Do you pick your kid's costume?
  • GisleyandHank
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    I always dreamed about dressing my kids up in adorable costumes right out of a magazine, but instead my daughter puts her foot down and picks her own costume, or excuse for a costume, or lack of a costume. Last year she changed her mind 3 times, then wouldn't wear anything. This year she got her "dream" costume, Strawberry Shortcake, but I won't let her wear it until Halloween.

    I see other kids wearing the most adorable things! Do you pick out your kids' costumes?

  • momofdbbmomofdbb
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    My kids pick their own costumes. Even if its not what I would pick for them.
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  • SnoopMom
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    My 5yr old picked Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas by herself...she loves the movie(my sister made it) and my 11 yr old decided to be a Sock's actually cute..not would I would have chosen but she is 11 and as long as it's not slutty looking she is good!
  • My 2 year old would not wear the princess costume my mother in law had for her. I was rather disappointed. We had to go rent a horsie outfit for her. My 18 month old doesn't care and my 4 month old has no idea what's going on. I hope that next year, I can dress my oldest as Little Bo Peep and the two younger ones as sheep. If not, I'll do Raggedy Ann and Andy.
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  • lostinthewindlostinthewind
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    They Puck their own, but they are also 9&10 I do get final input to make sureall that needs to be covered is.
  • Emmasmom04Emmasmom04
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    she comes up with a bunch of ideas and then we shop around for whats most affordable. This year she is going to be a goddess, costume was 50% off so I only paid 15 for it=)
  • cheesehead4ever
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    I get final say to make sure it is appropriate and doesn't cost too much. Older DD is going to be Flo from Progressive. Cost us $3 for the white pants from Walmart. Younger DD I actually offered her $10 if she would pick one of the many costumes we already own. She refused and picked out a tail and ear set at Target that ost me $5!
  • squishsquish
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    DS has no choice since he's only one. This year he's yoda although I was tempted to do garden gnome but I knew he wouldn't wear the beard.
  • tothemoonandbacktothemoonandback
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    That's interesting that you even ask this.. a shitstorm conversation started on facebook between a few mom friends and I, (we all have almost 3 year olds), we were all talking about costumes and one mom started posting these super obscure costumes saying "I don't know what to have Joe be this year.. this one?" etc.. and I was like.. "Does he REALLY want to be a fly swatter/chocolate chip cookie/flag pole? I wouldn't have thought of 'making' Jameson wear something I chose.." and BAM: shitstorm. I have let Jameson choose (other than his first one) but I've given him (so far) the choice between a few that I'm ok with.  He was saying he wanted to be batman for a while which made me cringe, but he settled on a lion this year.  I'm sure next year we'll dive into commercialism.
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  • babablacksheepbabablacksheep
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    My kids choose what they want to be.
  • serenitynowserenitynow
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    i  let mine start picking when they were 2 almost 3. my girls are 6 & 7 so i just tell them that they can pick but i have to approve it
  • SaraMommySaraMommy
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    I gave my 23 month old a few choices when we went to the store and he picked out a monkey! he loved it! He would just look in the mirror and laugh! And now after seeing other kids dressed up, he keeps saying he wants to be Spiderman! I guess next year he will really get a say in the matter! I will let him have options, but I won't buy anything that isn't appropriate for his age or that he has no clue what it is.
  • CrashCrash
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    I picked out my kids' costumes when they were younger, as in playschool and kindergarten age, but I'd try really hard to convince them of what I wanted them to be! Lol. Which is pretty much why they always won the school costume contests in K, and grade 1. And then they started to pick their own. 

    You can totally tell whose parents picked out which kids' costumes....some of them are fiendishly clever.
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  • theprincessmommytheprincessmommy
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    The pick, I miss them being little so I can be nerdy Oldest went as a hobbit for his first halloween (made it my self I was so damn proud) and second went as vader for his first. This year we have PercyJackson and Iron man
  • piratej101321piratej101321
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    Mine can choose, but with a few restrictions... I do not buy costumes so if they cannot find something in the box then I will make it but it does have to be approved ;-) I have made many... Sally from the nightmare before Christmas, Pirate Princess, Duff man (Older Son 21) Pirate, Witch, this year DD11 is a Pirate and DD5 is Frankie stein from Monster High
  • mommy2brooklynmommy2brooklyn
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    My daughter just turned 1 a few weeks ago so we're still picking her costume (last year at 2 weeks she was a mermaid and this year she'll be Wonder Woman). Next year, if she has an opinion I'll let her pick. If not, I guess I'll choose one more time. I think it's fun to let them choose and let their personality shine through! Of course if she chose something one day that was too slutty, too vulgar/disgusting, etc. then I would say no.
  • FireAngel334FireAngel334
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    My DDs 10 & 12, have been picking their own costumes since they were 2...LOL. It's sad but I have no say...only in making sure its age appropriate and tasteful. 
  • missmama5missmama5
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    Conor has always picked his own costume within price reason.
  • Tacoflower1218Tacoflower1218
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    I let my DD8 choose her own.  Last year she wanted to be Poison Ivy, which i thought was awesome (her dad is into the superheros), so i started looking online for costume ideas.  didn't get very far bc not even 2 weeks later she went with her grandma and picked up some generic mermaid costume.  this year, she's a witch.  i see no point in having 2 or 3 different costumes that she's only going to wear for a couple of hours but it can be frustrating when her grandma (her dad's mom) influences her to change her mind.
  • MegsueMegsue
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    I picked DS3's costume for the first three years. This year he picked his own. He changed his mind a million times, so at around 7pm on the 30th we went to the store to pick one out. The whole ride, he said he wanted to be a firefighter. When we got there and were walking down the isle to grab the firefighter costume, he spotted a SWAT team costume, and that's what he ended up being.
  • iritnusiritnus
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    I made my child's costumes for the first few years of her life. This year we bought one at the store: Cleopatra.
    Then the Frankenstorm dropped 3 feet of snow on my town and we didn't get to go trick-or-treating.
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  • km.mamma
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    My six year old picked the hulk and my 4 year old was iron man all there own doing!its there day so i think they should be wht they want
  • jetty
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    The first few years I got to make my son cute little animal costumes. Then he turned 4 and wanted to be a werewolf, at 5 he was darth vader and this year he was wolverine. I miss cute costumes, lol
  • january
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    My kids were a cat and a pirate!
  • jaydensmom09
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    I let my 3 yr old pick. At a yr old he was a monkey, 2 yrs old he was a ninja, last yr he picked woody from toy story :)
  • momofdbbmomofdbb
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    DS has decided on his for this year already !! Of course he has chosen a My Little Pony. Lol. At least it's a boy , umm I think. It's a Shadow Bolt !
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  • sickandtiredofit
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    I have done that in the past.  My youngest daughter gets really upset, she wants to pick her own out.  My middle daughter use to try and pick the ugliest out.  Thank goodness she has grown out of that.  With  my bunch, I just let them pick it out.
  • BellaBefanaBellaBefana
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    Joint effort here, since last year. I was able to talk mine into what I wanted her to be this year because the size 4 costume is cuter than the slightly different bigger ones, so she's going to be an angel. It arrived a day or so ago, and it's freaking ADORABLE. Can't wait to see her in it.

    Great place for costumes is even adult ones, but they aren't cheap.
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  • tothemoonandbacktothemoonandback
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    So far I've let him choose out of a few things I've already chosen.. this year however he was bound and determined to be a transformer, but luckily we found a super cute dog costume that he loves so I get ONE last year for a "cute" costume before commercialism takes control.
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  • Katescrazymom
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    Dd and ds were both Jack O'Lanterns their first Halloween, then dd was a butterfly. I gave her a choice between a few the next year, she picked monkey, and last year she was Rapunzel.
    Last year ds was an elephant, because I didn't think to make him a chameleon in time to modify a costume to go with Rapunzel.
    This year we were shopping, and she liked lots of costumes. Most are light and short sleeved. Um, it's often verging on winter coat weather for Halloween! We picked up a lovely princess dress & cape. She has tiaras. Ds is going to be a knight. He likes Mike the Knight, so it's good. Hopefully he doesn't get too crazy with the sword.
    Dd also considered Merida from Brave. I could have dressed ds as a bear, he would have loved 'roar'ing at people.
    Maybe he'll be the monkey next year!
  • eappleeapple
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    Lily wants to be a horse and I want her to be a witch.... Horse costumes are over $55!
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  • leopardmama
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    @eapple, I forget how old your dd is, but check amazon.... Here are a couple options, but see what you can find, they are a lot cheaper on there... Or consider renting for the weekend?
  • QueseraseraQueserasera
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    I scope eBay for whatever they want- if it's within price range and appropriate- whatever. And warm. Has to be warm. Or fit a winter jacket under it. I'm not too crafty but I made a pumpkin hat for DS's costume last year. He wants to be Spider-Man. Ugh but whatever.
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  • leopardmama
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    Older dd gets to pick, last year we gave her a smaller choice of options.... Basically last minute sale rack at Walmart ;). Then I found a coordinating costume for younger dd at goodwill.

    This year I've been asking older dd what she wants to be.... And then we are coordinating with friends and their little boy for trick or treating :) him and younger dd are still young enough to not care.... :)
  • MarySunshineMarySunshine
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    Big Beastie wants to be a ghost. That'll be easy enough. A yard or so of white fabric, eye holes, a couple of seams, black pants and long sleeve/t underneath. Lil Beastie is still small enough to haven't say, so he's going to be a minion. Which I should get crackin on. I have to find overalls and a yellow shirt/turtle neck. And make the hat...
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  • BellaBefanaBellaBefana
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    Amazon I'd definitely a great costume source.
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  • _ConcreteAngel__ConcreteAngel_
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    Halloween is the only time I wish I had kids. I love halloween, and having a kid would give me the excuse I need to spend money on a costume,get halloween candy,and go trick or treating. As I feel that I am way too old to go by myself at 29. 
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  • BunnyBunny
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    My ds 8 has picked his own for a while now, forget when I stopped picking for him but this year he wants to be Iron Man. My dd 18 months is going to be a ballerina sock monkey, and since that costume is not in stock anywhere i'm just getting a regular sock monkey costume, sewing a pink tutu on it and adding some ribbon around the feet and putting a pink bow on the head piece.
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  • RuralRebellionRuralRebellion
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    DD will be 2 and 4 months for this Halloween, and I wanted her to pick on her own this year, but she says yes to everything I suggest.  She knows what Halloween is, her favourite episode of Bubble Guppies is the haunted house one.  I'm teaching her to say "trick or treat" since this will be her first year going out.  But it looks like I might have to pick for her, because she will be anything suggested or seen.  I'm thinking I'll make her a CatBug costume, her favourite character.
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  • QueseraseraQueserasera
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    @ruralrebellion enjoy that while it lasts lol! Cute!
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  • leopardmama
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    @RuralRebellion.... Take her to the store, give her 2choices at a time.... That's how we got dd to pick last year. She told us when she was sure ;)
  • Nightshift_mommyNightshift_mommy
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    My dds 4&2 pick their own. dd2 wants to be scooby doo and dd4 a superhero bat girl or supergirl not sure yet.