So how many shows do you watch?
  • TheHeadacheslayer
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    Confession time! Does your DVR start smoking from all the shows you are watching? 

    Here's what I watch (regularly or try to)


    1. Grimm
    2. Elementary
    3. Beauty & the Beast   alas, too many things to try to watch on the DVR...I was just so-so on this.
    4. Arrow
    5. Emily Owens MD
    6. Flipping Out
    7. Big Bang Theory
    8. Taboo
    9. Revolution
    10. Last Resort--it's been cancelled, noooooooo :( My DH loves this!
    11. Chicago Fire
    12. Long Island Medium
    13. Glee
    14. Smash (when it returns)
    15. Mockingbird Lane (just taped it haven't watched yet)   I tried. Really. Then I deleted lol
    16. American Horror Story OMGOMGOMG DD and I are freaking out watching this!!!
    17. Halloween Wars (food network)
    18. The New Normal
    19. Go On
    20. House MD reruns/marathons on CLOO/Oxygen
    21. Catfish--loved the movie, the show is VERY interesting (and I've had online friendships that have turned out bizarrely bad!!)
    22. Pawn Stars (my kids couldn't believe I loved this lol I don't watch it all the time but it's awesome).
    I also watch The Little Couple, Glee Project, Bitchin Kitchen, Our America with Lisa Ling, Kathy (Kathy Griffin's talk show), Interior Therapy w/ Jeff Lewis, Breaking Pointe.

    WHEW. Yes I grew very fond of a lot of new fall TV shows! Esp Arrow, Emily Owens MD, Go On, New Normal, Revolution, Last Resort, Chicago Fire.

    As to the question of HOW I watch so many shows....being ill/disabled, you watch a lot of TV. Plus I DVR almost everything and will watch a marathon of shows (like 2-3 eps of American Horror Story at once). No commercials rocks ;) And I'm almost caught up on Grimm--which is going on "Winter Hiatus" for a bit.

    Am I the only one who still remembers the "good old days" of a season of shows then reruns? I hate these "mini-seasons" esp. for my dramas. I like them more like American Horror Story where you get the entire season, EVEN if it's another year before the next season.

    So fess up! What do YOU watch :)
  • deviantqueendeviantqueen
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    I love Grimm! I watch True Blood, Spartacus, Game of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy, Ncis, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, Being Human, Top Gear, and Face Off. Needless to say I have to cram all of my TV watching in after the kids go to bed.
  • DovahkiinDovahkiin
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    I don't get to watch many shows regularly. We're in Australia, and Americas ratings really effect what we get on our screens. If there's a super popular show in the US, they might 'fast track' it over here. Like, show it within a few days. But not too many.

    Every week, we watch Supernatural, The Walking Dead (we have to download), Raising Hope and The Big Bang Theory.

    We've just watched all of Once Upon a Time season 1 to catch up before Season 2 starts tonight. Grimm is going to start showing in a week or 2 (Season 1, not sure where the US is up to).

    We like The Middle, and True Blood. They showed most of season 1 of American Horror Story, but I missed most of it. Not sure if they plan on showing season 2.

    I love Warehouse 13, Drop Dead Diva and the Vampire Diaries. They're a bit corny but I still watch em lol I have to download them though and I'm not really comfortable with it so I'm way behind.

    We seem to like shows that no one else does, so they often get cancelled. Like, Heroes, the 4400, FlashForward etc 

    Anyway, enough tv talk lol I have a few Aussie shows I like but I doubt anyone's heard of them, so I left them out :P

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  • KacerpieKacerpie
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    We watch

    flipping out
    No reservations (it just ended :-q )
    the new girl
    Pawn stars

    I have had 2 Dr peppers and whipped vodkas and can't think of anything else. Ill dig into the dvr later and update ya'all.
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  • momofdbbmomofdbb
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    Elementary ,Arrow, Revolution, Big Bang ,Top Gear , Hammonds Crash Course , Warehouse 13,Dr Who !
    Is Chiago Fire a series and this might be a DUHH question but what is it about. Is about the Chiago Fire or just fire stations in Chiago ?
    I liked Heroes ! " Save the Cheerleader !" and " I did it !!!" LOST was good too.
    Today I wayched " The Dust Bowl " Ken Burns well part of it, lol not ALL of it. And a show on Benjamin Franklin. I don't know what I will watch tonight.
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  • 123
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    Just the walking dead
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  • RinRin
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    Yikes how do ya'll get to watch so many shows!

    I have just a couple of regulars, i like nashville most recently, but usually i watch Criminal Minds or like dateline....i know i am so dull lol
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  • PurpleFlowersPurpleFlowers
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    Wow, I dont watch a lot of tv I guess. My only "cant miss" show now is The Biggest Loser. Years ago I had a long list. I just dont like a lot of shows that are on now.
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  • fatchickonabikefatchickonabike
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    Grey's Anatomy. And when it's on, Canada's Worst Driver. That's it.
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  • RahsgirlRahsgirl
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    The shows I MUST watch are:
    1) Boardwalk Empire
    2) American Horror Story
    3) Teen Mom
    4) Long Island Medium
    5) Sister Wives
    6) I Survived...
    7) Paranormal Witness

    There are some other shows I DVR and watch when I get a chance but those are the ones I usually can't wait for!!
  • BeachyBeachy
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    I watch any housewives show, I know it's sad and pathetic but I love them!
    American horror story

    Frannies feet
    Sesame Street
    Electric company
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  • SpringSpring
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    I won't list them all, but DH made me count on Sunday. My fall show line up is up to 33.... in my defense, I watch almost all of them on hulu which means waaaay less time wasted on commercials... but I know it's still really bad. I am a work at home mommy who hates silence. Half of those shows are probably only half watched... I am a media junky.
    @deviantqueen, @theheadacheslayer, Grimm is my favorite show!! 
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  • momofdbbmomofdbb
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    Decided to watch Alias on Netflix ! I wonder how she could change her hair color so often and not fry it.
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  • RahsgirlRahsgirl
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    I forgot to put RHONYC!! I do hair for one of the ladies on RHOBH so I've gotten into watching that one as well!!
  • ChristyJChristyJ
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    BONES! BONES and more BONES!


    True Blood

    Walking Dead (DH, not me)


    Vampire Diaries

    PSYCH! (I am a Psycho...)

    Being Human, both BBC and American versions.

    We did watch House.

    Covert Affairs.

    Warehouse 13

    Ghost Hunters (Taps, not International, yuck)

    That is all I can think of at the moment.


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  • MegsueMegsue
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    I have my DVR set for 32 different shows. Holy fuck...I didn't realize that until just now. That is crazy. A small sample of the stuff I need to watch:

    Ghost Hunters
    Ghost Adventures
    The Dead Files
    Sons of Anarchy
    Deadliest Catch
  • WillileeWillilee
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    Walking Dead
    Modern Family
    American Horror Story
    Pillars of the earth/world without end

    I LOVE Jeopardy but can never remember to watch it.

    DH likes Sons of Anarchy, Survivor, Doomsday Preppers, and Revolution.

    We both like Suburgatory and The B in Apt 23, but the first list are the ones we actually try to remember are on. We NEVER miss a Walking Dead!
  • momofdbbmomofdbb
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    @ChristyJ I agree Taps but not the international one.
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  • BeachyBeachy
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    @rahsgirl say what? Who who who who???!???!
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  • KacerpieKacerpie
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    Oh, duck dynasty too.
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  • BeachyBeachy
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    Searching for my lost shaker of salt.
  • ChristyJChristyJ
    Posts: 982Member annoys me how the International show jumps at every friggen shadow.  DH loves all of those shows, but even he will admit they go a little overboard.
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  • ChristyJChristyJ
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    @momofdbb...I always thought it was wigs for the most part since she had to be "normal" when she got home.
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  • OxiMOMOxiMOM
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    I miss cable and Internet :( when we get it back ill tell you all for now we go to Mil's once a week to watch walking dead.
  • momofdbbmomofdbb
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    Lol I know !! It's like they go in saying " let us know you are here ." and then " OMG what was that did you hear that !?!?? " and a moth lands on the lens. =))
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    " I'm a leafe on the how I soar ." Wash :((
    " Oh the wall had it comming.' Sherlock Holmes
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  • mamaofboysmamaofboys
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    DH is always complaining about the amount of Tv I watch. He'll find something he wants to watch and won't be able to finish it because the DVR os working overtime.
    I watch all the Housewives (except Atlanta), Castle, Sister Wives, Parenthood, Private Practice, Grey's, Suburgatory, Up All Night, Teen Mom, and most recently Chicago Fire.
    I guess I do watch a lot of tv...
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  • RahsgirlRahsgirl
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    @Beachy I do Brandi Glanville and I also do Marisa Zanuck who will be coming on this season around the 6th/7th episode.
  • momoffiveteensmomoffiveteens
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    I watch NCIS, Castle, the mentalist, The big bang theory, and ok do not laugh Murder she wrote.
  • BeachyBeachy
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    Damn @rahsgirl I love me some Brandi! She is like super awesome and down to earth, I think. What do you think? And thanks for the spoiler!
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  • BeachyBeachy
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    Do you do her makeup before every shooting day or just special occasions @rahsgirl?
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  • BunnyBunny
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    I used to watch Desperate Housewives and Army wives until it went off :( Still sad! When they are on though I watch
    Drop Dead Diva
    The Secret Life Of The American Teenager (shhh)
    Days of our lives
    Teen Mom2
    Law n Order SVU
    Mob Doctor
    True Blood
    Greys Anatomy
    Catfish (new show on MTV)
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  • Marionettevie
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    GREYS ANATOMY... i go a little crazy if i miss it!  and i was getting really into breaking amish, but i never set it to dvr so i have been missing it. i also like to watch abby lees dance competition and dance moms! lol we were also getting into combat hospital but they cancelled it and we've been waiting for falling skies. oh and we watch the walking dead
  • RahsgirlRahsgirl
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    @Beachy I do the hair for events and the interview parts and for photo shoots. Brandi is very nice and she's a girls girl ya know? I work with Marisa more often and she is really cool. Excited to see her on the
  • i watch way too many tv shows;
    american horror story
    once upon a time
    breaking amish
    teen mom
    two and a half men
    new girl
    the voice
    true blood
    the walking dead
    the list goes on. every night of the week is a different tv show. which reminds me tonight wednesday AHS yayyy!
  • LesboMomLesboMom
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    I don't get a chance to watch too many shows :( 

    We DVR The Walking Dead and The Talking Dead afterwards. We watch The Walking Dead when it comes on - but we have it DVR'ed JUST. IN. CASE. 

    We watch 666 Park Avenue on OnDemand but just heard last week that it is getting cancelled which is a HUGE bummer.

    I usually watch tv shows on netflix or amazon and just watch them ALL AT ONCE up to the most current season, and then watch the current season when I can catch it on Hulu or something. I did that with Alias, The L Word, Parenthood, Charmed......

    And I loooove Fringe...I am so bummed that they are ending it. 


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  • LargeMargeSentMe
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    American Horror Story
    Teen Mom/Teen Mom 2
    The Office
    Paranormal Witness
    Mad Men (my absolute favorite)
  • GingersnapGingersnap
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    1. Grimm - can't miss it!  
    2. Arrow - surprisingly good. I thought it would be just another CW pretty boy show.
    3. Castle - I like the cast (especially Nathan Fillion)
    4. Bones - I like the found family feel. I do skip episodes, though. 
    5. Elementary - procedural mash-up of Monk and House. I probably won't stick with it.
    6. How I Met Your Mother - I like the cast. So funny to watch NPH as Barney. 
    7. TBBT - still funny. I've skipped episodes.
    8. The Vampire Diaries - all about Ian Somerhalder and Delena.
    9. True Blood - vampire porn. I'm wondering if I'm all done with the show, though. I'm consistently disappointed with it since season 3. But, oh, the eye candy!
    10. Doctor Who - can't miss it!
    11. Downton Abbey - can't miss it! Favorite soap. 
    12. Copper - surprising, disturbing, interesting.

    There are other shows I want to catch up on, but they're not a priority:
    Raising Hope
    Mad Men
    Arrested Development
    And one show I'm waiting to see where they're going with it:
    Saving Hope - dropped by NBC or CBS, but I heard picked up by CTV.

    I was watching Once Upon a Time until last week. I hit play, went to the kitchen to get a cup of tea, and forgot I'd turned it on. When I wandered back into the room it was almost over and I realized, I must not care that much if I forgot about it so easily. I was watching it for Robert Carlyle (Mr. Gold). I might catch up on it when the whole series is over and on Netflix. Maybe.  

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  • pennypenny
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    Current stuff:
    Dr. Who
    Top Gear
    The Walking Dead
    Community (if it ever comes back)
    Venture Bros (ditto)
    Archer (ditto, again)
    Robot Chicken
    ETA: Suburgatory

    Favorites for rewatching:
    Arrested Development
    Invader Zim
    Ab Fab
  • tothemoonandbacktothemoonandback
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    My DVR records:
    MTV's The Challenge (Real world/road rules show)
    Restaurant Impossible
    Long Island Medium
    Days of our Lives (but I just pick one per week to watch.. it's mind numbing to watch it daily)
    Hell's Kitchen (when it's on)
    Project Runway (when it's on)
    Gallery Girls (season ended a while ago)

    I only have time to watch 1-2 shows a week, so there's always a ton in my DVR.
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  • fraziermommy75fraziermommy75
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    Greys Anatomy (My absolute favorite)
    Bob's Burger
    Criminal Minds
    Being Human
    The Big C
    Nurse Jackie
    Long Island Medium (Love Her)
    True Blood
    Vampire Diaries
    Raising Hope
    Killer Karaoke (Wicked Funny)

    I think i watch to much T.V.
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  • NoDramaMamaNoDramaMama
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    Sons of Anarchy
    True Blood
    Vampire Diaries
    Criminal Minds
    Boardwalk Empire
    Last Man Standing
    Kardashians (Guilty pleasure!!)
    American Idol

  • warriormommy3warriormommy3
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    omgg tooo much! heres my dvr list... it needs to be taken away by the state bc i abuse it 

    the walking dead 
    american horror story
    family guy
    big bang theory
    30 rock
    the office
    2 broke girls
    the new normal
    go on 
    will and grace reruns 
    frasier reruns
    new adve. of old christine reruns
    jersey shore ( dont judge) 
    16 &pregnant ( dont judge harder) 
    teen mom 1 & 2  ( SHAME ) 
    top chef 
    kitchen nightmares
    dance moms! 
    and theres definately more but i cant think lol
  • firstwife87
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    Dr. Phil
    The Voice 
    American Idol
    So You Think You Can Dance
    X-Factor (sort of)
    Once Upon a Time
    Sister Wives
    Vampire Diaries (just started)
    Ancient Aliens
    Dragon's Den and Shark Tank (DH watches them and I don't mind them)

  • Quietmom
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    I'm such a loser lol. I'd rather read a book than watch tv. I have no shows I can't miss. I do enjoy these sometimes though:

    How I Met Your Mother
    Pawn Stars here and there
    Family Guy
    Cleveland Show
    Love It Or List It

    We have Netflix so if something catches my eye, I'll watch it. I don't get much tv time just for me though with little people during the day and I'm an old lady and I go to bed early lol
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  • AloneOverseasAloneOverseas
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    Wow ... Haven't heard of most of those ... Sux, tv in NZ is so crap. US ratings play a large part in whether we get them or not, and only having about 5 standard channels, can't fit many shows. Used to DVD many, but it has stopped working! Watch lots on demand and have just recently learned about some streaming websites so I can watch stuff we don't get.

    I do like
    Grey's anatomy
    Private practice
    Body of proof
    Hell's Kitchen
    Harry's law
    Flipping out

    Many shows are stopped mid season and there is no notification of when they restart so episodes are missed. Or they are moved to 11pm time slots and it's weeks before you notice. Sux, sux, sux.
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  • 1edieb
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    Regularly watch Son's of Anarchy and Breaking season permits.  I like CSI (all of them), NCIS, and Storage Wars...but no time so it's hit or miss.
  • ruseriouschild
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    The Walking Dead & Star Trek lol I don't have time to watch anything really. 
  • MarySunshineMarySunshine
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    Let's see:
    Once Upon a Time
    Duck Dynasty
    Storage Wars
    American Pickers
    Top Gear (BBC)
    Top Gear (America)
    Dr. Who
    Ghost Hunters (both)
    Destination Truth
    Haunted Collector
    Auction Kings
    Pawn Stars
    Iron Chef America (and the original Iron Chef when it was first on)
    Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares (on BBCAmerica)
    Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

    The kids stuff we DVR:
    Little Einsteins
    Imagination Movers
    Charlie & Lola
    Jojo's Circus
    Tinga Tinga Tales
    Rolie Polie Olie
    Jake and the Neverland Pirates
    (Sensing a trend yet?)
    Phineas & Ferb

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