My Halloween. Yours?
  • twiztedmamatwiztedmama
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    So last night was a blast! Walking around 29 weeks preggo was a bit difficult but oh so worth it. Had a soldier and a crypt master walking with me and they both got a lot of candy. That means more they can share with me. :) This was my costume. What do you think? And what were you? I can't wait til next year cuz I love dressing up! I want to go all out but I feel like I should start planning now. Lol!

  • 2isenuff84
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    Cute! My husband and I took our two kids trick or treating. It was alot of fun. One was a knight and the other was a witch. I was a witch too and my husband was a ghoul. First time we've ever dressed up with the kids. Kinda glad its over though. Im ready to decorate for Christmas! lol
  • sweetestsparrowsweetestsparrow
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    Ours was good.  It was me ( I went as a Naughty Nurse to work - yes, I did - with skinny jeans on) and then later took my kids ( a cat and Iron Man).  My DS5 was exhausted by 7:15pm and said - Mommy, can we go home now?!  Of course DD7 wasn't having it.  TorT for another 15 mins and then they were both ready to come home.  They did pretty well.  
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    Little man didnt go trick or treating. Not many people around here give out candy and i didnt want him to be dissapointed. But my step dads job has something for the kids every year and his daycare had a paety so he got to dress up and have fun!
  • ProudPalsyMamma
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    @Twiztedmama what is sticking out of your shirt?
  • twiztedmamatwiztedmama
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    @ProudPalsyMamma It's a chestbursting alien from the Alien movies.
  • ProudPalsyMamma
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    Ahh ok that's what I thought but I wanted to make sure lol
  • RedTiger
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    I teamed up with my sister and we took the kids to a more well-to-do subdivision since not many people in our neighborhoods give out candy anymore. It really paid off because they were people in that neighborhood that really got into the spirit and gave out tons of good candy. I had been worried that it was gonna be too cold to take the little ones but we started early and beat the cold. Had a blast!
  • jfletch1719
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    We had a GREAT time!!!! My DD was ET!!! It was lots of fun.