Father denied attendance to career day
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  • LoveLove
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    Walter Smith says he creates art, but officials at his daughter's middle school, where he's recently been banned from attending career day, aren't buying any of it.

    No, Smith isn't involved in adult films or anything illegal.

    He's a licensed tattoo artist. And despite having attended his daughter's career day at Clearwater Middle School in Clearwater, Florida, two times in the past, this year the principal decided he was no longer welcome.

    According to ABC Action News, the tattoo artist says he was banned from career daybecause other parents at the school thought his presence promoted an 'alternative lifestyle.'

    Smith told KDVR that the school's decision surprised him because he has used career day in the past to discourage youngsters from pursuing body art until they're of the proper age.

    He has also advocated safe tattoo techniques, and warns of the health risks that people take when they get tattoos from unlicensed artists.

    “The parents are closed-minded and don’t want their children to know about these things,” Smith said to ABC, adding, "This is an art. This is how I make a living."

    KRDO reports that Smith intends to fight the decision in time to attend the career fair next week.


  • chaosmomchaosmom
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    An alternative lifestyle? Really??? Gees. People need to get a grip & let that man go to career day. He is spreading a good message about safety.
  • MorganD
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    Wow!! I can't believe they did that. That stinks. That poor girl is going to catch hell at school.
  • JustAConfusedMamaJustAConfusedMama
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    That's ridiculous.  
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  • GritsGrits
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    That's pretty shitty of them. I mean, how alternative are tattoos anymore? A lot of people have them, not just for the 'fringes of society' anymore.
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    i want a nap. and some chocolate. who's with me?!
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    Smdh. ... Pearl clutchers, eh, @love?
    Suck it up buttercup!
  • SaraMommySaraMommy
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    Agree with @Grits I personally don't have tattoos, but just about everyone I know does. I would definitely not think they promote an "alternative lifestyle"!!!
  • DemandaDemanda
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    Ugh. Tattoos are so mainstream now, and even if they weren't... wouldn't you rather listen to that guy than some accountant?  I would.  No offense to accountants.  But really, that's super lame.
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  • KiinuKiinu
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    Really? *I* have tattoos, I'm in school to be a pre-k teacher.. my Professor, who IS a pre-k teacher as well as a college professor has tattoos! Obviously they're easily covered, but it's come up in class. I'm pretty sure almost everyone I know (cept my dad/younger siblings) has a tattoo.

    That's a legitimate business, a good one. I think with how much art and music have been knocked form schools in favor of more acedemics/sports that it's absolutely a good thing to have someone come in and SHOW children that art isn't just a hobby. that you can do something you like if you're not thrilled by the thought of being a busdriver/doctor/accountant/teacher/fireman/whatever is considered respectable. Show them that artists aren't all flaky and goofy (just saying, my art teachers.. oh  boy)
  • MarySunshineMarySunshine
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    Ignorance is bliss until you get one of the Heps.
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  • undercoverbanana
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    God forbid kids might get inspired and draw all over themselves......alternative, my ass. Gotta love their logic sometimes.
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  • sidsmommy3sidsmommy3
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    Stupidest thing I have ever heard!  
    Mary :-)

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  • ChristyJChristyJ
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    I give you odds he makes a better living with his "alternative lifestyle" than the pansy idiot that complained.  It is such a gift to make a living doing something you absolutely love.  Jealous asses.

    The only reason I do not have a tattoo is because I have never found anything I love so much I want to put it on my body.  My DH has 4, of of which is huge on his arm and is very difficult to cover up.  I love it!

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  • Marionettevie
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    this is freaking stupid. those kids are gonna figure shit out anyway! THEY ARE IN MIDDLE SCHOOL. we were all making out and wanting our friends to pierce our bellybuttons with safety pins! some parents need to get a fucking grip.

    he IS an artist. not many people can do that. especially if he can do flawless portraits and stuff like that
  • meandmy243meandmy243
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    I got a note home from school last year cause my DS was drawing all over himself at school last year giving himself tattoos... I told the teacher its his body he knows nothing can go on his face or neck. Then she found out. That I have tattoos and so does Greg.... she was a little shocked.
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  • WillileeWillilee
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    It is nutty how tattoos still make people act all uptight. I have one on my shoulder about 4" by 4". Of course you can't see it when I'm in uniform, but at one of our summer events this summer i was in layered tank tops and I had at least 3 spouses say (looking horrified), you have a tattoo? One said, you don't look like the type. And what type is that? Strung-out stripper? Some Hell's Angel's old lady?
    This isn't 1952, it's the damn 21st century. I would bet at least half of the people DH and I know - EVERYWHERE - have at least one tattoo. And to my knowledge, non of us have been in prison. Another stupid outdated stereotype...
  • VegantasticVegantastic
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    I know more people WITH tattoos than without lol what a stupid rule. :-q
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  • scary_wifescary_wife
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    Promoting safety and responsibility when it comes to tattoos and they denied him access?

    But they don't mind teaching safe and responsible sex in school. SMH.
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  • FoulMouthedSailorFoulMouthedSailor
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    I bet if you put a piece of coal in the principles ass, an hour later you would have a diamond.

    @willilee it's kinda funny you mention you that, I have three tatts that had to be grandfathered into my paperwork when the Corp changed their sleeve policy because they come below the short sleeve of our blouses.... And most military wives I know have all types of tattoos, but I thinks that's more of marine/navy thing
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  • organicbabyorganicbaby
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    The stupidity of humans never cease to amaze me.
    Wow, he earns a living drawing on bodies, lets burn him at the stake! Idiots...
  • deviantqueendeviantqueen
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    Sigh why would we want to show our kids if they work hard they can find a job they love. And he promotes safety in getting a tattoos. Smdh
  • theprincessmommytheprincessmommy
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    I have 5 tats and I have always told my kids they can get one when they are old enough but to make sure they are really sure about what they get because they can't take it back. My kids are probably better off with this upbringing than kids whose parents make tattoos taboo. Those kids end up with regrettable tattoos just to spite uptight parents. I hope they overturn that it's just like sex-ed, knowing about something makes you less likely to make a mistake.
  • morgaine
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    The absurdity of the ongoing battle against "alternative" lifestyles is giving me a headache. Is it really that deviant to expect happiness and personal satisfaction out of life?
  • GingersnapGingersnap
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    When I read thread title, I was expecting the dad to be in porn or something. Which is also a legit career... but that's a different thread.

    Tattoo artist? Pfft. This shouldn't be a problem.
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  • PrincessPeach
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    Unbelievable. How is this alternative if the State of Fla recognizes him as a Licensed Professional? I am certain that he has to take health safety courses (like cosmetologists and dental hygienists) that teach other (non-sexual) ways to prevent transmission of diseases like hepatitis and HiV. I would think we would want kids to learn that.
    I am conservative about what my daughter is exposed to. However, I do have a tattoo; and at 7 she knows that it was done safely by an experienced professional.
  • BookMum
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    It seems these days im ever checking my calender, just to remind myself what year it is..
    I shall futterwacken...vigorously*
  • Hopey0_0Hopey0_0
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    This is ridiculous... Everybody and they mama have tattoos these days lol....
  • ZidashaZidasha
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    Promoting safety and responsibility when it comes to tattoos and they denied him access?

    But they don't mind teaching safe and responsible sex in school. SMH.


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  • km.mamma
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    I think those busy bodies need to take a good look at themself!
  • GisleyandHank
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    I was expecting it to say he did porn, I can't believe they would ban him for tattoos. Everyone I know has tattoos. NOT getting a tattoo is an "alternative lifestyle".
  • missy545missy545
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    I don't have any tattoos...nothing against them just hate pain lol. There is nothing wrong with his chosen profession. That school needs a big kick in the butt.