School issued Ipads...yay or nay?
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    My DS12 has a school issued Ipad that comes home with him, supposedly for homework, yet he never has homework to do on it.(This is the 1st year for them in the school district.) It's become a pain in the butt because he's always on it. What does everyone think about them?
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    Kinda scares me.  We have to replace a book if it gets lost...would not want to replace an Ipad...
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    Oh jeez @sidsmommy3 I didn't even think of that! DD8 uses them at school (I think there's 2 per class?) and of course she now "NEEDS" one lol But I did find out through some digging that most of the time they're using them during free time and playing Angry Birds.

    To answer the original question, I think it's good in theory, but realistically kids are going to play games/ drop them/ lose them/ spend entirely too much time on them. I do approve of integrating technology as much as possible, but I don't know that 12 year olds should have that much access to an iPad...

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    I don't like the idea at all! They started issuing them this year in another district and dh and I both thought wtf? Why are our tax dollars going to pay for brand new $600+ iPads for every high school kid?

    They are also issued to the kids and become that kids property for as long as the kid is in school and they keep them after graduating or dropping out.

    They parents have to replace it if it is lost, stolen, broken etc. before they are out of school though.
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    It's like $100 the 1st time it's damaged or full price if it's lost, I believe. The school district has 1 for every 4 kindergarteners, 1 per student (I think) in the rest of the grades, but only 6-12 are allowed to bring them home. Next year, I will have 2 that are brought home.  X(
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    And today on the local news they reported that a 16 yo from the same school district was robbed at gunpoint of his and shot in the abdomen because he tried to chase the suspect.  :-O
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    Yeah....more trouble than it is worth I think.

    My daughter has a tablet (8th grade - my sister and brother in law gave us both one for taking care of my sister after knee surgery) and some teachers don't like them to use is during DEAR (free reading time) because they can access the net.

    Maybe I don't mind living in a rural place that much.  
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    Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.
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    My son sometimes walks to a youth center after school and since the news has reported that I'm afraid there will be more robberies and kids walking from school will be easy targets. 
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    Geez my best friend and I were just have this conversation as she teaches grade six and was telling me how she's integrated technology into her teaching and assigns homework that way. There's only 2 kids in her class that don't have access to computers so they are the only 2 that get paper homework.
    I told her I'm not a huge fan of it and quite frankly scares me a little because of a) robbery b) addiction to technology and c) relying way too much on computers to do the thinking for them.
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    Way more trouble than it's worth. Same as issuing kids lap tops. I'll pass. They'll either get lost, broken or stolen, and it will be on me to replace it. Not happening.
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    I wish we could opt out of it. :/
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    Our schools have BYOT (bring your own technology) days. They're allowed to bring iPads, iPods, or smart phones on certain days, announced in advance. Kids that don't bring a device are paired with those that do for lessons involving the technology. I think that integrating the technology into lessons is a good idea. However, the district has no plan for what to do if the devices that kids bring from home are lost or stolen. DD12 has an iPad because she got straight As all last year, but I won't let her take it to school. She has ADHD and won't be able to keep up with it. DS10 has an iPod, but he also has ADHD so I don't let him take it to school either.

    I think letting kids have access to the technology is a great idea, but you have to make sure it's accessible to all and doesn't put the kids in danger. I also think the schools have to make sure that internet access is limited for all students to appropriate sites.

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    I'm a teacher. Our school (it's 7th-8th) has 30 iPads for our entire school. Teachers may check them out for students to use during class, but students are not allowed to take them home. I can not imagine allowing kids to take home a device that's $500-600! Craziness!!! Now, some textbooks are online only / kindle only at school so I can see where they would need them during school (plus a mobile computer lab is cool - we only have 3 computer labs at our school and they're ALWAYS full), but again - why on earth would they send them home???
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    I have equal pros and cons I guess
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    They are trying to find some grant money to get my ds 12 a laptop and I hope they can !! He works so much better on laptops/ Ipads/ipods than actually doing it by hand. Yes I would have to keep a close eye on him so de does stay on task but minor issue there. 
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    I think its okay if the parents give consent first. It isn't fair to force that kind of responsibility on a parent. Its fragile tech that can be broken fairly easily. If a parent has an accident prone child.... how stressed are they going to be while the kid has the Ipad?
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    I have the same issue where my dd goes to school they let the kids bring home the new apple laptop and I had to go the school an yell them she was not aloud to bring tht home we have our own apple touch screen PC not need theirs and I am not going to pay to replace that and they made me sign a paper so maybe u can go to the school an talk to them
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    The district has 14 schools, I believe, and just recently closed and combined a few schools, because of monetary issues, and then they decided to do this. That's a lot of money and we're not a "rich" district. I see parents on FB complaining all the time! I see kids with them everywhere we go, stores, restaurants, etc. I just don't like it. :(
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    I am not sold on the technology at school thing. Ours didn't get iPads, thank god.

    Last year the school would confiscate the phones/iPods/laptops if they took them out in class and call the parents. Fine with me, we told them phone at school is only for us to reach them, not for fucking around on during class.

    THIS year, they got to register their phones/iPods/laptops with the school (which meant getting a sticker put on them) and they can use them all day. For "educational" purposes only, of course. Crap, I say.

    I don't think the curriculum has evolved nearly enough to incorporate technology by bits and pieces. Plus I don't think kids should be encouraged to fly their electronics at school - I agree with the theft comments, we all know kids who have gotten their shit stolen.

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    I believe in balance! Kids need to learn the new technology things, BUT also need to remember old fashion learning as well!!