Week 8 Thriving (Not Just Surviving) During the Holidays
  • KorenKoren
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    Halloween has passed and the election is over.  Next up…the holidays. 

    I love the holidays – family, friends and amazing food.  But with it comes a lot of pressure, mostly related to traveling, finances, wellness and being social.  Here are some tips to help you navigate through some of it.

    Travel Tips

    Many of you will travel to Grandma’s or Aunt Ruth’s during the next few weeks.  Traveling, whether for pleasure or for work, challenges even the most dedicated health nut.  Here are my key survival tips:

    Book a hotel with a gym – do your research before you book your hotel.  Pick one with a fitness center so that you can squeeze in your workouts in between visits and meetings. 

    Walk – try to book a hotel within walking distance to where you need to be.  Walk whenever possible.  After big meals (Turkey Day), take walks with the family to help digest.  My family adopted this tradition and I love it. 

    Bring healthy snacks – have a day’s worth of flying ahead of you?  Be sure to pack some healthy snacks.  Not only will this save you money at the airport, you won’t be tempted by the Cinnabon counter.  I typically pack nuts, fruit (dried and fresh), energy bars and protein powder. 

    Get right back on track – when you get back home, get right back to healthy eating and working out.  Although you might feel a little (or maybe a lot) bloated from your trip’s indulgences, if you eat cleanly and work up a daily sweat, you will feel better within a few days.  After a week, you’ll be right back where you started before your trip. 


    Holiday Tips

    I absolutely love Thanksgiving.  It is my favorite holiday, followed only by Christmas.  I used to stress over weight gain during the holidays, but no more.   Now I focus on moderation and savoring what I do choose to indulge in. Check out my holiday tips:

    Choose wisely – Note the first word – choose.  You have choices.  You do NOT have to eat your Mom’s pumpkin pie if you hate pumpkin pie.  Indulge only in foods you LOVE.  Don’t waste calories (or precious room) on foods you don’t truly miss the rest of the year.  Have mashed potatoes every Friday?  Then why bother with them on Thanksgiving?  Save room for pie or stuffing – foods you can’t get every day.

    Don’t make it an all day thing – Pick one meal to splurge on, not the entire day…especially when you have a number of days stringing together.  Focus on having a healthy breakfast if you know that your dinner is going to be amazing. 

    Be party savvy – First, don’t stand near the buffet.  That is only asking for trouble.  Also, give yourself one plate of food and fill it up, but do not go back for seconds.  You can even have a snack (apple, handful of nuts) before you go.  Arriving at a party hungry is a recipe for overeating.  

    Ditch the leftovers – I avoid leftovers after holiday meals.  It is one thing to indulge in a special day.  It is another thing to stretch it out into an entire week of debauchery. 

    Use the 3-bite rule – I got this one from my Mom.  She loved dessert and always ordered it…but she would only take 3 bites of any sweet.  She had a theory that your cravings were satisfied with 3 bites and that bites 4 and beyond only made you fuller, not more satisfied  The real joy and flavor is in those first three bites.

    Create healthy rituals – Like my post-Thanksgiving dinner family walk mentioned above, try to start some traditions that are not food or indulgence focused.  Go shopping on Black Friday and walk off some of that gravy and pecan pie.  Sign up for a charity run with your family.

    Enjoy your food traditions – this time of year is full of family recipes and traditions.  This is what food is all about – bringing us together.  I make my Aunt Milly’s cinnamon rolls every Christmas, going to the effort to make them from scratch.  My family loves them.  I only have one (okay, two) on Christmas morning and slather (and I mean SLATHER) it with butter.  I find true joy in the entire experience.   Find your joy and revel in it.   


    Week 8:  Action 1

    Post and tell me which of the tips above you’re going to try.  Also, share your tips for navigating through the holidays.

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  • Dragonbabyx3Dragonbabyx3
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    I am going to try taking a walk after Thanksgiving... I think that is an excellent idea... It should also help with the bloatyness as well!  We also tend to get everyone outside and kick a ball around!  It's alot of fun!
  • irishlassirishlass
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    I am NOT up for ditching leftovers!! That's a sin!!!

    Walking after eating is good though!
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  • GritsGrits
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    irishlass said:

    I am NOT up for ditching leftovers!! That's a sin!!!

    Walking after eating is good though!

    Right?? No way could I toss out that much food that was perfectly edible. I might as well set my money on fire. But I love the walk idea, and there's actually a playground very near where we hold our dinner, so it would be a double good if the kids are worn out and I get some exercise.
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  • MarySunshineMarySunshine
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    This will sounds strange, but I find when I cook or bake anything I don't have much desire to eat it afterwards, well at least for a day or two anyways.

    I'm going to try the three bite method with dessert. Is it ok to take just enough to be three bites? I get that "It's wasteful to not eat it all" thing going on in my head, especially with dessert.

    Hey, hey! Ho, ho! Leftovers will not go! LOL I do love Thanksgiving left over sandwiches for lunch. But I usually do a light dinner if I have one of those.

    We have a wedding that weekend! I'll be shaking my tail feathers on the dance floor!
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  • km.mamma
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    Im going to do the thanksgiving walk!
  • GisleyandHank
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    We've started a tradition of making Thanksgiving just for our family. Less drama, and just a turkey breast instead of the whole bird. It also allowed me to do some less-traditional sides without complaints from extended family. I do mashed potatoes because DH said he can't give that up, but all the other sides are vegetables.

    I love to walk and I'll take any excuse.

  • Mommyof5
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    Three bites huh. I never noticed that. Ill have to try that out.
  • cassiemaude
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    I do the three bite thing. But I do it before I eat my meal, that way I know I'll have room for it.
  • ScaryMommyScaryMommy
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    I love these tips, especially the savoring special foods one. For me? That's stuffing and pecan pie - both once a year treats. Yum.
  • KorenKoren
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    @Grits and @IrishLass -- I'm not suggesting throwing away food.  Ditch, meaning avoid :)  Let the kids have the leftovers.  Give tupperware full of leftovers to guests to take home.  And try not to cook so much that you have food that you feel that you have to eat to not be wasteful.  
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  • KorenKoren
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    I love to walk and I'll take any excuse.

    Me too!  I call it "free exercise" :)
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  • sunnymommasunnymomma
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    3 bites of dessert?? only 3???  :((  ok but my bites are gonna be huge!!!! hahaha I can only eat one plateful of food, always walk around after turkey day dinner with my cousins, I only ever eat the food that I never get unless its thanksgiving!! Leftovers?? what are those? 
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  • irishlassirishlass
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    Ahh okay :) I'm not sure I could avoid the turkey and stuffing sandwiches though... The next day for lunch?

    3 bites is an awesome idea, especially because I'm always too full for dessert and I squeeze it in!
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    Here we have a "Turkey Trot" 5k early Thanksgiving morning! A good run or a good morning exercise can help jump start your metabolism for the rest of the day so by the time you actually eat Thanksgiving dinner, you're still burning calories!


  • Instead of taking just walk, I am going to do a local event that is called The Turkey Drum walk. SO I will have no excuse to not exercise because I paid to attend. I am trying to get others to do it as well.
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  • january
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    I think that is great everyone is going to do. I want to give back
  • undercoverbanana
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    How many calories do you burn ducktaping unliked relatives into a chair and knocking the living shit out of them with empty wine bottles? will I burn off enough calories to justify a bottle of piniot grigio?
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  • undercoverbanana
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    Kidding..........sort of.........
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  • Kitty69Kitty69
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    I am going to "choose" wisely, I think it is a great idea to skip the mashed potatoes, since we have them often enough, let everyone else eat them. I also will be walking that day and hopefully getting family to do the same. I am definitely gonna try the 3 bite thing, for my entire meal, not just dessert
  • organicbabyorganicbaby
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    I will walk during thanksgiving dinner since my family does not celebrate it. At least I will not have to see relatives I want to ducktape to the chair...
  • kanorman
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    Having leftovers is the best part after Thanksgiving too.  Then you don't have to cook for a couple of days!
  • undercoverbanana
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    I found out pretty much everything that is creamy sucks when you use low fat milk, but using mainly chicken broth with a tiny splash of heavy cream Or a dollop of sour cream cuts down on a lot of calories, and still gives the food that silky fatty taste. Especially potatoes and casseroles.so I use a tiny bit of real butter, and a tiny bit of heavy cream, but most of the liquid is chicken broth.
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  • VegantasticVegantastic
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    I'm embarrassed to be the only one mentioning it lol but I'm going to do the "don't make it an all day thing". I have a bad habit of figuring "well, this day is shot" and over indulging all day. I will eat a healthy light breakfast on thanksgiving and save the calories for supper.
    *I make my pumpkin pie with tofu and no eggs, so I'm eating a whole piece guilt free lol
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  • BellaBefanaBellaBefana
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    I'm a walker, so I'll be keeping that up, plus, I have a neighbor that's a snowbird and he brought his horses down a couple of weeks ago then had to go back up to Idaho, so I've been walking over and feeding them twice a day.

    Except for the copius amounts of benedryl I've needed, that's been good exercise for me.

    I must admit, I'm not really an over-indulger during the holidays, especially since I stopped working in an E.R. and had every doctor's office in town sending baskets of goodies to us.  I don't like feeling uncomfortable after a meal...hmmm, maybe I'll make sure to wear my "snug" jeans for dinner?

    I'm also really good about only making what I like to eat, so T'giving dinner is actually a pretty healthy one for us, and it will just be dd and me again this year.  Christmas, however, is another story.  I want to make my Nonna's cookies this year, and I love almost every one of them, so of course I'm gonna eat a few in addition to sending them out to the neighbors.  Oh, and cannoli...gotta make cannoli this year!
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  • PenguinsMommaPenguinsMomma
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    hmmm the after dinner walk sounds like a great idea!  Might even get little man to sleep.

    Thanksgiving is only going to e my brother, ds, and me this year.  So there will only be cooking of favorite foods.  and not a whole lot of them.  though, there will be pumpkin cheesecake tartlets.  Little itty bitty ones. They're only about 4 bites anyway!