I found another woman's panties!
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    I found another women's panties in my fiancee's laundry. After much crying, pleading and desperately asking for the truth. He does not tell me he is cheating on me but tells me he bought them off of craislist and likes to wear and masturbate with them. Supposedly women will leave their panties somewhere and men can go pick them up and leave money. Has anyone ever heard of this?! He said he has also done this with my underwear. I'm at a total loss and am in shock. I have been with this man for seven years and never seen it coming. Please help! I would very much appreciate any advice.
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    If you are ok with this, start letting him wear your panties. Save him some cash and tell him if he sells your panties ever again its over. Unless, you get a hefty sum for them. How much do they go for??
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    The summer I moved to New York, I was 23, unskilled, flat broke, and “keep her away from the babies/ pets/houseplants”-level irresponsible. This appealing combination of qualities somehow failed to land me a dream job. Or any job at all, actually.

    In the few months since my move to the city, I had been fired almost instantly from a job selling ballet tickets over the phone; was sent home from a temp job because I didn't notice that there was puke from my previous night's partying speckled on the hem of my coat; and turned away from a job passing out cell phone flyers dressed as Spiderman because, quote, "Spiderman doesn't have tits."
    By this time, I only had about one more month's rent left in the bank. So when me and my sweater puppies got passed over for the Spidey job, it looked like all three of us were going to move back into my mom's basement.
    And then, I made a discovery -- the kind of discovery that feels like a real revelation when you're checking your couch for change every hour, in case there was a quarter that you missed. I read on a celebrity gossip blog about a model who ran a website where she sold her used, unwashed panties off to the highest bidder.
    Seriously? You could sell your used panties? For money? Actual money? Not, like, Disney Dollars or something? I was intrigued, to put it mildly.
    Hopping on to good ol’ Craigslist, I was able to confirm that A. people really were selling used panties, and B. it seemed like people actually bought them. My brain meats raced with calculations. If I charged $30 per pair, and wore and sold a pair every day, I'd have $900 a month. With that kind of money in my pocket, I could live like a king! Or, you know, at least pay my rent. Whichever.
    In the years since my time toiling in the panty fields, I've noticed that a lot of women consider selling panties their secret emergency money-making plan. It seems so easy, right? You're sweatin' up them panties anyway -- might as well anonymously sell them to strangers on the Internet. Why doesn't everyone do this?
    Answer: Because it is actually incredibly hard to sell used panties successfully!
    There's a myth about sex work in America -- one that I unconsciously bought into when I started selling my panties. The myth says that all sex work is well-paid and requires almost no effort. Even in our age of non-stop bloggy oversharing, people still believe this. And I think they believe it because it hinges on another, more insidious belief -- that sex work is so degrading, the pay is mostly based on the worker’s willingness to just show up.
    This is, obviously, patently untrue. There is nothing inherently degrading about sex work, every possible type of human being does it, and the financial payoffs vary from job to job and person to person. But as I skimmed the used panties listed on Craigslist that first day, I believed that all I would have to do to make bank was simply show up.
    After studying the other ads posted, I composed an offer from a “nasty co-ed” named “Gigi,” who, when not busy going wild, was selling one of her many her "sweaty, well-used" thongs. I then took an identity-obscuring photo of my butt (wearing the only thong that I actually owned), sat down, and politely waited for the money to start rolling on in.
    I posted my listing four times a week on Craiglist for about three months. Over that period of time, “Gigi” received more than 200 emails. A brief breakdown of the content of those emails:
    90%: looking for free butt pictures
    5%: think they can trick you into coming to their house
    3%: interested in trying to manipulate/ abuse/ harass a sex worker because they can't believe that you are an actual human being
    1%: actually interested in buying panties
    1%: other (great deals on Viagra, foreign royals who need your credit card number,  etc.)
    Here is what I learned working in Panty Land: Not that many people actually buy used panties on the regular. So, competition was fierce for the handful of existing customers. At minimum, half a dozen women were also posting regularly on Craigslist, offering the exact same (sweaty) product that I was, or maybe even something even better -- panties accompanied by Skype chats, photos, or other things I didn’t do.

    A few guys sent me weird, harassing emails. One guy demanded a full body photo, including my face, holding a sign with that day's date on it, before he would buy. When I refused, he went off on me, saying that a real sexy panty lady would follow his orders and that I was only refusing because I was clearly actually a "fat, hairy, disgusting man." Project much, buddy?

    I doubt he would have bought anything, though, no matter what photo I sent him. These guys who sent weird emails didn’t get off on panties -- they got off on trying to push my limits and see what I would do in order to land a sale. And they never bought anything.
    Those kind of emails were not frequent (I received maybe two a week), but they were stressful enough to color my panty-selling experience. When I found myself cleaning my entire bathroom daily just to put off opening the “Gigi” email account for a few more minutes, I knew that professional dirty panty selling and I were not meant to be.
    It was turning out to be both literally and metaphorically not worth it for me. Panty selling wildly exacerbated the anxiety I had already battled my entire life, leading me to obsess non-stop about whether my post was good enough, whether I was replying fast enough, whether I had made any mistakes that would result in missed money-making. And at the end of three months of postings, I had made only around $300 total.
    Of course, this story has a happy ending -- I landed a part-time job soon after my first posting, which allowed me to stay in New York; and soon after “Gigi” closed up shop, I landed a full-time gig in Office Land that I've held ever since. I still have a cardboard box full of cheap, shiny, hopeful "Gigi" panties that I have never worn -- though I occasionally use them as cat toys.
    But I’ve still never told anyone I’m close with about my time as a used panty monger. I’m not ashamed of what I did -- I respect all sex workers, and I’m proud that I didn’t give up on my NYC dreams. But I do feel ashamed that I failed. Even after living through the reality of it, part of me still believed in the myth of sex worker’s easy money. And if I couldn’t get that easy money -- if I made my sexual self available and, instead of having a closetful of designer clothes and a sweet-ass apartment to show off for my troubles, made only enough money to cover one month's student loan bill -- what did that make me? Ugly? Unlovable? A failure?
    From time to time, I think about bringing Gigi out of retirement for one last score. I think: I could do a good job this time. I'm more confident now, more mature, less desperate, less prone to barfing whiskey sours into my purse. I could handle the weird email requests, the jerks, the competition. But the truth is I've gotten too old for this shit. And so has my vagina.
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    I don't think I wrote that correctly, he does not sell my panties but says he has worn mine and masturbated with them. He said he has bought other women's for $20. He says they email a pic of themselves in them and then he leaves money somewhere around town and they then leave the panties. I think I can deal with him having a panty fetish as long as they are mine. I am seething jealous of him having someone else's. And I hope the hell he's telling me the truth.
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    Tell him if he buys anymore he's done-zo. Have him take you to Victoria's Secret and go on a panty buying spree. Its a win win. But now I'm intrigued about selling them myself!
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    MassHys - you make me laugh. Laughter through tears is the best! He does swear up and down that he loves me and is so very sorry he hurt me and promises to never do it again. Maybe I'll try the panty shopping together, it's worth a shot, I really don't want to lose him.
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    Maybe in retaliation I should sell some my own and give him a taste of his own medicine.
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    Oh def start selling yours! I could live with $100 a month for selling my undies. And shit, that would just be less laundry to do.
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    I seriously thought about selling my underpants once....but it sounds like it's way more hassle than it's worth. And possibly awkward telling my children. "Instead of doing my laundry this month, I'm SELLING it!" Yeah.
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    I think I'd probably leave the kids out of it. Kinda like a covert panty drop op.
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    I can part ways with my thongs and expensive Lacy ones but its a NO SIR. NO WAY IN HELL to my HUGE used to be white granny panties. LOL like there's a huge market for granny panties sniffing. :-&
    Hey if he not sleeping around then let him go through your panty drawer.
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    The panties were ugly ol faded glory stained up kmart knockoffs. Seriously disgusting, nothing like what I wear.
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    Not even kmart! Faded glory is walmart!! I hope he knows he got ripped off!
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    I wonder if you can sell menses-stained panties - or otherwise be-smudged - panties for a higher price?

    Ya gotta be GGG if you wanna be with me! If DF gets off on your lacies, it sounds like a fun trip to Frederick's is in store!  :\">
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    I would not buy the whole panties fantasy deal for a second.  I'd demand to know who else he's banging. Then I would confiscate his phone.... and tell him to show me the CL emails or calls where the panty transaction took place.  After confirming his story completely I would be still be annoyed but then I would be going on a kick ass panty shopping spree.  Maybe I have trust issues but I have seen men come up with pretty quick lies to cover their cheating habits.  I don't want to be taken for a fool.  
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    @whatzhername, yeah I actually have heard of woman selling their panties on craigslist.  I knew a girl who did it to make extra money to pay her rent when she lost her roommates.  I don't know if i would believe him though.  I would watch out for other signs of cheating just to be safe.
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    I think I'd probably leave the kids out of it. Kinda like a covert panty drop op.

    A lone mini van speeds around the corner, door opens, a pair of panties flies out and hits you in the face whille a frazzled looking mom yells "Just throw the $20 in the window. THROW IT IN THE FUCKING WINDOW! I can't slow down Im late for soccer!" 
  • WickedDunkieJunkieWickedDunkieJunkie
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    I think I'd probably leave the kids out of it. Kinda like a covert panty drop op.

    A lone mini van speeds around the corner, door opens, a pair of panties flies out and hits you in the face whille a frazzled looking mom yells "Just throw the $20 in the window. THROW IT IN THE FUCKING WINDOW! I can't slow down Im late for soccer!" 

    I'm frigging dying.
    I so needed this laugh after my shitastic day.
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    @mommydelirious. I'm dying over here!!
  • katz_meowkatz_meow
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    what @Tortured byTWINS said.

    sorry, but his story just doesnt sit right with me.
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    He paid money for them? Hell, @Handtowellady gives them away for free!
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    He paid $20 for a pair of stained Walmart panties? Umm wow! Yeah that's all I've got at the moment!
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    Ok I'm torn. here's why.
    1) My ex boyfriend... wore womens underwear. typically mine. and TYPICALLY the bikini kind. the thongs and stuff he was too uhm... well endowed for (ifyouknowwhatimean). I NEVER found a pair that we didn't buy together or that he didn't show me (with tags STILL ON) and I know he still does it to this day. He much preferred mine... but that's because of his personality.

    2) however... if I found a pair of panties that I knew weren't mine or the gfs? I'd be fucking LIVID. I know what I wear and I know what types/brands she wears. so if this random pair of kmart granny panties showed up you bet your shit I'd call her out on cheating. if he says he's not... ask him where the other panties are hidden. i'm fairly sure he wouldn't use them once then toss them. there has to be at least a couple more pair of "dirty" undies somewhere hidden.

    3) *hugs* I really really really hope he just likes to wear womens undies.
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    (sorry. 1 was with a boyfriend 2 would be with my current girlfriend)
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    GirlsOnly said:

    I wonder if you can sell menses-stained panties - or otherwise be-smudged - panties for a higher price?

    Ya gotta be GGG if you wanna be with me! If DF gets off on your lacies, it sounds like a fun trip to Frederick's is in store!  :\">

    I freaking LOVE Fredericks.... I used to blow cash like crazy there, but money is tight these days...*sigh*
  • whatzhername
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    He has since coughed up another pair, different size - just as cheap, stained and gross. I'm actually feeling kinda sorry for the woman wearing old cheap ass panties and prolly selling them to eat ffs :(
  • MorganD
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    Wow. I have to say, I'd be horribly jealous, and probably a little grossed out if my SO had some other woman's stained panties. Mine? Sure, whatever. Some stranger that might have a scary disease living in her grotty panties? Not so much.
  • whatzhername
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    He's feeling really sick and scared of losing me and is totally ashamed. It is one of the only times I have ever seen him cry. He says he also feels somewhat relieved and when I suggested panty shopping this made him happy.
  • DemandaDemanda
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    What the shit? When I did my massive purge I got rid of a good garbage bag full of old panties! I can't believe I didn't know about this, I would've totally done it. There was gold in them there panties and I didn't even know it?!?!
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    Wow. I was thinking also that this doesn't sit right..but I don't know. I have never heard of selling worn panties!
  • SerendipitySerendipity
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    Demanda said:

    What the shit? When I did my massive purge I got rid of a good garbage bag full of old panties! I can't believe I didn't know about this, I would've totally done it. There was gold in them there panties and I didn't even know it?!?!

    =))  You owe me a new keyboard, @demanda, because I spit my dr. pepper on it with 'gold in them there panties'
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    You guys are fucking HYSTERICAL!
  • AnonUser29
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    I was LMAO in the middle of the Girl Scout meeting in a fucking church. Oh man. I am totally going to hell. Looked up used women's panties in craigslist but came up short. I also looked up casual encounters at my job... eh, I am surrounded by fuckers.
  • shadylaneshadylane
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    I have never heard of that but I would so do it. If my bf came up with that story I would leave his ass in a split second. I wouldn't believe it and if it was true I'd still leave him for cheating on my panties with some whore's. What's wrong with mine dammit? My panties aren't good enough for u? And def start selling them
    ~slim shady~
  • SAHDude
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    Ok, I know this will skeve some of you out, not my intent.

    To the original poster WHN, some thing to consider.

    Go with it, play the dominant Female.  Use his fetish to your advantage.
    Lets say you wear xyz from Dept. Store "Q"

    Give him your specific order, take him to Q and go shopping while he has to go buy you
    your likes on his own.

    If he goes along, you have total control. Use it. He loves it. He wants to please you.

    Take him home and have him model them for you.
    Place the ones you are wearing , in the middle of the bed and he has to 
    put his face on them.  Now spank his ass with a (yardstick, hair brush,etc)
    Tell him , yours are the only ones he can ever have until he agrees.

    If you have made it this far, he loves this and desires it. You now have a slave, he will do anything for you.  Tell him to go get you a glass of wine, see what he does.

    You can continue to use him to your pleasures as you want.
    You may decide to let him get off with you, or maybe by himself as you watch, a little 
    more humiliation.

    A couple more times and he will never want to let you go or go against your wishes. You will tell him what to wear on what days too. He will.

    Maybe every now and then pick up a pair of off brand panties and wear them then present them as 
    though you got them from one of your friends.  Tell him that they know of his little fetish and willingly gave them to you.  Talk about a mind fuck?

    My whole point here is that you have the carrot, find a way to use it that will satisfy YOU and him.

    OK you get the idea.

       If anyone is still reading:

    SM has a chance to win on this, here is my idea.

    Never ever heard of this panty selling deal before. So here goes.

    SM makes a tag, Scary Mommies, send in nice merchandise. These will be nice things lightly used.
    The tags are put on and resold.  Each sending SM gets their share sent back to them and SM gets a profit too.
    I am sure a committee could be set up.

    The profit goes to the 
    Holiday meals program or something.

    What if SM became known more for the "Clothing Line" than anything else? Making way more money too.

    I will check back for the responses, a chill just went up my spine right there.

  • AnonUser29
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    I can go a little with what you are saying @SAHMDude....let him help you pick out panties and wear them then let him have.
  • PrimalbitchPrimalbitch
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    I'm totally and completely skeeved by the idea that we all send in our dirty undies to be resold.  Just who exactly is going to be handling this shit?  Not me, that's for sure.

    To OP, sounds like you guys are working things out?  Hope all is ok. 

  • AnonUser37
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    Yes, op i have heard of it...there is even websires entirely dedicated to buying and selling used undergarments. A close friend found her husband was using the sights..
    I hope you two can work things out. There is no excuse for him using panties other than yours but i can imagine this secret was one he was terrified to reveal to you, for fear youd think less of him, or even leave. Its not right, and maybe its just me, but id prefer to find this out, than that he was actually with another woman.
  • mommydeliriousmommydelirious
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    ha ha! A scary mommy panty drive for the hungry children of america? No thank you!
  • KellynnKellynn
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    Oh yeah, @mommydelirious, I'm sure Jill would jump at the chance to be associated with that!! She can go back on the Today show and explain to Matt or Savannah exactly what it entails, and how America NEEDS to do this, hehehe
  • SaraSara
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    @SAHDude, I think I love you.
    Think of your problems as challenges to overcome not obstacles to be avoided.
  • AnonUser37
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    I am pretty sure it was a joke....
  • Not to totally gross up this post but all I can picture is some wart ridden puss oozing chick selling her panties on CL and men rubbing their junk on it. Not sure if it's possible to catch anything like this but I'll be damn if I let my man touch me after having his junk all up on some soiled WM panties. Pretty nasty if you ask me.

    HOWEVER, if you're OK with it... I say totally milk the carrot scenario @SAHDude played out.


    @mommydelirious THROW IT IN THE FUCKING WINDOW! lmfao... That's some funny shit right there.
  • BeachyBeachy
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    Aww shut fuck damn! No way in hell!
    Sooo gross!
    Not the selling, I am down with that, but my dh's junk on someone else's panties??????
    Not happening! Ever! Blech.
    Searching for my lost shaker of salt.
  • mommydeliriousmommydelirious
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    @cucumberblusher thank you. Ill be here all night. Not really, I'm going to bed. With underwear on. MY underwear.
  • SAHDude
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    LMAO, you all are fun SM's.

    My bad, I meant CLEAN used items, the entire deal is that the products are a cut above and come from the SM forum members.  

    Sorry but it did make the thread funnier, I should have checked back earlier.

  • undercoverbanana
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    ..........................how did i miss this?!?!?!
    i'm nekkid.
  • layla
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    This confirms my conclusion that men are pigs. Wtf!!! I mean I doubt if any woman would want to purchase a pair of used men underwear that smells like musty balls.

  • CinnaCinna
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    Mmmm..musty ball underwear....sorry I'm sick and delirious
    Two hearts! Oh baby I'm beating out a samba!
  • KrabbyKay
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    musty balls ... omg lol so hard I can't even function...
  • KacerpieKacerpie
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    Musty ball smell... no thanks

    Wow... I got nothing... @love I think this thread might belong in the hall of fame.
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