Pyure Review! :D :D
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    Okay so I got it today and immediately made tea for Dh and I so there were two separate opinions for the review. 

    In tea it is just perfect as a sugar replacement.  We detected no aftertaste and it was sweet like sugar.  The coffee was the same, no aftertaste and nice and sweet.  One package of Pyure is equal to 2 tsp of sugar, so one is perfect for our coffee and tea needs.

    Next I did some baking with the baking sugar.  The baking stuff is equal to 1/2 cup Pyure to 1 cup sugar, although you need to add more eggs or baking powder and more liquids.  But overall it is very easy to use.  There is no smell to it, which is odd when you are expecting the sugar smell.  Oh and don't breathe through your mouth or else you will breathe it in, which is really weird to have your mouth go sweet lol.  It looks like and behaves like very light snow.  I wouldn't suggest using a blender or hand blender with it as it flies and again sweet mouth... You would do well to mix by hand.  It mixes well with butter, shortening and liquids.  It cuts in well to other sugars, flours, and dry ingredients but slow mixing is necessary.

    I did a chocolate chip cookies as it is a regular recipe and we know how it tastes and the regular consistency.  The mixing was easy and same as normal.  The baking time was the same although the bag says to cut down batch size and baking time for things like cake and brownies and stuff. 

    As women we all want to know how the dough tasted and I can say it tasted good!  Dh agreed.  The dough tasted like the cookie dough from when we were little and it wasn't so sweet, when the chips were the sweet part of the cookie.

    The cookies once baked were really good, they weren't too sweet or heavy.  They baked up nicely and looked like they were supposed to.  Yum!

    I think this could be used during sex, it looks and acts like snow which would be fun to play with.

    Also if you drink Diet coke directly after having uncooked Pyure it takes like butt...lesson learned :P

    Although I will add more reviews as I cook with it more I will add more input but as of now....We fully approve of it in everything and would most definitely buy this brand. :D

    FYI It is safe for diabetics (Dh is) but be forewarned if you are insulin dependent it can cause a large sugar drop so you would have to monitor frequently if you plan on using this on a regular basis (like everyday)
  • irishlassirishlass
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    Is it like icing sugar? Sounds fun! 
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  • chaosmomchaosmom
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    Seriously no aftertaste with coffee?? Because that is what has turned me off from using Splenda & Stevia.

    And is the stuff in the packets different from the baking sugar?
  • Thefinder
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    It looks like flaky light sugar @irishlass

    No aftertaste at all @Chaosmom.  It isn't different but the baking comes in a large bag but the coffee stuff comes in individual packets like sugar or sweet'n'low
  • Dragonbabyx3Dragonbabyx3
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    What kind of "sugar" is it?  I am allergic to the sugar substitutes in things like diet sodas and crystal light...  Anything like that?  I really want to try it!!!  Have you tried it in sweet tea?!  
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    It's organic Stevia @Dragonbabyx3  It is a natural sweetener, there is no chemicals in it.
    If someone could tell me how to make sweet tea I would give it a up here in the great white north doesn't know how to make it  :-S
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    @Thefinder Sweet tea is pretty easy to make.  Take black tea or english tea bags...  I usually use 5 for a 1 gallon pitcher. Add water brew like you would normally Then add about a cup or 2 of sugar! mix it all together! poor yourself a nice big glass and enjoy! 

    I wrote Pyure and asked for a coupon or for a sample to see if it would produce a reaction... so maybe we will get lucky and I will see if they will send a sample out so I can try it!
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    I'll send you some @Dragonbabyx3 if they don't.  I got 2 boxes of 40 sugar packet like size things and that is a lot to go through when I only use 1 per coffee or tea.  PM me if you want me too

    And I will try making sweet tea tonight :D
  • Dragonbabyx3Dragonbabyx3
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    @Thefinder awesome! Sounds good! I will go ahead and PM you- I am not really counting on them sending me a sample LOL! 
  • ScaryMommyScaryMommy
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    Awesome review @thefinder. Thank you!!
  • meandmy243meandmy243
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    @dragonbabyx3 I can use this and I am very allergic to artificial sugars like reaction in less than 5 mins from ingestion... I can't chew most chewing gums... I've never had a reaction to stevia... crystal lite also has a stevia option now and vitamin water zero and sobe lifewater zero use stevia.
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    YAY @thefinder - so glad you enjoyed this stuff. It seems like everyone so far has really liked it. This makes me so happy that it worked out. And chocolate chip cookies.....nom nom nom 


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    I used it for PB cookies...mmm cookie swap? If we use pyure we can eat however many we want, right? Don't tell me any different cause I may have eaten at least 10 of the ones I made...
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    COOKIE SWAP!! @mommydelirious such a good idea!!