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    I received my InviCible in the mail about a month and a half ago.  Other than the week that I spent in moving hell, I applied it faithfully 2-3 times a day to the areas I wanted it to work its magic.  I was pretty disappointed in the effect it had on my scars (slim to none) but was impressed with what it did for darkness and red spots.  The product touts itself as "advanced scar therapy"  but I'm not convinced that scars are the best indication for it.

    I have a really ugly scar on my knee from a wipeout on my bike, and that was the first place I was hoping to see results.  I couldn't notice any visible difference after about 3 weeks of using the product, so to  be honest, I stopped using it there because I felt like I was wasting it.  I looked at the company's site online and the bottle size they gave me is only supposed to last 25-30 days when applied to a scar the size of mine, so perhaps I wasn't using enough as I still have some left.  I wish I had looked this up earlier, as their website gives a guide as to how much you should use depending on what you're using it for, and I would've used more on my stretch marks.  A guide like this would've been helpful to include in the packaging, in my opinion.  I don't know if it's the product, the amount I used, or a combination of the two, but there was no difference whatsoever in my stretch marks.  It's very likely I wasn't using enough, as according to their website, the bottle should only have lasted me 11-23 days when used on stretch marks.

    I also tried the product, in vain, on my left leg where I have staining from having varicose veins removed.  I don't fault the product for it having zero effect - this wasn't something they advertised it as being useful for, but I wanted to give it a whirl anyway.  I only did this for about two weeks, because as with the scar and stretch marks, I felt I was wasting it.

    Now my face - that's a whole other story.  I am in love with this product for my face and wish I had just used it for that all along.  The package insert says it is effective on burn scars, and when I read that, a lightbulb went off and I decided to see if it would work on the burn marks left on my face from the Magic Eraser debacle. (  After less than two weeks, I noticed a difference, and after continued use, the burn scars are almost completely faded.  YAY!  Additionally, near  the right temple, I had noticeable pinkness (new skin) right above the remaining burn mark and now my skin in that region is pretty even - almost perfect.
    The package insert also said it was good for brown spots, and I have a fair share of those on my face.  Or had, I should say, thanks to InviCible.   I know I've discussed my dark eye circles in threads on here, and after seeing how well it worked on brown spots, I started using it like I do my eye cream.  The insert says to avoid contact with eyes, but I'm the girl who washed her face with a Magic Eraser, remember?  Anyway, I didn't put it in my eyes, I was careful, and although that was the only place the product stung a bit, (the insert warns that the stinging is due to the ascorbic acid and that it means it's working) I am so glad I tried the product there.  Now, the dark circles are still there, I think they always will be, but they are considerably lighter.  Like, I went out without concealer lighter. This is a big deal in my world.  My BF commented the other day that I'm looking more rested...and of course chalked it up to us finally shacking up...but the dark circles are noticeably faded.  I searched for a picture of me sans makeup before trying the product to show you, but of course, there are none because I would've instantly deleted them.  I don't know if this is going to be a permanent improvement, or if it will wear off over time.  I would, however, purchase it to use again solely for that reason if need be.

    Once I realized how well it was working on other parts of my face, I started using it all over my nose.  My nose is always red because I don't leave the house without sunglasses and I'm not as vigilant with sunscreen as I should be.  It's making a difference there too, I don't look as goofy as I normally do.  If InviCible can make me wear less concealer ( I do wear a lot under my eyes and on my nose to cover the ugliness) I would definitely purchase it.  I still have a bit left in the bottle, it will probably be gone soon, and I'm interested to see if the improvements are permanent as the company claims they will be.  As an added bonus, once I started using it all over my nose, I did notice an improvement in a couple scars on my nose... one an acne scar, the other from having a cyst removed as a child.  I had tried it on the acne scar before with no results, but I think once I started using more and putting it all over my nose, the product worked better.  I hadn't bothered trying it on the cyst scar initially because it's quite old and small and no one but me even notices it, but that area is noticeably smoother to the touch.

    Overall, I'm impressed with the product for it's lightening and evening-out properties.  I do wish I had used it just on my face all along, I felt it was wasted on my scars and stretch marks.  I was a little concerned that it might clog my pores, it is kind of greasy, but so far so good.  I think it would be beneficial for the company to include more information with the product, as my lack of results for scars and stretch marks could very well be attributed to not using enough cream on those areas.  All the product insert says is to apply a "thin film" and that's what I did.  On the website, it tells you how many times to pump the bottle...clearly my idea of a thin film and InviCible's are a little different.  Although the information was easy to find on their website, it would have been nice if that was included with the product.  I might have had more significant results on scars and stretch marks if I had used more of the product from the get-go.

    Thanks to InviCible and Scary Mommy for giving me the opportunity to try this product.  If anything's unclear or if you have any questions, just let me know!

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    Amazing review!!!!! I love the details you gave! I might be interested in trying this now. I have redness on my face I would love to get rid off. 


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    Thanks! I just wish I had taken pictures all through the process.  I thought of that too late, unfortunately.
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    Awesome about your face!!! Maybe they should partner up with the Magic Eraser people. ;) 

    Thank you so much for your review!!
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    Thanks so much for the great review.. it sounds like you got pretty much the same results as the other reviewer. I'm so glad it helped out on your face, though. That us where we are.most concerned about scars and things, usually. I mean, its out face, after all .


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    I'm loving that you both have noticed such great results on your face! That's awesome! Bummer about the scars, but it sounds like it redeemed itself a bit.


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    @lesbomom it's so true! I'd rather have mashed up knees!

    There is a part of me that thinks if I had used *more* of the cream I may have had better results with the scars and stretchmarks. After I looked at their website I realized I probably wasn't applying it as thick as I shouldve been. But still, I'm so glad it worked on my face! Thanks again you guys helped make me prettaay!
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