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    Okay, so I received InviCible in the mail about 6 weeks ago.  I used it 2x a day diligently, sometimes even more.  I did NOT expect to see any difference.  I did however see a positive change on any skin that had red marks or light brown pigment.  I had some red spots on my face and light brown freckles around my eyes sometimes called a "pregnancy mask" and they lightened considerably.  These types of freckles seemed to react the best to InviCible, however actual scars or healing wounds did not react at all or reacted less than favorable.  (Before pictures are on the left, after pics are on the right)

    This is what the packaging looked like....
    The bottle seemed small and there is no way of telling how much product is in there because you can't actually see the lotion/cream.  A little amount goes a very long way.  The cream is slightly oily feeling.  It did not burn at all and my skin had no tingling sensation.  It felt similar to an oily lotion.  

    2 weeks prior to receiving this product I had a small mole removed from my leg and I was hoping this would limit the scaring.  These are before and afters of my leg
    As you can see the mark actually is healing darker.  My scars usually turn white while healing.  I was disappointed in the appearance of this scar.  

    My C-Section is 17 months old.  I noted no visible change (before is on top)


    Next I applied this to a freckle because it claimed to remove "brown spots" so I figured, why not?  Slim to no results...

     Now I saved the best for last... This is what this cream works great on, red spots, or light brown spots...  This spot I have had for years, it is not a freckle, but a dark "spot" on my skin, it has almost disappeared.  

    And the last results are my face (no makeup, no self tanner, just bare clean skin)  You can notice red marks on my cheek and forehead that have lightened significantly
    In conclusion, this product actually works very well on light brown spots and red spots.  It evens facial skin tone and I found that is possibly the best place for the cream to actually work!  It helps remove pregnancy mask type freckles and red pigmentation that has been present for years prior.  I ended up extremely impressed with the results on my face and the one brown spot.  

    ** The mole I had removed may just be healing odd and the cream may have either had no effect or minor effects.  I used it on two other fresh scars and did not get any change and they did not turn dark like the spot on my leg**

    Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to review a product!  I really enjoyed it!  I hope this explained everything well.  Please feel free to ask any questions!!
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    Great review!!! I'm bummed that it didn't work that well on your c-section scar, but the results on your face are amazing!!


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    Wow!! I'm loving the face results!! You're a natural beauty. Great review!


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    GOODNESS!!! Your face changes are remarkable! What a bummer that it didn't work all that well on any other scars. 

    You are beautiful, by the way!!! 


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    Did it actually make your c-section scar stand out more? Maybe it is just the lighting.

    And the face changes are awesome!
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    @chaosmom I think it's bad lighting on my c-section.  I tried to duplicate lighting exactly.  Same room, same time of day, but I still failed.  

    @LesboMom and @Sammie  thanks for the compliments I was EXTREMELY self conscious putting up my naked face pics... lol.  Me at my worst...  Oh well though!  It was worth it to show the difference!  I'm glad I decided to put it on my face, because I don't really have any scars and it was a gamble that paid off!  
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    You are beautiful!!! And, it really did help on your face- that's awesome. Thanks for such a great and thorough review! 
  • You look stunning! I so want this!
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    Wow what a difference on your face! I have red splotches on my face too wonder if it would work for mine.

    Any idea what the price is?
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    Great review!!!


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    @LLB I have no clue what it costs...  That would be something maybe @canadianmomma would know? 
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    @LLB The standard size is $39.95. 
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    Whoa, amazing results !! Invicible scars seem promising. I could use it for my dark spots too. Ordering it now