$2500 peepee
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    Ashley Warden, Oklahoma Mom, Gets $2,500 Public Urination Ticket After Toddler Pees In Yard (VIDEO)

    An Oklahoma toddler who was potty training thought he was doing the right thing when he pulled down his pants in his front yard.

    But Dillan's well-intentioned act may cost his mom thousands of dollars, after it earned her an expensive public urination ticket from a passing Piedmont police officer.

    Despite the objections of Dillan's mother, Ashley Warden, and grandmother Jennifer Warden, who actually owns the house, the officer wrote the family a massive $2,500 ticket, News 9 reports.

    "I said really, he is three years old, and he said it doesn't matter. It is public urination. I said we are on our property and he said it's in public view," Jennifer Warden told the station.

    The family plans on fighting the ticket, since the police officer stopped Dillan before he could finish peeing.

    A court appearance is set for December. "For $2,500 we all should be able to pee all over our whole yard," Warden said.

    In September, a Philadelphia mom was similarly outraged when her 2-year-old son Nathaniel peed on a traffic light pole and was it with a $50 ticket.

    “It’s not about the $50,” Nathaniel's mom, Caroline Robboy, told NBC10. “I want a place that feels friendly to me where my children feel safe and have positive experiences with police officers.”

    Parents quickly rallied to Robboy's defense.

    "I wouldn't encourage my son to [pee in public] except in an emergency, but there were plenty of times that we had no other choice than to go in a corner of a parking garage or at a park," CafeMom blogger Julie Ryan Evans wrote. "It happens."

    Parents were less supportive, however, of a mother who allowed her two small children to use a portable potty in the middle of a Utah restaurant.

    The incident, which was caught on camera, outraged many parents who felt the mother was setting a bad example. "Children are not animals - they are small versions of you!" one commenter wrote.

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    OMG Seriously!? I hope Karma gets that officer with something really really laughable!
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    I don't know, if he is that bored he could be tracking down deadbeat daddies and mommies?
    A broken heart is a rite of passage and, looking back, I must have wanted one pretty badly. "Kick me," I demanded, and when somebody finally did, I burst like a cheap piñata. - DAVID SEDARIS
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    And cops wonder why people hate them...
    We've only ever had one bathroom, I've sent my son outside when it was an apparent emergency. I never really considered that it could be considered a crime.  Oops.  
    But seriously, though... who the hell was videotaping this?  That's more concerning to me than letting a little boy take a wiz on the grass on his own property.

    Eta - ok, I read it wrong, I think.  The one caught on camera was in the restaurant?  

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    That is insane !!! Now peeing on a busy street should be discouraged but the kid is 3 years old and he was in his yard.
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    . "For $2,500 we all should be able to pee all over our whole yard," Warden said.

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    I agree. The toddler peeing on the traffic light is probably not okay- public street and all. But in your own yard? Seriously? Why wasn't he issued a ticket for public indecency as well? How about trumping up a few more charges?

    What a joke.
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  • unforgivenunforgiven
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     "For $2,500 we all should be able to pee all over our whole yard," Warden said.

    YES!!! I understand it not being 'ok' to do it on traffic poles or whatever... even having the portable potty at the table of a restaurant and having the child go right there is a little odd to me. If they can go in the portable potty why not just take them to the restroom, yah know? 

    But in your own yard?! Why the hell not?


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    Good thing I don't live there! My boys pee in the yard all the time. They at least go the edge of the yard & be discreet about it but still. We live in the country surrounded by trees on 3 sides of the property. Kid is 3, in his own yard. He wasn't trying to pee on the passing officer, although at this point, maybe he should have.
  • GritsGrits
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    Sure, officer! Let's add another person to the massive backlog of people in the judicial system because a three-year-old took a pee in the yard, as every boy in history has been doing since they discovered their wieners. Good grief.
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  • justkeepswimmingjustkeepswimming
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    Guy probably had psychotic parents that punished him for having genitals 8-}
    When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is.
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  • sunnymommasunnymomma
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    really? really? this is absurd! A grown adult peeing in public can be fined and charged with indecent exposure and be listed as a sex offender in some states!!! But a grown adult knows better. a potty training child knows pee out of pants equals reward! all 3 of my boy cousins were potty trained with a tree! they called it the pee pee tree! I have to show this artical to my aunt! This is just wrong. I hope this gets thrown out of court! I hope the judge is a parent who understands the trials and tribulations of potty training!! Clearly this cop is not a parent! 
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    Insanity.  My dd is 4 and has peed in the park more times then I care to think about.  There is a line of shrubs, so common practice at that park is to take them over there to pee.  Sorry, I'm usually there with several kids, I'm not going to knock on a stranger's door, and she can't hold it long enough for us to get home.  Aside from one vacant lot (that we have used a few times), the rest of the way home is typical subdivision. 

    I wouldn't even blink at the sight of any kid under the age of 5 peeing in their yard.  I think there might have been a more descreet place then a traffic light pole, but I wasn't there, so who knows. 

    I think I remember the potty story.  I'm all for being dedicated to potty training and have taken it in the car, but not at a table. 


  • My daughter was potty training over the summer, and took it upon herself to drop her pants and pee in the courtyard of our apartment complex one day.  She didn't wanna stop playing to go in the apartment, so I look over and see her squatting. 

    I explained to her that you only pee in the grass when a potty isn't available, and you really REALLY have to go NOW.  She fully understood, we went and washed up/changed the clothes that she had subsequently pissed all over, and it was done.

    My neighbors and I STILL laugh our asses off talking about the kids that have randomly answered nature's call in our neighborhood.  It's all just a part of having or being a little kid.  
  • undercoverbanana
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    They must be desperate for revenue.
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  • Wow! That's crazy! My son & DH always pee outside. We live in a very rural place & they are only facing trees but still it was a 3 yr old. I've also made my girls pop a squat in parking lots or the side of the road when they really needed to go. That article just completely blows my mind.....$2500!? I'm sure there has to be waaaaaaaay worse crimes with waaaaaaaay lower fines!
  • Wow...that's insane. I cannot tell you how many time my toddler ran outside naked when I was trying to change his diaper and he was quicker then I was. I should be fined for indecent exposure. :)
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  • Marionettevie
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    outfuckingrageous. yeah i would fight that shit. fucking asshole cop. he obviously had nothing better to do

  • scary_wifescary_wife
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    $5 says the cop was jealous that the toddler was better hung than he was!
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  • irishlassirishlass
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    Ridiculous! B pees out our back frequently. Mostly in the summer and down a drain, but yeah he has totally peed in public before. the child is 3. There are plenty of grown ass men pissing all over the place. and women getting raped, and people breaking into houses and stealing identities and stealing cars. Seriously, they are issuing a 2500 fine for a 3 year old peeing. Fucking ridiculous. 
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  • kta2012
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    this is absolutely insane!! my god he is a child not a teenager urinating on someones front yard...the ppl complaining must not have ever potty trained a child before!! 
  • beambeam
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    kta2012 - Nobody was complaining, the toddler peed in his own yard, and the cop was just bored (he just "sits" on their street every day).
    A broken heart is a rite of passage and, looking back, I must have wanted one pretty badly. "Kick me," I demanded, and when somebody finally did, I burst like a cheap piñata. - DAVID SEDARIS
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    Absolutely ridiculous! Due to unexpected growth in participation and lack of growth in funds, our little league built the t-ball field as far away from the restrooms as possible because it was the only space available at the ball park. When my son was in t-ball, if one of the boys had to go during a game, they'd be sent to the nearby tree.

    I have read online though that the charges/ticket issued in this case have been dropped.

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  • organicbabyorganicbaby
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    Let me get this straight, a lady's dog can pee in her yard for free but her toddler needs to pay $2500 for the privilege.
  • MorganD
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    I agree, it should be discouraged, but he's THREE!!! He's a toddler! All he knows is that he needs to pee and there's some spare grass to go on. Besides, I have two brothers and 4 cousins that never had any problem pulling the car over and peeing behind a bush, and as ADULTS. A little boy shouldn't be punished for going peepee. That poor kid is probably terrified to go at all now, he probably thinks the police will come get him!
  • I think I could understand if it were an adult, but not a child. They do have underdeveloped impulse control. That cop is a butthead.
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  • cassie77775
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    Ridiculous!  My boys pee in our yard all the time!
  • Manders15Manders15
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    I can't find the link but I did read about this after the fact, saying the ticket had been dismissed & the officer (an 18 year member of the force) had been fired!!!  I'm a little shocked they fired the man over this, but then I'm even more shocked that someone who's been on the job for that long would even write up a 3 year old for peeing in his yard!!  If it's a heavily populated area & it was an ADULT, ok that's different.  A potty training little boy though should have gotten the pass right away.  Good grief
  • organicbabyorganicbaby
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    You are right @Manders15 http://www.theblaze.com/stories/officer-ticketing-mother-of-toddler-who-peed-in-the-front-yard-now-fired/

    I think firing him is as excessive as him writting the ticket
  • kta2012
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    sorry misread that...that makes it that much more ridiculious lol i would be in BIG trouble if my bathroom is occupied my 9 yr old son "hides" himself outside lmao sometimes his hiding is standing off the end of the porch
  • BlessieBlessie
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    Kinda funn I've had to pull over on the side of the freeway with DD 4 when she was 3 to let her poop. (Don't judge, she had a bad habit of not mentioning she has to go until shebis lucky to make it the bathroom when we're home :-&) and I could understand getting a ticket for THAT. But a little boying peejng in his yard?
  • ZidashaZidasha
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    She shouldn't be fined for something that happened in her own yard.  Besides, as long as the neighbors don't mind I don't see a problem with it.  There have been many a boy who have been potty trained that way.
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  • RedHeadMamaNCRedHeadMamaNC
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    This is ridonk, ds3 and SO go outside ALL THE TIME. ds3 will even poo out there if I let him. We'd be in big debt if they got in trouble for it!
  • kittenkitty00
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    Holy hell i had a tree in my back yard and my son peed on it all the time. Even my drunk friends when didnt wanna go inside cuz were smoking so watered the grass but seriously a toddler. And then being fired wow our legal system in all its glory. Pun intended.
  • shadylaneshadylane
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    I'm glad he got fired, he was obviously on a power trip. How could he really think 2500 was an appropriate fine for that? If he just sat on their street every day and did nothing the pd might as well save some money having one less person to pay
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  • Mommyof5
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    This probably wasn't his first stupid call.