What was your favorite class?
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    I've gone to a LOT of college classes in my educational career.. some of my favorites were random electives or General Ed credits that had absolutely nothing to do with my degrees.

    What were some of your favorites?  Or what class would you LIKE to take?

    Mine were:
    Research statistics (no idea why I loved it so much..)
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  • lefty63
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    My college career was so long that I don't remember half of them, but psychology was fun.  I liked the career development course too. 

  • PrimalbitchPrimalbitch
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    Economics. Macro I think? I don't remember which it was. One I loathed and the other I just loved.
  • Chocoholic
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    Alternatives to Violence- a sociology class. Changed my entire life.
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  • KellynnKellynn
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    Probably any of the sociology classes I took.
  • bombkittybombkitty
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    Abnormal psych and World Religions.  
  • squishsquish
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    Myth and folklore in the modern world (basically a class all about Star Wars)

    Politics of sexual violence
  • MarySunshineMarySunshine
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    My favorites (I have a few...6 years and two degrees):
    History of India
    The Vietnam War
    Celtic Myth and Lit
    It was the bane of my existence, but I loved my Senior Thesis class.
    Anything Prof. Lubenow taught...smart, quirky man. ("Potatoes are the reason parents love their children." "[The Danes] are only good for pornography and cheese." "Jesus had no testicles." "That home-wrecker, Mrs. Parker-Bowles...")
    Ed Psych
    Technology for Educators

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  • LoveLove
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    Business Law - My professor was a HOOT and I loved that class! (Think Andy Griffith in Matlock)

    Astronomy - Because it was a night lab class, and Ole Miss has a fabulous view of the sky from our observatory. And...well....it's a party school. So night classes were um FUN lol and we had a T.A. for lab. And he was hot LOL

    and strangely, my freshman year's College Algebra. I had a phenomenal Algebra teacher in high school, and going into College Algebra in actual college, I was a little scared. But it was like CAKE, because my high school algebra teacher had been so wonderful, and my college Algebra teacher was SO funny and engaging and just awesome. That was my favorite class that semester.

    Principles of Accounting II - I actually took this class twice. It was an 8 am class the first time around, and I am NOT a morning person, and after the first 2 weeks, I knew it wasn't going to work LOL But I persevered, and then something happened, and our teacher quit! And the guy they got to replace her SUCKED ASS as a teacher. He'd just throw shit up on the projector and we were suppose to write it down and THAT WAS IT. No teaching at all. He rarely even spoke. I ended that class with a C, and I found that unacceptable (since my major was accounting LOL), so I retook the same class the next semester. And they had replaced him with the actual department head for that class, while they were looking for a new teacher for that class. And SHE was FANTASTIC. Such a great teacher! She made it all click, for EVERYONE in class. She was a great mentor too, for those of us seriously pursuing a career in the field. HAIL TO THEE Tara Sudderth !


  • DemandaDemanda
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    In culinary school it was Wine Lab and Mixology. We drank! Also Bake Lab. We baked! Good times.

    My school now - 20th Century Gender History, History of American Pop Culture, Childrens Literature, and a course on the 1837 Rebellions. I'm currently TA'ing a brand new course on the History of Sex and Sexuality and I'm loving that! Totally would've taken it for my BA if it was offered, so I was pretty stoked to get that position. I get to go to lecture and don't have to write papers or exams...win win haha. It's seriously my new favourite class.
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  • Kenb
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    I have a degree in psychology and my favorite class was philosphy!
  • PurpleFlowersPurpleFlowers
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    Medical terminology, English
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  • Any of my history classes with one particular professor. He was an awesome teacher.
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  • CrashCrash
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    History in general. Astronomy. English.
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  • PrincessPeach
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    Two literature classes that I took (and not even close to my major); they were exhausting and exciting at the same time.
    One was women in literature and the other was old British literature. Great instructors.
  • deviantqueendeviantqueen
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    Mass communications and the public. The teacher was sarcastic and pretty sure a functioning drunk, she always smelled like Jack Daniels but she was awesome.
  • yvonnehutch
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    Anything Scientific
  • AAA08
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    I spent two years at a "hippie" liberal arts college called Evergreen where everything was interdisciplinary, writing/reading intensive and we didn't have traditional grades. I have never learned more and I will carry that two years with me forever. I couldn't afford it for long, but every single class there was life changing.
  • GritsGrits
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    World Lit and Political Science...both had amazing professors. IMHO, that makes all the difference.
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  • pennypenny
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    For pure fun, it doesn't get better than the horror film class I took. 4 hours of night class, each week ending after watching a scary movie and walking back to my car in the dark. Good times.

    Major-related fun class would have to be food chemistry. As a chem major I was comfortable with the science aspects, and it was really cool to study the browning of baking bread. That lab smelled delicious!
  • WebosMama
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    Foreign policy, I knew nothing about the subject until then and I could not get enough. Why the hell did I get an accounting degree
  • meandmy243meandmy243
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    Argumentive English was my favorite.
    I also liked:
    Art music and movement curriculum for birth to age 6
    lyceum series
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  • unforgivenunforgiven
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    Art history.


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  • deviltwinsmommadeviltwinsmomma
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    Dramaaaaaaa >-)
    And abnormal psychology
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  • iritnusiritnus
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    One of my most memorable was a survey course in German mythology/folklore
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  • TheHeadacheslayer
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    My daughter will be taking neuropsych!! Cool :)

    I LOVED taking Shakespeare (and he started the Orlando/UCF Shakespeare Festival) I honestly want to go back, get my masters and possibly my doctorate in Shakespeare. Just because. (Othello is my favorite play BTW and my daughter's name was created by Shakespeare)

    I took pottery my last semester--I could have graduated a semester early but I had scholarship money so why not? And yes part of it was due to my love of Ghost lol. LOVED that class. Still have some of the pottery!

    WISH I had gone with my original dream and gone into theatre. I also loved the Technical writing course I took, would have liked more of that and wish I had taken Journalism.

    I had an opportunity to go abroad and study at Cambridge but I knew my parents would never allow it. Plus DH (then BF) was here. Stupid stupid stupid.

    I wish I had taken Marine biology, archaeology, vocal lessons.
    Now.....pop culture classes like the Philosophy of Buffy/HouseMD/Big Bang Theory would be awesome (I have the books).

    Music therapy sounds like a fascinating degree, would love that.

    Also considering going back to get a degree in Southern Lit/American lit/possibly Masters in them.
    More art. So that I could do more than animation.

    There's an incredible animal handler program in California (written about in Kicked, Bitten & Scratched)...wow.

    Also photography. And Cake Decorating/food art.

    Um yeah I might just be hooked on learning LOLOLOL
  • jetty
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    Any of the english classes. <3
  • kmetz44kmetz44
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    Industrial Psychology....I took it as a Sophmore...I had to beg the professor to let me in since it was meant to be one of the last classes...it was fascinating.

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  • ToothfairyToothfairy
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    Anatomy & Physiology and Psychology
  • lilolmelilolme
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    Human anatomy and physiology.