The BIG red button that says "do not touch."
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    So I have this problem with my face. Every month I have a handful of breakouts and sometimes more sever than others. Every time one pops up, I HAVE TO PICK AT IT! It's almost like pleasure once I start bleeding. I have tried just about every ointment off the counter. Clinique does pretty well for me but that's if I don't touch my face and is one of my most favorite products out there. Ever since the fourth grade I have been having issues with acne. It overwhelms my face and especially during that "time of the month." It's very noticeable that I have my period or it's on it's way and it's embarrassing but I can not stop touching for the life of me! Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for me? I'm desperate but I don't have that kind of money to be evaluated by a dermatologist :( I have even tried DIY products for myself. Eggs seem to work for a day or two or until I eat chocolate, junk food, anything really *sigh* 
  • kontovian
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    FYI: I am a picker and come from a background of pickers however, I no longer live with any pickers. 
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    i'm a huge face toucher, and have a history of awful acne. i try to wear long sleeve shirts and keep my hand inside while leaning my face against it. perhaps some thin cotton gloves on your hands when youre wanting to touch or pick would help keep your hand oils off your face? one thing that helped with the acne was a good toner. i'm using an avalon organic kind i got on clearance, it seems to help the oilyness. there's also a mask scrub that neutragena makes that's worked well for me. in the shower or bath, you put it on like a mask to your -damp- face and let it sit for sixty seconds. then scrub and rinse. did wonders for me. it's difficult to find, but online might help?
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    tea tree oil

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    When I failed at every other option I started wearing gloves when my breakouts got really bad. It's kind of a pain, but it makes you more aware of it and makes it easier not to try.
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    I've done enough pseudo-research to know that you're either a picker or you aren't.  When you find another one, you can talk with each other about how AWESOME it was to pop that thing on your DH's back... but everyone else seems to get grossed out or just doesn't get it.  As a picker (I hope that's obvious!), I can only recommend doing it right: wash your face AND hands before you pick, and try to use just the tips of your fingers and not your nails.  If there's not a head yet, don't pop it! (I manage to refrain by fantasizing about how awesome it's going to feel to pop it tomorrow, when it's ready!  gross I know but it totally works.)  I've also used Elmer's glue on my hands not as a remedy but as a distraction.  Let the glue dry like you use to in preschool and then peel it off when you need to stop picking.  Hope this helps!  Good luck! ... Think a little. Laugh a lot. If you don't like it, well, go quack yourself.
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    I'm on my phone so its a pain to look up but tomorrow I'll pit up a link to a face cleansing system I've used. It has was tone spot treatment lotion and pill.

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    But point was it makes the pimples you have really hard to pick. Trust me I'm a picker. But it is like my skin is different now.

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    I'm a picker too, and DH rides me CONSTANTLY about it. It's probably the reason nothing has worked to clear up my acne...I do wash my face daily with a 2% salicylic acid wash and it seems to help somewhat (burning= working right?), but I need to quit touching my face and wearing makeup. It's a vicious cycle; makeup to cover but acne from makeup.
    I know that my skin was the clearest it's ever been when I wore no makeup and exercised everyday during the summer...have you tried drinking lots of water and skipping the makeup?
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    @SuperSarahGee I'm the same way! *lol* I get pumped when my husband has zits that pop up on his back because he allows me to pop them which is a very far and few situation. He rarely gets them on his face but my eyes light up like Christmas when he does. He automatically demands me not to think about it :p I'm SO amused when I pop his zits too. Lucky him, he rarely has any but that's probably because I'm never feeling my finger tips all over his face on a daily basis like I do myself. OH BOY! I'm not really much of a pill popper to begin with so maybe I should stick with the gloves for a week and see how that is then take it to the next level with glue :p 
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    I'm not a picker....I'm a peeler. There is actually a name for the chronic removal of skin (dermotillamania). I am one who likes to "split hairs," in the literal sense of the words.
    I don't have any advice for you....I''m sorry that I can't be of any help. <3
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    I have had the worst skin EVER until this year. I started using a well known tv commercial product, and it's freaking awesome!

    It always takes a while on a new system because your skin rebuilds itself every 28 while you might still get pimples, it's because they were underneath your skin and basically work themselves out to the surface, etc.

    I used to be a total picker. Like it was a chill out time for me to grab a mirror, some nice direct outdoor light, and squeeze here and there, emptying all my pores of pus. I still do, but since using this skin system.....I have much less to pick. :( But my skin look so much better! Especially without the scars and scratches from picking. 

    There's really only one solution to picking that was effective for me. Work long enough hours while using an effective skin care system so that you have no time to pick, and by the time you stop, your skin has recovered so that there's nothing to pick at.
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    @curious - which product works for you?
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    I get the same way at that time if the month Its the only time I get zits and always on my chin. I pick at them too and it just makes them worse.
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    I too am a picker :( and not just acne, acne can turn into a scab, and when I get stressed I have this need to pick at those. I don't even realize I am doing it most times until someone yells at me, and then literally two minutes later, back at it again! I have a hard time letting them heal and I get scars. I don't have advice, but thought there might be comfort in knowing you're not alone...
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    @Gingersnap Pro-Active. I don't use it the way it's recommended to be used, btw. It's way way too harsh for my delicate skin. I used it for one week, cleanser twice a day, toner twice a day, moisturizer and spot treatment. My skin turned into an alligator! Now I use the cleanser in the shower maybe twice a week, and the mask once a week, and the toner once a day at the end of the day. I know a lot of people find it too hard on their skin, and I agree. So that's why I cut it down so much, but it's still very effective. I *maybe* get one of those deep pimples once a month, and the rest is practically nothing.
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  • kontovian
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    I dislike pro-active, I tried it once and didn't like it. Just wanted to stop our membership with them all together and they gave me SUCH a hassle. 100$ a month?! YIKES and no way. Something I can not afford. I choose clinique because it works at my source except I just don't think facial cleansers are worth the extra money a month because then one becomes to dependent on it. 
  • ZidashaZidasha
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    As a female that suffered through horrifying acne from the age of 15 - about 30 I'm gonna say this, Yes, I too was a picker, really bad and a face toucher.  On top of that I have really oily skin.  I still have a few scars on my face from the pimples I've picked and prodded at.  It was so bad I even had it on my shoulders, back and chest.

    I have learned, through trial and error that when I eat an abundance of fast food or anything fried for that matter I tend to break out.  At 15 I was told I had a mild reaction to Chocolate so I stopped eating it.  It cleared up a little but I was still touching my face and eating fried foods.  I moved out of my parents house and at the age of 21 I pretty much stopped eating meat and anything fried and stopped touching my face, I wouldn't even let anyone else touch my face.  I still had issues around the time of my period but my back, shoulders and chest started clearing up.  

    At the present time I haven't had any breakouts for almost a year, of course I just gave birth about 4 months ago so I expect it to start coming back in the next few months, but, I try to stay away from as much fried foods and fast foods as possible, I TRY not to touch my face(I have a habit of resting my chin on my hands) and as far as chocolate, as strange as this sounds, it comes and goes.  I can be allowed to eat it for months at a time and than all of a sudden I start having a reaction again.  So I take that one month at a time.

    I hope this helped even a little bit for you.  I don't have a lot of money to be spending on crap for my face.  I use the cheap face wash(It works just as good as the expensive crap) and I just make sure I listen to my body, after all, it knows best.
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  • lbm05trr09
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    Whats a good acne medicine
  • CrashCrash
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    @kontovian ,I didn't get Pro-Active as a membership or anything, I buy it from the mall kiosk. Did you only use it one time? You have to use any medication or treatment for at least a month because it takes that long for your skin to work all its issues out to the top. It's really important to use the moisturizer because it does really strip your skin.
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  • jellybean
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    I'm a picker too...and have had horrible acne forever. But I found the solution for me. Using NOTHING!  Seriously, I use a clean washcloth and wash my face with warm water in the morning and at night. That's it. I'm not 100% clear, but like 97% improvement I'd say. Totally satisfied :)  Also, I made a commitment to only pick with CLEAN hands and only once a day. (quitting wasn't working).  AND, it's free!!!   Probably took 1 month before it started to clear, 2 months to be satisfied.

    --for the washcloths, I have 20 and use them once. Then throw them in a bin and bleach them all at the end of the week - otherwise they seemed to be harboring bacteria or other nasty shit that started making my face worse - CLEAN washcloths, CLEAN hands, no chemicals...voila! 
  • TheHeadacheslayer
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    Kate Somerville is THE BOMB. And I have a similar problem. Usually due to stress. I've read it's a form of "self-mutilation"....kindof like nail biting.

    I also keep a package of face wipes nearby and having my face "feel clean" usually helps.

    Mine are so hormonal now w/ perimenopause, it sucks! But if you can get a Clairsonic cleaner (Mia/Mia2 or the big one) it really really helps stop breakouts.

    I also use Republic of Tea PMS tea (it's under their Get Well teas) and drinking a glass each day before my period (non-affectionately known as Big Red) helps cut down the acne. This has been my best month EVAH.

    Yes I call my period Big Red after the character from Bring It On. Do you blame me?