Kids are getting HYPOALERGENIC bubbles! :)
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    Ugh, when are we gonna have a week without illness or injury. It's been horrible... Flu, week of normal, hfam, week of normal, hfam again, hayley tried to test the "7 years bad luck" theory, recovery, jax puts a hole through his tongue, yeast infection and another bonk on the head (minor but enough for us to see a difference in her sleep pattern)..... Those are just my kids injuries... Df almost sliced his elbow meat off and was SUPER close to slitting the artery in his wrist, like mm from it! If i could put him in a bubble and he couls still do All the things he does, he would be in one too! Im ready for WEEKS AND WEEKS of normal!
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    Yeah, you e been through a lot. Any word on the jobs?
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    I got the wells Fargo one and will know Monday about the store manager one Monday or Tuesday!
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    LMAO - when i read the thread title i thought to myself "what the hell are these new types of bubbles (like the ones kids blow through the wand) and why would they need to be hypoallergenic?"

    Sorry - i know you are having a rough time... but maybe blowing some hypoallergenic bubbles is exactly what you need.

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    That's great! Hopefully things will settle down for you. :)
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    Sending good luck %%-
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    @Monkeynmoo Hang in there dear mama!!! *HUGS* xoxo
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    @monkeymoo where are you???
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    sending lots of virtual hugs!! [-O<
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    Looks like her profile is deleted :-(
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    Hope things settle down soon for you