I love you.
  • Chocoholic
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    I should say it more to my children.

    I should show it more.

    I should live it more.

    So here is an attempt to start:

    To @imwendy @onetime- thank you for being my heart and soul, for alway getting and accepting me, and being my sisters.

    @beerwench - coffee. Enough said ;)

    @purpleflowers- I continue to admire you on so, so many levels.

    To my teachers- @cklw @marysunshine you help me remember why we choose the path we do. You inspire me and keep me strong.

    @grits @wildandfree @curious @schweddyballs @ape @katotonic @everlong- each of you never ceases to amaze me with your words of wisdom and insightfulness.

    @peace- thank you for always saying what is in my head, but 100000000x better than I ever could.

    @scarymommy, simply thank you. First drink is on me.

    I know I have missed some, and for that I apologize. I will add more soon.

    Who do YOU need to send some love to?
    The answer is chocolate. I don't care what the question is.
  • BeerWenchBeerWench
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    @chocoholic you know I love you girl. And I'll even share my coffee with you!
    :¦:-•:*'""*:•.-:¦:-•** She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten**•-:¦:-•:*'""*:• -:¦:-
  • ImWendyImWendy
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    @chocoholic I sooo love you. I honestly love you and @onetime more than I've ever loved any other woman. You two have been my glue. You've had my back even when you know damn well I'm making a decision you don't agree with, and you accept me the way I am. You are such an amazing wife, mother, and friend.

    @onetime You're the most determined person I know. I love that you fight so hard for what you feel is best for your family. You made me cry the other day because I don't think I've ever been as completely loved, accepted, and supported.

    I always wished I'd been lucky enough to have a sister. Turned out I just hadn't met them yet.

    deus ex machina
  • BeerWenchBeerWench
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    @imwendy well said
    :¦:-•:*'""*:•.-:¦:-•** She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten**•-:¦:-•:*'""*:• -:¦:-
  • CrashCrash
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    I love all my chatzy girls! Even the ones who don't come around anymore...*COUGH*

    Feel the love, bitches. FEEL IT!!!

    Lol. :)
    Why be a king when you can be a God?
  • ChibikoChibiko
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    Thanks for the shout out @curious

    "We all cross over to the dark side at one point. We just all have different temptations" ~MarySunshine

    "You were the truth I would rather lose than to have never lain beside at all" ~Death Cab for Cutie
  • ImWendyImWendy
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    Oh and I love @beerwench and @curious!! And many more of you!
    deus ex machina
  • mommydeliriousmommydelirious
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    Luuurrvv to all you gals who make me feel like I have friends in the world...I'm stuck in this apt most days looking after children but I'm rarely alone! You know who you are! :-*
  • PurpleFlowersPurpleFlowers
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    To you,@chocoholic. I admire your intelligence and your sweet personality.

    @Ophelia and @luvlyssa for their strength in tough situations. They smile and give of themselves even when they're down.

    @irishlass because she is a sweetheart and wise beyond her years.

    @Katotonic because she's my awesome Michigan girl...who I owe a drink ;)

    @birdie for her strong beliefs and all around awesomeness.

    @beerwench, @wickeddunkiejunkie, @love, @curious,@chibiko, @fatchickonabike & @schweddyballs because they crack me up!
    @scarymommy for creating this wonderful site!!
    Im sure I forgot some special people, Ill add more later too. I love you all!!!!
    @primalbitch, @demanda, @marysunshine, @dragonbabyx3, @unforgiven, @lesbomom, @sammie, @calliopemarie, @dolphinlover26, @pistolpackinmomma, @momofdbb, @sidsmommy3, @mommydelirious, @cklw, @dreamer, @deviltwinsmomma, @beachy
    Stay away from my chocolate and nobody gets hurt!

    I think I like who I am becoming...
  • CalliopemarieCalliopemarie
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    @luvlyssa cause you rock! @primalbitch cause I love ya and @dolphinlover26 just cause she is who she is
  • sidsmommy3sidsmommy3
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    I love all of you for the support that you have provided me, and most especially this week, when I am missing my baby girl so much.  Giant hugs to everyone!    >:D<
    Mary :-)

    Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.
  • JustAConfusedMamaJustAConfusedMama
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    @calliopemarie, I love you too.@carolunea, you've been a great buddy and friend and @TheHeadacheslayer, because you are just plain awesome.  I admire a great deal how confident and compassionate you are.   @chocoholic, thanks for the great thread to express this. 
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  • CinnaCinna
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    @curious I totally felt it lol. I know it was hard for you to admit ;) I love my chatzy ladies as well. I'd tag you but frankly I'm lazy and Curious already did it.
    Two hearts! Oh baby I'm beating out a samba!
  • BeachyBeachy
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    There isn't anyone I dislike, and I do love all the woman for the reasons stated already! Just want to throw a shout out to @undercoverbanana for being a ride or die bitch! She will drop everything to help someone in trouble and I really admire that.
    There are so many more, I don't want anyone to feel excluded.
    @gingersnap I love your wit.
    @momofdbb your strength is humbling
    @organicbaby you are direct and concise, even if you can't bake
    @lilbit you my girl!
    @racerpie you always show compassion
    There are too many to list!
    @scarymommy nation!
    Thank you all for being you all!
    Searching for my lost shaker of salt.
  • KellynnKellynn
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    Oh, so many!!

    @irishlass and @eapple, you are young moms who are doing such a fantastic job raising your children! I feel as though while you are much younger than me, I can still learn things from you both.

    @momofdbb, you are an inspiration to us all. You have experienced such tragedy, yet try and stay positive and lift up others.

    @luvlyssa, my heart breaks for you. You, too, try and remain sunny and optimistic when life just shits on you. I wish, wish, wish we lived closer to each other so I could spend time with you and have a friend I could talk to.

    @chocoholic, you are sanity whose voice I have come to admire and appreciate. Plus, your dd is too stinkin' cute!

    @oximom, you are really trying to be such a good mom and get yourself out of debt and provide a good life for your family. You will get there!
  • kittykisses80kittykisses80
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    Can you feel the love tonight? lol :-)
  • GingersnapGingersnap
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    @grits - you are often the reason I don't post or comment on a thread. All I'm left with is, "Ditto."
    “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” ― Joseph Campbell
  • Luvlyssa
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    awwww *blush* thanks ladies. I needed this tonight especially.
    Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim.
  • Quietmom
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    Awwww I really thought you didn't like me after that teacher thread @chocoholic.. Thank you for saying that. After a long day, it's appreciated :)

    I love all my ladies on here :-*
    Like a river and a waterfall, a strong person channels their own path...
  • 2legit2legit
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    I'm new to the boards, but I've been lurking for a while and there are a couple of ladies who really stand out in my mind.

    @anonymommy you always seem to have the best advice, you're super compassionate and really knowledgeable. You are an absolute asset to this website.

    @serendipity same goes for you. I've read some of your threads, I know you have a lot going on, but you're unbelievably honest, and frankly it's refreshing to encounter someone who reminds me so much of myself.

    Frankly, I can't get enough of anyone in this community. The way you guys respect each other, while not being simple yes men is amazing. @schweddyballs you in particular. You and @Wildandfree seem to be the friends that everyone needs, yet no one appreciates. You slap people in the face with the truth in really amazing, compassionate, supportive ways. You both amaze me. 

    I am so glad I took the plunge to join. You guys are all amazing. 
  • momofdbbmomofdbb
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    @Beachy and @CKLW awe you gona make me turn all red !! :\"> I love you ladies too !!
    There are too many to list !!! I love all of you !!
    " Wibbly wobbly timey wimey ......." The Doctor
    " I'm a leafe on the wind..watch how I soar ." Wash :((
    " Oh the wall had it comming.' Sherlock Holmes
    yea I am geek !!
  • ScaryMommyScaryMommy
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    Threads like this make me so happy! I love all of you guys - truly. The fact that you've made this place your home makes me all warm and fuzzy and just amazed. 
  • RedTiger
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    I love everyone on this site even if I dont always show it!! Yes im drunk off my ass tonight. And I wish I was rich so I could donate loads and loads of money to SMN!
  • organicbabyorganicbaby
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    @Beachy is always caring, like the time she tried to help the old lady begging at the supermarket. I will learn to bake damnit, you will see.
    You @Chocoholic for so many obvious reasons
    @undercoverbanana because she would be the friend that helps when nobody else does if your cause is fair. And she is the craftiest of them all.
    @beam because she makes me want to fight the fight every day at a moment I was thinking to give up and let the world be a mess.
    @luvlyssa because she got it rough and still cares deeply for others
    @Kacerpie @Libit @rahsgirl @bellabear the SoCal girls who showed me that people still want to make friends even living in LA
    @Torturedbytwins @deviltwinsmomma for their life insights which always help my life
    @Dreamer who has the most tactful, caring and sweet advices ever. She is like the good voice we all like to hear.
    @FoulMouthedSailor who can thrive in a women's site because besides having balls (in a jar on top of the fridge) he has a brain (in his head I hope)
    @irishlass everybody's favorite rough and tough Irish. I laugh with you a lot, and inside you are so lovely.
    @TheHeadacheSlayer and @fatchickonabike are the girls I would like to learn to be like.
    @momofdbb who has conquered my heart with her strength and caring personality
    @wildandfree, @curious, @schweddyballs @mommydelirious who are always ready to say the blunt truth out loud which is something I highly respect.
    @SAHM2010 because she is adorable. I always imagine you jumping up and down in excitement while typing
    @steviexxx is always ready to help us be better moms even after a whole day of dealing with shitty situations at work. I have learned that social workers are brave and there to help when a child needs help from you.
    And of course @Unforgiven @Love @LesboMom @CanadianMama you guys are awesomeness made woman
    And so many others whose nick I cannot remember but will and whom I am already feeling sorry to have left out.
    You get the point, I love coming here and "seeing" you. Thanks for taking the time to create a community.
  • AnonUser34
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    I love this thread :P
    @Chocoholic you're one of the smartest ladies I've come across, not only do you have a big heart but you're open minded in so many ways. I dig you more and more everyday!
    @BeerWench @ape @Everlong @toadinthehole you ladies are my best friends, I love you so much. Thank you for putting up with my mood swings. And never giving up on me, I don't know what I would do if I couldn't talk to you guys daily :x
    @Demanda my Canadian wife, we shall make babies together someday soon!
    @Mommydelirious @lovinmom @wickeddunkiejunkie @Purpleflowers @schweddyballs I am proud to call you guys my friends, no matter what anyone says ;) I love you all and would taco kick anyone for you girls.
    @onetime @Sammie I love you two so much, you're both great mom's and women. I look up to you guys in so many ways. Which brings me to @ScaryMommy Thank you! If it wasn't for you, I would never have gotten to know all these girls. And you're pretty damn awesome yourself. There are more ladies I adore on here, I'm sorry if I missed you.
  • LesboMomLesboMom
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    My girls @unforgiven @love @sammie @canadianmama @scarymommy that make this "mod thing" fun 


    Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow. -- Helen Keller
  • kmetz44kmetz44
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    if I talk to you i love you, if I dont talk to you i dont love you..there i think that covers everyone...there are a few special ones whod Id hump the shit out of but you know who you are
    Im pretty extraordinary in an ordinary way
  • WickedDunkieJunkieWickedDunkieJunkie
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    Oh gees... you want me to list people?
    My phone would be autocorrecting me to death.

    Everyone who was there last month when I fell apart... you know who you are.
    I couldn't have gotten through that without your support. I ♡ you immensely.

    Everyone who actually takes the time to actually care about the threads I post (when I do post one on occasion)... I ♥ you too.
    We Are The Music Makers... And We Are The Dreamers Of Dreams...

  • lilolmelilolme
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    Hmmm there are soo many to list. I may not have much interaction with you all anymore but I stalk the boards and you ladies and gents can make me smile even when I don't feel like it. I have laughed and cried for many of you, and even gotten pissed and wanted to beat the hell outta some people for you all.I'll list the few I can come up with at this moment..
    @chocoholic for supporting my anthropology dream, it's still in the works.
    @foulmouthedsailor for giving an open honest guy's perspective and showing support to other members here.
    @scarymommy herself for creating this website and inspiring me to start writing down all my funny anecdotal things that happen in my life. You are such an inspiration, you give me hope that someday i will be ok too.
    @schweddyballs.. even though we really haven't had much interaction I love reading your posts. You are as brutally honest with people as I am, and seem to have a take me or leave me attitude that I can relate to. I think we'd probably make good friends for each other.
    @chaosmom without her support i would have gone crazy. I love you woman, She has made me realize that the craziness i deal with in regards to my special needs son with behavioral problems is manageable, albiet sometimes with alot of pulling out my hair,lol. I know that as long as I know her I will never be alone in the whirlwind of IEP meeting and violence that infuses our everyday lives with our"special" children. It's wonderful having her in my life, she is definitely a godsend. I only hope I have provided as much as she has given me through our friendship.
    That's all i have for now. If I can think of more I will add them later.

  • GritsGrits
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    @Chocoholic, my long lost sister. I love you so hard. Great thread, btw.
    @Gingersnap, ditto, woman. You are the shizz! And I love talking to you.
    @momofdbb, you are such a strong woman. You have lost so much, but still find it in yourself to be strong for others. Just amazing.
    @SchweddyBalls, you are one funny betch, and I love you threads. 
    @SAHM1020, Thank you for helping to save my sanity. I will never forget that.

    There are so many of you that I would miss if you left. So stay here! Or I will hunt you down and drag you back. This is my safe place, my happy place. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!
    "I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles." ~Audrey Hepburn
  • lilolmelilolme
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    Just remembered my newest friends.
    @mommyliciousx4 thanks for the support and someone to vent to in regards to being the wife of an otr driver. It's rough and you make me smile.
    @scarytruckindadof5 your name still cracks me up and reminds me of my dh,lol. You too have offered support in regards to otr driving. From you I get another dad and dh's perspective. Sometimes it is much needed to remind me that DH doesn't WANT to be gone but NEEDS to be atm to provide for our family.
    Thank you both so much, this most recent return to this life has hit me really hard and you both help make it more bearable.
  • lilolmelilolme
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    @gingersnap for being the first here to make rl contact and proving that I am not as crazy as I thought I was,lol. Also for welcoming me back after my break and offering support.
  • lilolmelilolme
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    @lesbomom for laughing with me when we can manage to make time to chat, and for being my go to for all things lesbian and doing so with a smile in your voice.
  • LesboMomLesboMom
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    Awww @lilolme I lurve you woman


    Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow. -- Helen Keller
  • OpheliaOphelia
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    Iblockquote rel="WickedDunkieJunkie">Oh gees... you want me to list people?
    My phone would be autocorrecting me to death.

    Everyone who was there last month when I fell apart... you know who you are.
    I couldn't have gotten through that without your support. I ♡ you immensely.

    Everyone who actually takes the time to actually care about the threads I post (when I do post one on occasion)... I ♥ you too.
    This! @purpleflowers @wickeddunkiejunkie @luvlyssa you guys kept me sane and helped my be strobg when I was ready to stay under the covers for the rest of my life.

    @schweddyballs you always make me laugh, and my vocabulary has become much more colorful.
    Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile.. -Grateful Dead<3
  • missmama5missmama5
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    I love everybody. You've all given me so many laughs and so much support. I can never thank you enough. For the longest time I lived in a big dark castle of Bitter, where I was the only one who had ever felt sadness & loss but I've moved out. Thanks to all of you, so many of you have had to be so strong through so much crap and the fact that we are all still alive and can still smile is priceless.
  • VegantasticVegantastic
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    @Grits because you always say exactly what I'm thinking, but put it much clearer lol

    @Gingersnap because you're awesome and always interesting. And your advice is always spot on

    @TheHeadacheslayer because you genuinely care about us and you are amazing in your love and compassion. And you are raising amazing kids- I'm taking notes!

    @momofdbb because your strength is incredible, and you deal with life with a smile and a laugh

    @chaosmom because you keep at it, even when life is being a horrible bitch

    @curious because you say what you mean and mean what you say (and usually have me chuckling about it at the same time lol)

    @sidsmommy3 because you're an awesome mom who has been through the ringer but keeps on going because you love your girls

    @missmama5 because I can't imagine being on bedrest and having anything nice to say lol but you are always cheerful and sweet

    @MorganD you are who you are and you make no apologies. And that is awesome :)

    @fatchickonabike because you're hilarious and you live in my favorite place

    @Love because you gave me the balls to be adventurous, even if it was just a few inches of purple hair

    @SchweddyBalls because you are equal parts fierce and awesome, and you can work an f-bomb like no one else

    @organicbaby because you're right! I DO get all twitchy and excited when I type! And I love that you get that :)

    @Ophelia because you are a strong and amazing example for your daughter

    @PurpleFlowers I don't have a specific example but you are always supportive and sweet and I lurve you

    and I'm sure I've forgotten a bunch, and I'm so sorry but you ladies are SO AMAZING! And I love you all


    ETA I'm so sorry @chocoholic! I guess I was saving the best for last lol You give me hope that teachers DO care and that I'm doing the right thing in sending my kids to school every day. And your threads are always thought-provoking and interesting :) 

    "Be the change you wish to see in the world"
    "Don't Panic"
  • BirdieBirdie
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    These lyrics come to mind: 'I love you deeper than I can swim, feel my lungs caving in, nobody's stopping me now'

    I cannot even begin to list the names of the people that have gotten me through and believed in me. I know I will miss someone if I try.
    Each and everyone of you have had a tremendous impact on my life. Taught me new things about myself, been there when I needed a shoulder and just needed to cry. You were the first ones I was able to open up to when things got bad. In you, I have found sisters and family.
    You are all such beautiful and amazing women (and men). I am so incredibly thankful for you all!

    Please forgive me if I left anyone out! You should already know I love you!


  • CalliopemarieCalliopemarie
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    I love everyone on here.
  • sidsmommy3sidsmommy3
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    This could be one of my favorite threads....ever.  :x
    Mary :-)

    Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.
  • KacerpieKacerpie
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    @organicbaby & @beachy, thank you ladies, like you said @organicbaby, So Cal can be hard, and I have lived here all my life, and with that experience, I can say true friends are still pretty f'in hard to come by!
    "Please don't talk mom... It makes my brain work..."
  • DreamerDreamer
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    I cant list everyone, Im horrible at remembering names.  But there are so many people I look forward to seeing what they have to say.  When I see their comments they either make me giggle, or nod my head in agreement with them.


    I will give a special shout out to the few girls that I have gotten to know on a much more personal level @mistressheidi707 @AlbertaMom @Primalbitch


    There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other. Which one are you?
  • ProudPalsyMamma
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    @Unforgiven @Curious @Wickeddunkiejunkie @schweddyballs @sidsmommy3 @Birdie @lauriebizz @chocoholic @fatchickonabike @calliopemarie @onetime @love @organicbaby @chaosmom @gingersnap @love @lilolme @beachy @livinthedream @momofdbb @chibiko @onetime @scarymommy and so many more! You guys have been amazing at being there for me through all the bullshit that's been my life for the past few months
  • SalllyWingo
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    @Chocoholic... I am SO glad that I got to reconnect with you!  You're a strong and admirable woman. You have made me laugh, cry and snort - and let's face it... who DOESN'T love chocolate ;)

    @beerwench, @Katotonic, @ape, @toadinthehole - you're my girls, you've had my back through thick and thin, you've been my backbone and the wind beneath my wings (*snort*) and the best friends I have ever had.  I am so thankful for this site because I never would have "met" you xoxoxo

  • undercoverbanana
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    I love all you guys, and so I dont forget anyone, there are some I love especially more and you know who you are.
    i'm nekkid.
  • eappleeapple
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    @Cklw that means so much to me because I really respect and admire you and what you bring to the site. Thank you!

    @momofbdd thank you so much! You are always there to offer words of support and encouragement and you really make this site a place where no one needs to feel shy about reaching out. I love how you offer support and solutions to problems.

    To each and every scary mom or dad I love you all dearly. Whether we have stayed up late chatting or bickered back and fourth on a thread. Whether you made me laugh or comforted me while I cried. To the ones who hugged be when I was down and even to the snarky huggers, each and every lady or gentleman here has a special place and purpose. Together we all make this place a rainbow of parenthood and a safe haven for anyone who wants to be here. I love you all and you really bring something special to my parenting journey and the journey of many many other parents seeking something real! xxoo the biggest hugs and all kinds of love to my fellow scaries.
    And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. ~Nietzsche
  • PrimalbitchPrimalbitch
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    Omg. Thanks for thinking of me ladies! @dreamer @caliopemarie

    There are so many ladies here I feel I will be forever in debt to. You have held my hand, shared my tears, encouraged, supported, and celebrated with me through the toughest days of my life. I could never come up w the words to express my appreciation and love for you.

    I don't like tagging on threads like these because I really don't want to offend anyone I might miss. So, if you're reading this, know that I love you. I'll be there for you as best I can if you ever need it.

    Love love love this place!
  • unforgivenunforgiven
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    You ladies are one of the reasons I could never leave this place. I love you all so very much. You are an extraordinary group of mommies.


    "What looks like torture is a time to rejoice
    What sounds like thunder is a comforting voice
    When what is beautiful looks broken and crushed
    And I say I don't know you
    But you say it's finished"
  • MorganD
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    I adore you all. You're more like family to me than anyone that shares my blood. You've supported me when I couldn't stand my own reflection, you've shared my pain when I couldn't hold it all myself, and you've shared my laughter when my kids do something hilarious. Everyone of you is beautiful and special. :) Thank you for being awesome.
    @sahm1020 @missmama5 @Grits @Love @Unforgiven @eapple @undercoverbanana and everyone else *hugs*
  • GingersnapGingersnap
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    This site wouldn't be what it is without all its members (even some who are no longer members). 

    @lilolme - @curious was there for me when I first came here. I'll never forget how important it was to have someone reach out to *me*. (Thanks @ curious)

    @canadianmama - you've been a rock for me (and an incredible asset to this site)

    @chibiko - I honestly don't even know what it is, but I find you utterly charming. 

    @love - I admire your combination of style, brains, guts and skill. Okay, sometimes I envy it.

    @ImWendy - I love you for your heart, and I lust you for your brains.

    @theheadacheslayer - for your strength, and possibly the fact that you are also a huge Buffy fan. I'm still getting to know you. You have layers. Like an onion. Or a parfait. ;)

    @proudpalsymama - I'm so glad you came to Scary Mommy. I know things have been tough, but all of that makes you a tremendous addition to this community. 

    There are many of you I feel I've just met, but I'm excited to know you better. 

    I had such a great time last night watching Firefly with @SAHM1020 and @penny. Others might join another time (http://www.scarymommy.com/message-board/index.php?p=/discussion/comment/477610#Comment_477610)  I love my Browncoats. 
    “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” ― Joseph Campbell
  • LilbitLilbit
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    @beachy is always thoughtful but honest and I loves it
    @imwendy and @inforgiven have made me feel welcome from the very beginning