Breastfeeding doll??
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    So, I happened upon this story in the paper this morning and was curious to see what you mommas thought about this. Educational/Informative or just plain weird?

    If @love or someone wants to post the story from the link that'd be great. I'm on my phone so I can't do it.
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    From the link provided:

    NEW YORK (AP) — We've got dolls that wet, crawl and talk. We've got dolls with perfect hourglass figures. We've got dolls with swagger. And we've got plenty that come with itty bitty baby bottles.

    But it's a breastfeeding doll whose suckling sounds are prompted by sensors sewn into a halter top at the nipples of little girls that caught some flak after hitting the U.S. market.

    "I just want the kids to be kids," Bill O'Reilly said on his Fox News show when he learned of the Breast Milk Baby. "And this kind of stuff. We don't need this."

    What, exactly, people don't need is unclear to Dennis Lewis, the U.S. representative for Berjuan Toys, a family-owned, 40-year-old doll maker in Spain that can't get the dolls onto mainstream shelves more than a year after introducing the line in this country — and blowing O'Reilly and others' minds.

    "We've had a lot of support from lots of breastfeeding organizations, lots of mothers, lots of educators," said Lewis, in Orlando, Fla. "There also has been a lot of blowback from people who maybe haven't thought to think about really why the doll is there and what its purpose is. Usually they are people that either have problems with breastfeeding in general, or they see it as something sexual."

    The dolls, eight in all with a variety of skin tones and facial features, look like many others, until children don the little top with petal appliques at the nipples. That's where the sensors are located, setting off the suckling noise when the doll's mouth makes contact. It also burps and cries, but those sounds don't require contact at the breast.

    Little Savannah and Tony, Cameron and Jessica, Lilyang and Jeremiah ain't cheap at $89 a pop. Lewis, after unsuccessfully peddling them to retailers large and small, now has them listed at half price on their website in time for the holidays this year.

    "With retailers it's been hard, to be perfectly honest, but not so much because they've been against the products," he said. "It's more they've been very wary of the controversy. It's a product that you either love it or you hate it."

    Critics cite an unspecified yuck factor, or say it's too mature for children. But Stevanne Auerbach loves it. The child development expert in San Francisco, also known as Dr. Toy, evaluates dolls and other toys for consumers, lending her official approval to Breast Milk Baby.

    "We felt that it had merit in dealing with new babies for the older child," she said, "and for the curiosity that children have in this area. Breastfeeding in Europe is acceptable and the doll has been successful there. We wanted to open up the opportunity."

    Sally Wendkos Olds, who wrote "The Complete Book of Breastfeeding," also doesn't understand the problem.

    "I think it's a very cute toy," she said. "I think it's just crazy what Bill O'Reilly was saying that it's sexualizing little girls. The whole point is that so many people in our society persist in sexualizing breastfeeding, where in so many other countries around the world they don't think anything of it."

    Olds called Americans "prudish in many ways," adding the doll offers: "bodily awareness. It's realizing that this is OK."

    Lewis blames lack of U.S. sales — just under 5,000 dolls sold in the last year — solely on phobia about breastfeeding, something widely considered the healthiest way to feed a baby.

    "There's no doubt about that," he said. "The whole idea is that there's still some taboos here. They're difficult to justify and difficult to explain but they're out there. You mention breast and people automatically start thinking Janet Jackson or wardrobe malfunctions and all sorts of things that have absolutely nothing to do with breastfeeding."

    Lewis considers Breast Milk Baby "very much less sexualized" than Barbie dolls or the sassy Bratz pack.

    Olds, who lives in New York City, agreed, though she thinks the doll's full retail price is too high. "That's my only objection to it. It's a lot of money, but people spend a lot of money on their children in all sorts of ways."

    Haven't little girls been mimicking the act of breastfeeding with their baby dolls for centuries without benefit of accoutrement?

    "Why do we need anything with bells and whistles? Why did we need a Betsy Wetsy? Children like toys that do things," Olds said, invoking one of the first drink and wet dolls created back in 1935. "So this doll makes noises. She burps, she cries, she sucks very noisily. Big deal."

    Lincoln Hoppe, a Los Angeles actor and father of five — all breastfed — said a young child who becomes a big sibling and sees mom nursing might enjoy the doll just fine. "After all, they're going to imitate mom anyway using whatever doll they've already got," he said.

    But how about on playdates or just out and about in public?

    "It's already hard to tell a child they can't take 'that' toy with them to their sibling's soccer game." he said. "There may be a time and place for this doll, but I find the idea kind of creepy."


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    I happen to support breastfeeding (for those who want to) and doing it in public - with some courtesies thrown in. I think its a bit rude if a mom pulls her shirt completely off, grabs a boob and stuffs it in her toddler's mouth. But that's just me. This toy has given me pause though, not gonna lie. To me it's not that it's teaching a kid to be innapropriate or anything, but there is already so much pressure on them to grow up early and develop. I'm seriously appalled at how many young girls are dressed as prosti-tots lately. I even saw a group of 6-7  y/o kids dressed as Snooki, Pauly D. and the rest of the JS gang this Halloween - mini-skirts and tank tops and everything! Dressing sexy and nursing are both appropriate for an older, adult age group, not as a little kid. Can't we just let them be little silly-heads for a few years without making them focus on their breasts day-in and day-out? And I don't mean to sexualize breastfeeding, it's not a sexual issue (unless a woman's dh happens to have a fetish ;) ), it's about making girls think like an adult before they should have to. I know they play "Mommy" and dolls and house anyway, but ... I don't know, I just shake my head in sorrow over this for some reason...

    When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is.
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    For me, it's not about the sexuality (there is none) or the benefits of breastfeeding (obvious). It's about letting kids be kids. To me, if my four-year-old wants to feed her baby, she can pretend. She doesn't need a set of strap on boobs in order to imitate breastfeeding. She can carry a baby around under her shirt and pretend to be pregnant, but she doesn't need a big vagina to push the kid out when it's time to "have the baby" or the anatomically correct play-by-play of how you get pregnant in the first place. It just doesn't seem like a toy to me. A teaching tool, perhaps for an older child, but still not something I'd buy for my child, especially not at close to $100 a pop.
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    Thank you @Grits, I like the vagina analogy :) sums it up well
    When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is.
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    I agree with @grits :)

    The doll is just a bit much, literally and figuratively.


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    I'm firmly in the LET THEM BE KIDS camp. Jesus. I saw one comment online that said, "What's next? A doll that has a period? Why would anyone feel the need to teach a young child about that?"

    Plenty of time for them to learn about this stuff.
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    Ok, good I'm not the only one who said uh... I don't think so. I'm a huge supporter of breastfeeding. And no, I don't see anything sexualized about it. I agree with @grits wholeheartedly on this one. Kids are going to mimic pretty much everything we do anyway, (in fact, I have a great pic of my ds when he was 3 holding my double pump up to his chest asking where his milk was) but they don't necessarily need life like props to do it. Not to mention the price. I mean really, 100 bucks is a bit much.
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    It's a little much. Kids can pretend without it being literal. I remember as a little kid sticking a doll up my shirt pretending to feed it. Of course it's because I saw my mom do it.
    There's nothing wrong with breastfeeding, but a kid doesn't need a shirt and doll that mimics sucking noises.
    I will never buy those dolls that actually pee either, pretending to change a diaper is enough.
    Let kids be kids!
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    And they wonder why young girls think having a baby is so easy and wanna get pregnant at 14....
    out next, maybe a ken who really nuts out of his penis.
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    Kids nurse their dolls and stuffies, they don need a special doll to come up with this play on their own. Lily nursed her babies and wore them in a sling. I think it's interesting and if one of my dd's asked for it I would get it for her but I probably wouldn't purchase it unless it was specifically requested.
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    I pretended to nurse my dolls, and dd has, too. She's more likely to stick them up MY shirt because she hasn't grown her boobies yet. Her words.
    No nipple bra required. I just don't think it's necessary. If its the one that has flowers as nipples, I find it weird.
    I'm pro breast feeding, ds 18 months is nursing to sleep right now. And I don't hesitate to nurse in public. But the nipple bra is still weird.
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    I agree Grits , well said. I would like to add tho, its not the little girls 'pretending' that bothers me....Its the friggin sicko letch that might be tempted to act on it if he saw her. Its sad that we have to be careful what our kids can and cannot do , the normal things that they learn from , the things that someday will help them as they grow up and turn into mommy's and daddy's because of OTHERS out there that AREN'T 'normal'.  Sad. Little girls love to play dress up, but for one warped man out there,OR woman , that may to much to handle, so I cant imagine what this could cause. I told my kids when they started driving , and still do at 29 and 30, it's not you that I worry about , it's everyone ELSE . Guess I never really thought about how much more that simple phrase covered besides driving.
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    Dd already puts the doll to her chest, she watches me bf ds. But buying one for her no. I'd say sure for like a sugar baby in hs for sex ed or kids that take the child development classes.
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    When DS was 17 months and I brought home DD he has "his" baby he got to take care of while I took care of baby sis. Well it was just a normal baby doll but when I bathed DD he needed to bathe his baby, every time I changed her diaper his baby needed a diaper change too, and even when I nursed DD he "nursed" his baby too. DS is now 10 he still has the baby that was his and can pick it out even when its been mixed in with all of his sisters. He is a extremely caring child and is very mindful of when there are other little's around by holding hands,putting on child locks in the car, and other things that always amaze me. There is no way I would have bought him this baby doll nor would I buy it for DD, there are so many things that take a child's imagination away from them, why do it sooner?!
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    What @Grits said. My daughter wanted to BF her dolls when I had my son. I made her a doll sling and she would lift her shirt and nurse her dolls. 

    I wouldn't have a problem with a doll that had a book about babies breastfeeding, a sling, nursing pillow...but yeah the sucking motion is a bit......odd. I know there are dolls that already suck on bottles--and we pretty much banned toy bottles (or rather, my daughter did lol). But um...yeah. I'm trying REALLY HARD to be objective about this but I just can't do it.

    Faux news can suck it though.
  • J_mom
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    i agree wit @grits ... not necessary... my daughter is 5 and will already pretend saying to babydoll or whatever you want mommy milk... she doesnt need a special bra for that purpose... that is just too much... as it is its kind of weird sometimes when she pretends...she is just being silly and she knows it and we know it but still...  i just want them to be little kids for as long as possible.
  • ZidashaZidasha
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    It's wasted money is what it is.  As everyone said, you don't need to buy a special doll for that.  Kids will do it with whatever doll they happen to have on hand.

    Having said that, I believe the intent of the doll is good natured and shouldn't be getting the flack that it does as far as it being too sexual in nature for little girls. 
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    I'm divided on this! When my dd was 2 her Nanny gave her one of those dolls you feed and it peed and pooped itself, it happened to be a boy and low and behold when I took it's diaper off the thing had a penis! I liked to have flipped out but it did not even phase my dd. The adults were more intrigued with it than the kids. This breast feeding doll scares me because I dont want her walking around with nipples feeding the thing in public Don't take that wrong I totally support breast feeding whereever you chose but I would find it odd to see a bunch of lil girls breast feeding.
  • slowlylosingit
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    To add to my above comment, I also think it would be weird to see my 2 boys wanting to fed the baby! Of course they would want to!
  • CherryfriesCherryfries
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    I find the doll creepy. It could also be because I can't stand dolls to begin with. The only doll I like Cabbage Patch.  :-)
  • StillTryingStillTrying
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    I also find this doll creepy.  I'm absolutely pro breastfeeding, but this is so unnecessary!
  • BellaBefanaBellaBefana
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    As a doll collector, I don't find it creepy, but I do find it completely inappropriate for children, of almost any age.  I was actually rather shocked at the pregnant Barbie doll...well actually its Francie I think, but yeah, there's a pg Barbie out there.

    I figure if, by some miracle, I have another child, my daughter can learn whatever she needs to know about breastfeeding from that, or the neighbor that takes care of her who has a little one.
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    Have you seen the Dog Poop game??
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  • GritsGrits
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    BeerWench said:

    Have you seen the Dog Poop game??

    I have. So gross. My kids will not be getting that one, either.
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  • bekki1820cb
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    I breastfeed my 11 month old and I would not get this doll for her. I am totally fine with her pretending to bf her dolls and stuffed animals in the future. But we don't need dolls that make sucking noises mimicking bfing. That's what their imaginations for.
  • BellaBefanaBellaBefana
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    forget the fact the doll's like $100

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  • ManicMomma
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    I'm all for mommies breastfeeding, however, I don't want to see lil ones mimicking it. Let the kids be kids for as long as they can.
  • bjpundt
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    That's disturbing.
  • angrymama
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    Maybe they could make a boy doll that gets an erection and shoots cum.  Soooo gross. Hehe
  • angrymama
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    I think it is stupid.  When I was younger and my little brother  was born, my mum used to breastfeed him at the end of the couch.  My sister and I would sit on the couch too and breast feed our baby dolls.  I do not think you need to make a specific doll that does that.
  • gramalibbygramalibby
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    Uhhh like , no breast feeding is a good thing in real time