Braces and no dental insurance
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    My husband lost his job due to a work accident back in April so we lost our dental insurance. Our daughter has had braces since Last December but hasn't had them tightened since June. We owe over $3000 to the orthodontist so they won't touch her. Wtf are we supposed to do??? We don't have the $$ or insurance and she really needs to have something done. I've called around and everyone wants at least $1500 just to see her for the first visit.

    Anyone have any suggestions??? We now qualify for medical help but they don't cover braces.
  • sunnymommasunnymomma
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    Is there a dental school around you?
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  • missy545missy545
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    Yes I called 2 of them. The first one wanted the $1500 up front and the other wasn't taking any new patients right now.
  • Marionettevie
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    oh no! i am so sorry you are going through this! have you asked about payment plans? my mom paid for my braces out of pocket on a payment plan.
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    Call your county's health department? Ours has a free dental clinic for children under 18. Wondering if yours does?
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    Contact Smiles Change Lives  I'm not sure what they would do in your situation, since your daughter already has the braces, but they help families who need orthodontics with assistance.  I have two that need braces and am so thankful we were accepted.  Hopefully they can help or direct you somewhere that is able to help.
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    I haven't had dental insurance since I was living with my parents 27 years ago.  Both my kids needed braces, I paid monthly for them.  Amazing, the payments coincide exactly with the amount of time the braces need to stay on!  Hopefully you can get some assistance if you can't afford to pay for them.  Good luck.
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    I would think they at least have to take them off her. We can't put a cast on someone and say sorry we won't take it off until you give us money. Contact your local dhs and ask about Medicaid coverage for dental
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    @missy545, I'm sorry about your dh's accident.

    About the braces, what was the total cost going to be?
    Did the insurance pay any of it from Dec to April?
    It was going to be all insurance, or partially on you too?
    Doesn't make sense that this much could be past due only 6 real months into treatment.
    It should be broken down into monthly payments over the time she's expected to have them.
    Maybe it got messed up on their end because of it going from insured to out of pocket. This isn't standard billing for orthodontics, you being slammed all at once.

    If the billing department is in the dental office, go there. Speak to them in person. If they won't work with you, wait for the orthodontist. Insist you meet with him. Don't leave, sit in the waiting room for as long as it takes. Make sure they have a direct view of you from the desk if possible.
    Just smile & watch them work... :)

    Go there pleasant, calm, prepared with a payment plan you can handle, determined.
    Ask if you can get the same rate they would charge the ins co or less.
    Good luck! You can do's easy for some idiot to draw a hard line over the phone. Much more difficult in person. Any chance the orthodontist is in tomorrow or next Wednesday?
    Fridays & the day before a holiday are great days to resolve issues. :D
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    I like the last SM advice , present yourself and ask , you might be surprised
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    I'm surprised they didn't do a payment plan for you.  My last round of orthodontia had part covered by my insurance, like $2000, then I paid the rest in monthly's.  I think this is completely irresponsible of that dentist to pull this crap on you, and I'd report his ass to the dental association.
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  • missy545missy545
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    @PurpleMomma they don't take people that already have braces on but I did send an email to see if maybe they can point me in a direction of who can help.  Thanks for the information though!

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    I'm surprised the orthodontist didn't bill a large part of that sum to the insurance company. I'm pretty sure that if he was treated while covered, they still have to pay up even if they get the bill after the insurance was cancelled. Because if she got them in December and your husband lost his job in april, then december to april should have been covered and you would only owe for any appointment visits after april. Go back to the original orthodontist and set up a payment structure and get her seen.

    I had braces when I didn't have insurance a few years ago. I had a payment plan. And the total cost for me for the entire braces experience was under 3000 (two year's worth of visits, plus putting on and taking off).

    And I agree with Peace.
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    @katz_meow I called and they do not have a free clinic.  I am thinking of using my MIL address as she lives in a low income county.  Off to see if it will work.

  • missy545missy545
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    About the braces, what was the total cost going to be? $5000.00
    Did the insurance pay any of it from Dec to April? Yes the insurance paid some each month- less than $100.00 I think it was around 40-60 a month.
    It was going to be all insurance, or partially on you too? Insurance was $2000.00 total and our part was $3000.00.
    Doesn't make sense that this much could be past due only 6 real months into treatment. I talked to the office again and they are saying the balance due is still over $3000.00.  I guess they didn't get the entire $2000.00 from the insurance company so now we owe the balance.  I am waiting for the dr to call me back since I asked to speak to her to see if we can work something out.