How much money do you live off?
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    Hi Mommies,
    I wanted to write you and see how the economy is treating you where you live. What does your income buy you? Right now we live off about 60K a year, that allows me to be a stay at home mom here in Michigan. It allows us to afford a modest 3 bedroom house, food, internet and a few luxuries like smart phones and eating out. We are actually pretty comfortable on our income but by far from being well off, were just comfortable. We don't have much debt as we don't have car loans, we don't use credit cards etc. 
    However I hear my income is poor to others and they could never live off this in there home town. So I am curious mommies, what do you live on and how do you live? 
  • CalliopemarieCalliopemarie
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    approximately 2 grand a month. if that
  • momma2A
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    We live off about 60k or maybe a little more as SO is changing back to solely running his business and not working for anyone anymore.

    I'm a SAHM and we live comfortable in a 3bdr house we rent. We have one daughter 3 dogs. We own our vehicles and SO has machinery for his company.

    We have Internet, satelitte, iphones(were free) and we enjoy the occasional night out.
    We could live a little more comfortably but we make due without somethings(like a bigger vehicle) for now but we by no means are suffering. My only wish is that we had better credit as we would love to own a house and get a new car and expand our family.
  • TottyCake
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    I only make 1000 a month at my job, 1100 if I'm lucky and get decent hours. Fortunately DF had 2 interviews last week and got both jobs. It'll up it to about 2500.
  • MistressHeidiMistressHeidi
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    I make about 2000 a month. we live in a modest rental and I make just enough to cover our bills, pay for braces, doctors visits, dental visits, buy food and not much else. I drive an older van that is on its less legs and have no credit cards.

    Both of my kids have cell phones, but I got them through metro pcs, so the bill is not much a month. We have internet and satelite because I like to have them and count them as a neccesity, cutting them out would obviously give me a bit of extra money, I'd rather not. We don't eat out often, if at all, usually for very special occassions.

    I live pay check to pay check, but the bills are paid and there is food in the house so I don't consider us to be to destitute.
  • WhoDatIsWhoDatIs
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    I'm making under $12K a year, blessed to be renting rooms (2 rooms shared by me and 3 kids) from my mom's home. My mom makes approx. $17K, my rent money enables us to keep the utilities, and internet on for most of the year.

    We're alive, what can I say.

    I'm in Northern California.
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    Currently, anywhere from $800 to $1,900 per month, about $17,000 per year. When my husband was working (the company just sold) we were making another $800 per month plus our rent and utilities were paid. We live in a small RV that we own, and we now pay $300 per month for lot rent, $50-$100 electric, and $35-$100 in propane. Internet is included in rent, we have one car payment, car insurance, 3 cell phones on 1 plan, and a storage unit. The kids are on Medicaid and we get food stamps. $661 of our current monthly pay is my VA disability and the rest is my VA education money under the post 911 GI Bill. Whole months that I am in school I am paid $1,362 but months that are partial (Jan, May, June, July, August, & December) I am only paid for the days I am actually in school. With pell grants add $5,550 to our yearly income and the VA book allowance of $1,000 both split into 2 payments. Our bills plus gas for the car add up to about $1,400 per month. If we survive the rest of this year we will be ok. We were not prepared for him to lose his job. Just have to make it to mid January when pell grant money comes in then tax return time shortly after. I'm thinking Christmas in February for the kiddos.
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  • SasafrasSasafras
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    We make about 75k a year, but we have so many medical bills, it doesn't feel like enough. :(
  • Sultry
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    Live in Sydney, Australia. H makes 40k roughly and we get government aid called family tax benefit. Works out to be around 450 a week. 4 kids and rent equals near 2.5k a month.
  • katz_meowkatz_meow
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    I make about 35k, dh around 25k, so around 60k. My salary is only about 25k tho, the rest is bonuses. So if I have a bad few months in sales, my pay is significally lower. We just got to a somewhat comfortable point thought. Dh got a significant raise in sept. Prior to that, we lived on much less. I got a smal salary bump at about the same time as well, so lately we feel rich. Lol

    We live in a 2br rented townhome. But once our lease is up in sept, we will be moving on to a 3br. If we can find one in our current neighborhood that we can afford.

    We have one car. 98 cavalier. But I bring a company vehicle home at night, so we don't really need another right now. We have smart phones. Mine is a company phone though, so its paid for, dh's is his bill. We have cable and internet. We only got cable though, because when we called for internet, the cable/net package was a few dollars more.

    Our credit is poor. We both made some bad choices, but we are working on cleaning it up. I have one creit card, be has none.

    We want to buy property, and we could easily afford a mortgage in our area but because of our poor credit, its not an option right now. So our plan is to wait until the kids graduate high school, hopefully our credit is good by then, and then buy a camp site about an hour away. We will see how that pans out. Lol

    All in all, we really don't struggle anymore, but we are well aware that can change in a heartbeat.

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  • meandmy243meandmy243
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    We live on his pay.. about 1800 a month. I get $170 a month in food stamps and $282 for my ds6 SSI. So just about 2200 a month we rent a odd shaped 2 bedroom house. We both own our vehicles. We each have our own cell phone plans car insurance. The kids have full state medical/dental/vision. I have adult state medical covers health insurance. He pays for the bills and the rent. We live paycheck to paycheck.
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  • irishlassirishlass
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    I live on £400 per month after rent. I try very very hard to live within my means. I have a blackberry phone but its the minimum contract. I got it cheap because its from the same provider as my tv and internet. I don't drive at all and we live very frugally. Winter is tough when the gas and electric eat nearly all of the 400, but I work damn hard to make it work. We have a reasonably interesting life. I take my son swimming every week (£1.50) and he goes to a tae kwon do class once a week too. We go to the farm, the museum, the parks, the libraries. I don't let the fact that I am broke hinder our lives and I feel that we have a great quality of life.
    We don't eat out either. I think I am excellent at making foos stretch and be delicious! Last night I made a brisket that was next to nothing at the supermarket.
    I also made pesto for tonights dinner. A jar of pesto here costs about 2.50. I bought a bag of basil for 50p and I had all the other ingredients in the house (garlic, nuts, olive oil, salt). The homemade pesto will be a real treat tonight and it only cost 50p! I got lasagne pasta for 11p and I will use half that box chopped up. Add some green beans and its a good dinner!
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    We make about $17,000 a year combined. We live paycheck to paycheck, family of 5-soon to be 6. We get about $415. in foodstamps a month. We could make more if me or dh worked full-time but we like having alot of time with our kids. And of course things could be worse, so we are lucky!
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    I make right around $40,000 a year. I live in a 3 bedroom home in Michigan with my 2 kids. I live paycheck to paycheck. I have a loan that will be paid off when I get my income tax back so that will help out a lot.
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  • sammi
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    we make $938.00 a month,my SSDI,and $283.00 in food stamps.I have alot of medical bills and medicine,more here lately.The food stamps are used up on one visit to walmart and meat I buy at a grocery store.We eat chicken and pork ,everything on sale,I clip coupons,and love to see the savings on my bill.we dont eat out,it just isnt poosible.Ive want a Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza for over a,but its too much to waste money on,I cook every night,which I enjoyed untill I became so anemic and all my vitamin levels are low some almost not measurable like vit D and calcium.I havea lot of pain in my shoulders and neck back from falls on the ice when at work,clumsey,lol,And I have arthritis and siatica,and am prone to infection.Ive had alot of surgery,but Ive never let it stop me from working.I raised 2 boys alone,and find everything has gone up in for healthy foods is a real challenge.we have to have fruit and vegetables,but the prices.I understand why theres a obesity problem in America...the cost of food,and the lack of work.that and they took physical ed out of childrens school.we have 2 pd off cars.and couldnt afford the plates on the jeep,so I finally took that off the car ins.bill.We have had to pay taxes 3 of the 4 yrs out of work.HOW does that happen?we are paying IRS 33.00 a month for the rest of my life.I have credit cards from b4 we lost work...we made very good money and were always able to tighe our income,and donate to the needy.I believe its good for the soul,not "good works"I mean just the good feeling of giving.I still do if I find I have a couple dollars.God has always provided.I know he will,but I am noot proud any more,or too proud to ask for help.I have a,on a 2 bedroom,house not fancy,not in a terrific part of town but its not as bad as people say it is.I speak my mind,and have always been an advocate for the under dog.We have to pay all utilities and I shop at good will or Am vets,and find really good bargains.Car insurance has been a real challenge for me,I get angry that is more expensive when you cant afford to pay quarterly.I was very naive,I used to pay 4 months or 6 months and never thought abt it.when each dollar is accounted for WOW monthly payments go up.We have to buy what food stamps dont cover and I have to juggle our credit bills obvioulsy,theres no way to pay what I owe monthly with $938.00 walmart is my hardest bill I got behind over a hindred dollars and I cant catch up with all the late and overlimit bills.Sometimes I feel like giving up.But I look at my beautiful grand daughter and know I have so much to live for.Obviously I havent  any friends,I dont trust people,and when I talk I get carried away,my heart shows.sorry I talked too long I have to be careful abt that.
  • kittykisses80kittykisses80
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    Theres 5 of us. I work and make about 1,000 a month. My dh is looking for work. Which is hard to find. Sadly we get food stamps only $250 a month and with 5 people doesn't make it the whole month. I'm a check bouncer writer just too feed them. ;-( i skip meals and never eat at work unless i take a bag of popcorn. Very sad life right now.
  • tothemoonandbacktothemoonandback
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    I make about 30K, part time, DH makes anywhere from 5K-10K a month.  Our annual wages work out to around 120K.  We usually put 1-2K in savings a month in both our account and Jameson's college fund type thing. We use one credit card to earn 'rewards' (5% cash back a month), but pay it off monthly, we have one car payment around $450, and two mortgages that work out to about 4K a month, but a renter in one home that pays 1200.  We're pretty 'middle class' for where we live (Denver suburbs).
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  • KellynnKellynn
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    Kudos to all you moms that are working miracles on such tight budgets! I honestly do not know how you do it.
  • missmama5missmama5
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    Dh is the only one working. He is a welder and makes around 40-50k a year. That's about 2500 per month give or take. We pay 900 for rent, 650 for our car and way too much for everything else too lol. we do okay, we aren't poor but we aren't well off. Lower middle class is what dh calls it.
  • 123
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    $801 canadian dollars, living the lavish life over here! 650 of that goes to rent and power lol
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  • sickandtiredofit
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    Our income averages about $47,000 annually.  My husband works, and he works every bit of overtime that he can get.  I am a sahm.  I do get child support for my children I had before I married my husband.  Our family consists of 5 people.  Our monthly bills average to almost $4,000 a month.  We are trying to pay off some of the debt.  Two of my children get state medical cards.  My child that I have with my husband does not.  We save our tax money for her medical, and emergency fund.  We have a mortage, truck payment, trash bill, 3 credit cards, electric bill, house phone, cell phone, tv, lot rent, water bill, 2 finance payments, school loan payments, old bill that we are trying to pay off, computer payment(we almost have this paid off), my husband chews and that is almost $200 a month, food for the month (we spent about $800 a month), and gas (about $400 a month), and car insurance.  My family is so picky about food.  Every night I am making 2 to 3 different dinners.  I know alot of people are like I would cook, and if they don't eat it they would starve.  Well, my family would, they are really stubborn.  I am a vegatarian, my husband a meat eater, and my three kids are just out right picky.  Grocery bill could come down, if everyone would eat the same, but thats never going to happen.  I have lived off of way less income.  But this is how we make it as of now :)

  • squishsquish
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    I make 2200 a month gross and take home 1600. Dh makes 3200 and takes home 2600.

    It looks like a lot but I always feel a little stressed. We are slowly working our way out of debt from a period when we moved and it took me 5 months to find a job. We had to pay COBRA for my insurance to cover my pregnancy.

    Our mortgage is 840 a month with 108 in HOA fees. Electric and gas run about 200 a month. Cable and Internet are 123 and cell is 150. I spend about 100-150 a week in groceries, which does not include my husbands beer. That's on him. He has the vices and therefore, he pays for them. My car is paid off and his is 226 a month. Car insurance is 65 a month. I pay my sister to watch DS and give her 50 a day, usually 3 days a week.
  • GisleyandHank
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    Only a year ago we were living of of $1400 a month with both DH and I working two jobs each and no government assistance. Recently, my husband got his CDL and is now making 42K per year as a truck driver. He's never home, which blows, but I stay busy with the kids and my part-time job that brings in about $1000 a month. We are fortunate to live in a great family-friendly town. We have a free public pool open all summer and the children's museum is free 4 days a month. We also have great parks and lots of inexpensive activites at the convention center.

    We own our cars, pay $800/month on our 2bedroom rental, and spend $400 a month on groceries for our family of 4.

    I have about 10K in hospital bills because I didn't have insurance when I had my daughter. I'm in the process of becoming a surrogate so I hope to pay off my hospital bills by next year and put a down payment on our first house.

    I read people are happiest (in the US) making between 50K-100K a year. Anywhere above and below that and their happiness level drops significantly.

  • LifeofchaosLifeofchaos
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    My dh makes around 65k a year that he busts his ass for our family of 5. We are buying a 2600 sq ft home ($850/mo), old loan $515/mo that will be paid off in the Spring, credit cards, outrageous electric bill ($450/mo), propane, cell phones, cable, internet, car insurance, and the crazy grocery bill to feed 5! There is usually always more month left at the end of our $.
    I just recently started doing independent sales and substitute teaching for the extras for the kids. Me going back to work full time would not benefit us financially after daycare costs and we both agree that we don't want the kids in daycare full time. I envy the people that have family members that help w that cost
  • Quietmom
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    I envy your position @lifeofchaos
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  • LifeofchaosLifeofchaos
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    @wildandfree me? We live paycheck to paycheck. No savings and we are total bill jugglers. Like I sd .... Always more month left at the end of our $...... Someday I hope to have $ left at the end of the month ;-)
  • BellaBefanaBellaBefana
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    This whole thread just totally depressed me.  Sadly, I don't see the economy getting any better any time soon.
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  • FreeToBeMee
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    I bring home just over 4k per month and SO brings in about 1500. There are months where we totally squeak by. But we also usually go to brunch and or dinner at least 2-3 times per week, try to do a weekend away a few times a year and then we try to do a week vacation together and I usually take a few days by myself.
  • FreeToBeMee
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    Also, the cost of living here is just STUPID expensive.
  • Quietmom
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    @lifeofchaos I'm an idiot and read that wrong lol I read "always more money left at the end of our month." Please disregard and blame on lack of sleep!
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  • BakingmommyBakingmommy
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    We are barely making it on 28,000 pre tax. I used to be able to supplement our income selling dog toys I make, but the sales have just dropped off, and I can't find another job. We have a three bedroom 2 bath home in Michigan. We used to make 52,960 pre tax between my sales and DH 2nd job and be "comfortable - very tight, but comfortable"
  • eappleeapple
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    I think it's very hard to compare finances given the fact that we're all over the globe and in different situations. Renters and home owners, beaters and leased cars, sahm and working moms. See the thing is when you rent you may pay a little more than the mortgage but you don't foot the bill for a new roof, furnace, plumbing problems, etc. And someone with a beater doesn't have a monthly car payment but fuck those repairs don't come cheap! The sahm doesnt spend money on daycare but they also don't get paid for the work they do. working moms get paid but they have to foot the bill for daycare, maybe a second vehicle, and whatever else comes with working out of them home. When you earn more you spend more, I've certainly learned that. Dan finished his apprenticeship almost a year ago so in the last 4 years our yearly income has greatly increased each year. We are just this year going to make what he will make hourly for the remainder of his career. The difference in our lifestyle has changed dramatically but at the end of the month we're not saving as much as we'd like. We have paid off a lot of debt and made a little nest egg but even though we make significantly more we don't have significantly more if that makes sense. We just live a more expensive life!
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  • beachmommybeachmommy
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    CKLW said:

    Kudos to all you moms that are working miracles on such tight budgets! I honestly do not know how you do it.

    Totally agree!!!

    Without disclosing how much we make, we are comfortable, as we both work more than full time.  Cost of living here is very high.  My mortgage is $4k/mo, we both drive newer vehicles and have some fun toys.  But to be completely honest, my work covers expenses such as gas, my truck, my truck insurance, my phone, my laptop and ipads, and other miscellaneous items. 

    I worked my ass off to get to my position at work, so I never view it as "free" items, but the truth is, all the expenses that they pay for I am able to put that $ into a savings account and other investments, which I am extremely appreciative for. 

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  • ChristyJChristyJ
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    @eapple....100% accurate.  We used to be very comfortable making half of what we do why now does it feel like we make less?  I have recently started making cuts against "that day" which I hope never happens and I am finding they are really not that hard to make. 
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  • BellaBefanaBellaBefana
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    @eapple:  I agree, 100%.  

    When I was pregnant, I was on track to make, quite honestly, an obscene amount of money that year.  Enough to put away about 4+ months worth of maternity leave (being contracted, it was all on me).  Since the economy crashed and burned a month before she was born, I've worked less than not for 4 years now.  In fact, I've now been out of work and trying to survive on unemployment from my last full time job for a year and a doesn't even hit minimum wage if you figure it out hourly, and I get the highest amount my state pays.

    Fortunately, when my dad got sick, my house got put into a trust, so the while I make my mortgage payments when I'm working, the trust pays them regardless, so I'm probably one of the few people who aren't upside down, but again, that's just pure luck and a little advanced planning.  If that wasn't in place, I'd be living out of my car or in a shelter or with my mother (shudders violently).

    Its just incredibly depressing to me to know 1) after 20 years in my career I'm in this position, and 2) too many others are as bad or worse than I.
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  • Quietmom
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    Dude $4K/month is more than I make in a month. Good and lord. @beachmommy Kudos to you.

    I won't disclose what I make but let's just say, I don't own a house, we both have a car and I have good health benefits/403b/savings/pension/life insurance through work. We have a $250/mo food budget. We have never had a weekend away. I have never gone anywhere by myself (you are very lucky @freetobeme). We are broke before our next paychecks, but we are not behind in bills anymore at least. And we are chipping away at the debt I incurred while in college. So we are not freaking out and stressed like we used to be, but we aren't NEAR as comfortable like I'd like us to be. It will take time, but like @eapple my income & benefits will keep increasing until I hit my peak for my education level (about 5 years from now). So in time, things will get better.

    I'm just glad to have a job, a roof, reliable transportation, food & the luxuries we do have like cable/net & smartphones & the kids don't go without. I will be grateful.
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  • avettlover
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    We live in the suburbs of Philadelphia and make about 100k combined.  We have one child and 3 dogs.  We have a mortgage and car payment with no other debt, but it feels like we never have enough at the end of the month.  Our daughter goes to a relatively expensive daycare ($1,100/mo) we budget $500/mo for food and save about $1200 for future expenses and college fund.  My job provides great insurance and lots of extras.  After reading some of these posts, I think I need to reevaluate our spending.  Some of you ladies are doing a great job making things work!!  I think we are considered lower middle class in our area (at least in our circle of friends, we make the least).
  • Tranquil
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    I won't go into specific numbers but we live in an expensive part of Canada, our mortgage is fairly high. We have 2 newish cars, luxury toys and are able to save a small amount every month. 
  • coda
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    I don't think it matters how much you make, depends all on how much debt you have.  DH makes 4 times what he made 15 years ago but we have less to spend because of our mortgage and medical bills and credit card bills.  Its gotten so bad we canceled my health insurance.  Miss the days when we had no rent, no car payment, no phone, all our income was ours to spend.
  • KacerpieKacerpie
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    Up until about 2 months ago we had a combined income of about 110k (there are 6 of us). Rent is 2000/mo, cable 70, internet 40, car 280, day care (460 a week). After all was said and done we were saving about 400-500 a month. 7 Weeks ago I changed jobs and our income went up to 140k. Just got laid off so we are down to 70k. We live in Southern California (Orange County) so it seems like ALOT, but the cost of living here is insane.
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  • GritsGrits
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    We live on approximately $1500 a month. $525/month rent for a 3 br/1ba house in a nice neighborhood (we got LUCKY), utilities, phone/cable/internet run around $300/month, student loans payments, insurance, groceries, gas, diapers, and kid stuff in general eats the rest. We're okay, though. We're happy to have what we need. Our car is paid for and we don't do a lot of extraneous type of things, but we have fun with what we have. It's not hard for us to remember where we've come from and how much worse it could be. So, we can't save much and our credit sucks, but we have the essentials and we have happy healthy kids, so we don't complain.
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  • BradsCrazyMomBradsCrazyMom
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    We struggle and live paycheck to paycheck. I'm broke most of the time but my kid has heat and a roof over his head. Some days I call the sitter so I know he will eat :( breaks my heart but I have been looking for a job for months
  • BellaBefanaBellaBefana
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    I think everybody here is talking about gross income...and we've had this discussion before, yes, when I was working my base pay was just under $100K/year...once I actually got my check though, I saw maybe half that, then once I took out all the bills, etc., there wasn't anything left over really either.  I did have a little extra taken out every check for employee stock purchase, etc., because I know how bad I am at saving, but I gotta be honest here, there just wasn't anything left, and I really live a pretty modest life style w/o a lot of the bills many have, including credit cards.  I learned along time ago, I can be a menace with the plastic, so I don't have a lot.

    If I could recommend, Suzy Orman's books, they're incredibly informative on how to get all this under control, but even she's admitted lately she's had to readjust her thinking for today's young people just starting out because of how much things cost!
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  • FreeToBeMee
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    Before taxes I think Id bring home about $6k, which I try not to get too sad about but good lord, til student loans are paid off and the kiddo gets a little more stable, I could certainly use that extra $2k.
  • NorthernMommyNorthernMommy
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    We are comfortable, but due to where we live, cost of living is really high.  We just moved into a new home (and used the proceeds from the sale of our previous home to make our downpayment) but our mortgage is over $2,300/month.  Add in fuel, insurance, taxes, etc and we pay almost $700-$1,000 per month in utilities.

    We have one vehicle, a truck that DH bought when we tried to get pregnant again (to ensure that everyone would fit in our vehicle) and make payments on that.

    We have clawed our way from making $50K a year (combined) when we first met, to paying off all of our student loans (over $70K total) and other miscellaneous debt, to being comfortable now.

    That being said, I'm not sure that I have ever had to face what some of you ladies are going thru.  You have my utmost respect and admiration for all you do for your children and families. 

  • FreeToBeMee
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    I cant wait until the loans are paid off. Luckily, we have no credit card debt but those damn loans...
    I too commend the mamas that are doing so much with so little and know that it does get better. Yesterday I sat sipping a $5 organic latte at the same coffee shop that I used to work at for 10-12 hours a day trying to raise me, a 2 year old, pay rent and tuition for both of us. I can remember WISHING I would ever have the money for shit like expensive coffee drinks.
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    With paycheck, bonuses and child support I'm bringing in just under 60k gross. About $3500/mo net. I live in the South. It's myself, 2 kids and a zoo. We are literally paycheck to paycheck at the moment. We live modest, but I splurge on private school ($800/mo) (I receive a small tuition break bc of my financial status). I want the best for my kids and I'll do whatever it takes to give them a good education and a good start to life. Our public school system is terrible. 3bdrm 1.5 bath house ($720/mo). 2 cells (not smart phones $100/mo), internet and cable(120/mo). I keep our groceries to $100 a week, car ($160/mo), my college student loans ($160/mo), credit cards and debt I accumulated trying to keep up with tuition ($250/mo) Car insurance, homeowners insurance, pest control and other odd and ends take up whatever is left over. I'm lucky to have all that we need, but at the same time I'd love to be able to go to dinner or the movies or own more that one pair of pants and a couple of shirts.

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    We live in the Northeast, where the property taxes are horrific and cost of living through the roof.  Always been self employed, and if I want a really good laugh I can look at my tax returns from 2007 and before where we were making several hundred K a year, to the last 5 years or so where we show a negative income (loss).  I am very fortunate in that we've never had debt, own 2 houses and have toys and a kid in college.  I get to stay home and work at the business, although in the last year I have been looking for work as our monthly health insurance bill is killing us.  It would be worth it for me to work out of the home for the benefits.  No one will hire me because I haven't worked for anyone but myself for 18 years, and the job market is flooded with overly qualified people who have held actual jobs in those fields.  Glad I paid for that BS degree!
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    Right now only 1400 a month, thats for my hubby and I plus our kids (2 ) and then my parents as well. :/ Which gets us: 600 a month for rent, Car/life insur is 150 a month, home phone and internet is 70 a month, one cell phone 40 a month. Utilities are about 280 a month,( thats electric, gas, water,sewer, trash ) the rest goes to my hubby getting to and from work, getting my parents to and from doc and hospitals. :/ 
    Oh and i live in Missouri 
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    Actually, it's sadly reassuring that everyone seems to be in the same boat.  My husband and I make decent salaries, (gross about 78k/yr), but after all of the bills, we're happy to have a few bucks left over.  We have no savings (aside from paycheck deductions into retirement).  We keep chipping away at the debt (we call it "start up costs" because we both had crappy jobs for years when we were first married).  Paying for daycare (about $8,800 per year - 1 kid) is killer, but still less than losing my salary if I stayed home (I carry the health insurance).

    I appreciate my husband's viewpoint of rewarding ourselves here and there - I would probably never spend any money until stuff was all paid, but he takes the "all work and no play" approach.  That doesn't mean that we take vacations or anything - our "treats" are small and relatively inexpensive.  We try to defray costs wherever we can (tight grocery budget, netflix instead of cable, hand me down clothes), but it's still a losing battle against the rising costs of EVERYTHING!!
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    Right now I am on maternity leave.  So for this year I'll be making about $11,000 and DH makes about $60,000.  We live in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.  Cost of living here is pretty high.  We own a modest 3 bedroom home and both our vehicles.  But wee have about $22,000 in car loans, $35,000 in student loans and a $180,000 mortgage.  So by the end of the month there's not much left.  We manage to save about $200 a month after cable, utilities, cell phones, cable etc.  We aren't poor, but it often feels like a few extra bucks at the end of the month would be nice.  We are VERY lucky that I have parents who seem to have money to burn so our kids get spoiled with new clothes, winter jackets, toys etc.  It's a huge burden off our backs.  We don't expect it or ask for it, they just do it, but we also don't object.