What do you call your favorite soft drink? Soda? Pop?
  • SammieSammie
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    As you can see from the map below, there are a few very popular nicknames for soft drinks and they are almost all regional.

    This map rings true from my experiences. As an Oregonian, I find that we, myself included, refer to soft drinks as 'pop'. When my relatives form California are visiting and I ask them if they'd like a pop, they look at me like I just requested to smack them in the face. They ALL refer to soft drinks as soda. They always laugh when I say 'pop' like I'm some kind of novelty. 

    Anyway, I'm curious, what generic name do YOU use when referring to soft drinks? Based on your experience, is this map true for your area? Tell me!


  • MorganD
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    Coke! I'm a Southerner, everything carbonated is Coke!
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    I used to say coke, the map very true for this area. Now I usually say soda. I have an uncle in Washington state and had a friend from Chicago, both say pop. I always laugh my ass off when I hear it. I don't know why, it just sounds funny to me. 
    I wonder what my brother says now. He is from here (Texas) but lived in Chicago for the past 10 years or so. Hmmmm...
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  • pennypenny
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    NC born and bred, and I say soda. Though I call my favorite carbonated beverage "beer."
  • unforgivenunforgiven
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    Soda in SoCal :)


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  • sidsmommy3sidsmommy3
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    Don't laugh...I say diet anything brown

    Mary :-)

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  • PurpleFlowersPurpleFlowers
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    Pop here in Michigan.
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  • piratej101321piratej101321
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    coke for me but the funny thing is where i live i should be calling it pop LOL. However everyone i know call their drink coke :-)
  • maycausedizziness
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    Pop in Colorado!
  • BeachyBeachy
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    Lol @penny! My answer was beer too!
    But I say pop, although I live in SoCal. Prolly bc my dad is from Missouri and he said pop.
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  • meandmy243meandmy243
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    Pop or soda....
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  • katz_meowkatz_meow
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    Pop! I'm in Pittsburgh. Soda is carbonated water here
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  • CrashCrash
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    Pop in western Canada.
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  • Funny I say soda-pop
  • cheesehead4ever
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    I grew up near Milwaukee.  Always called it soda.  My parents grew up in Washington state.  They always called them "soft drinks" growing up but switched to soda after moving to Wisconsin.  I live in Minnesota and it's pop here (along with Duck, Duck Grey Duck which is just too messed up to even talk about).  My one DD always says, "Daddy drinks pop and Mommy drinks soda".  I always tease my girls and say, "It's not Minne-pop, it's Minne-soda!"
  • acidaliaacidalia
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    I say Pop, Hubby says Soda. lol. 
  • sharkmommy
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    Either soda or tonic.

  • SammieSammie
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    @ohkay, you made your own little combo! I've heard a few people call it that before, but not often. I like it! 

    @penny @beachy That made me laugh!! No beer (or wine) for me for about 23 more weeks.... ;)


  • ChibikoChibiko
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    Pop here in Iowa.  :)
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  • chaosmomchaosmom
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    NC also. I call it soda & so does everyone else I know *from around here*. Well, some of the older generation tends to call it Coke like the map says.
  • WickedDunkieJunkieWickedDunkieJunkie
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    Definitely soda... pop is the sound the can makes when you open it.
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  • anonymommy
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    Soda here in Southern Illinois!
  • serenitynowserenitynow
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    southeast Wisconsin, soda of course!
  • cassiemaude
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    I am in Michigan and call it pop. But when I worked at a movie theater, I always asked what kind of soda they wanted.
  • SammieSammie
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    So far I'm seeing lots of 'soda'. I can't even tell you the last time I heard someone say 'soda' besides when they are ordering a cocktail and they are referring to soda water. It's funny how certain words/sayings catch on in certain areas. 

    I've never heard Coke either unless they are referencing coca-cola!


  • Hopey0_0Hopey0_0
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    Coke :) everything in Texas is coke!
  • squishsquish
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    Born and raised in Nj and its soda. If its brown and not dr pepper, then it's called coke.

  • DemandaDemanda
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    Pop in Canada!
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  • AnonUser34
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    We say Pop in Michigan!
  • Marionettevie
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    both dh(dh grew up outside of chicago) and i(i grew up here in west tx) say soda.sometimes i say coke, as a blanket for all soft drinks, but its pretty rare. i had a thing with a guy from alaska and he looked at me funny and asked why i called it soda, its pop. lol
  • gumdrop
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    soda here
  • KiinuKiinu
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    Soda or Tonic... my Gpa called it Tonic allll the time.
  • BradsCrazyMomBradsCrazyMom
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    katz_meow said:

    Pop! I'm in Pittsburgh. Soda is carbonated water here

    Absolutely true.
  • irishlassirishlass
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    Here, soda is bread and pop is music. Soda water is a variety of carbonated water.
    I would call a soft drink a fizzy drink! As in, hey, would you like a beer or something fizzy or water? We have coke, diet coke, sprite etc.

    Generally we call them soft drinks or fizzy drinks here.
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  • GritsGrits
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    Soft drink or Coke. Used to always be Coke, but that started to confuse my kids when they were fetching my drink from the fridge, so we have to be more specific. :D
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  • PrincessPeach
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    Soda around the house/casually. If at a restaurant we say Coke/Pepsi/sprite or whatever.
  • Panda
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    I call it soda here in California. But like PrincessPeach wrote we say coke/pepsi/sprite etc..when out at restaurants.

  • slowlylosingit
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    Im in Louisiana but lived in new York for 7 years, I say soda and it drives my family crazy
  • shate98shate98
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    Coke- anything cola. Soda is generic for all things carbonated. I'm in MD
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  • CrashCrash
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    @Irishlass That's so cute and appropriate! Fizzy drink. Lol. I love it.
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  • SammieSammie
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    @irishlass @curious Fizzy drink reminds me of Willy Wonka and the fizzy lifting drink!! One of my all time favorite movies :)


  • SnugglePussSnugglePuss
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    I call it soda (from Florida) but everyone here (Michigan) calls it pop. It's funny to hear someone say pop at first.
  • SammieSammie
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    That's what I've heard! @snugglepuss Apparently, I thought it was weird when we moved from California to Oregon when I was 8ish. I don't remember that...I always remember calling it "pop", but I do know that everyone who doesn't refer to it that way thinks it is hilarious. ;)


  • WebosMama
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    Soda or Coke here in Florida. My husband is from Maine and says soda.
  • 3GirlsMommy
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    I call it pop here in northwest Ohio. It bothers me alittle when people call it soda :)
  • LiquidPeppermintLiquidPeppermint
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    I call it Soda.  My husband's family calls it a "co'drink."
  • bombkittybombkitty
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  • shannahbananashannahbanana
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    Lol, how funny...I moved from Minnesota where it was "pop" to Arizona where its "soda".  When I first moved here and was trying to order something to drink, I would get all pissed off because nobody knew what I was talking about when I asked for a "pop"...my dad had to translate for me, lol
  • crazybroad
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    I too moved from the midwest (iowa) to arizona and people at work/school looked at me like i was an idiot when i said i wanted a pop....as for what pop i love? pepsi all the way!!!
  • thismomsamissthismomsamiss
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    From NM and I say Coke, completely agree with MorganD.
  • DovahkiinDovahkiin
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    Kinda like @irishlass , over here in Australia we call it soft drink or fizzy drink. No one says soda and pop is music. Makes sense to us lol
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