadn't replaced it yet.  The one I have is soft and buckles around dd and the car seat, the LapFit providing a hard, more stable surface is what appealed to me.  But that's where the appeal stops.  DD is 3 1/2, and we took a little mini road trip to Taco Bell to try it out, because she was so excited.  On the way home, I was pulling up to a stop sign when the car in front of me braked short causing me to hit my breaks a little harder than normal.  Good thing I was going slowly to begin with, as the whole tray, food drinks and all ended up on the floor.  It was a good thing I wasn't on the freeway, because if I'd had to brake going any faster than I was, it would have been thrown into the front of the car---that's dangerous.

    The second time we tried it out in the car, was a little more successful, but I'm still not sure how great it would be on long trips.  The other thing I don't like about it is that the bottom "leg part" absolutely does leave deep marks on her legs and that was only after about 5 minutes so I can't imagine it being very comfortable on longer trips.  I think a better design would have been like those lap desks with the bean bag bottoms?  That would provide more stability by adding a little weight and more comfort for their legs on longer trips, also making it so that the two pieces didn't completely separate would be a better design, as if you take off the table part to use the bottom for food, you have a loose "projectile" in the car and that's not something I really like.  I suppose the toddler sized one would fit in the seat pocket for storage, but not every vehicle has that capability.

    The bigger kid one, dd like to use in her chair while watching T.V. and coloring, etc. but I wouldn't use it in the car for one younger than mine because there's no way they'd understand that they need to hold on to it in a moving vehicle to keep it from flying around.

    I don't remember who said this, but having something underneath to support cups would also be a better design since not all cups fit into well.
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    I agree about the underneath, it looks painful. I wouldn't put anything heavier then a snack on the tray.