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    I was so excited to receive my Pyure sweetener in the mail! I added it to my first cup of coffee the next day, and well, I was less than impressed. It tasted much like all the other sweeteners I've tried, leaving a strange aftertaste in my mouth and a...coating? on my tongue. My mom uses these sweeteners all the time and enjoyed it a lot, and continues to use it on a daily basis.

    Upon reading the package of the baking sugar I was expecting nothing beyond just using it in place of my sugar. I was surprised to see I had to adjust baking times and temperatures, add egg whites, etc. I handed this task off to my mom. She had no issue baking with it at all, other than the finer texture and an over eager stand mixer, but who doesn't expect a little dusting of white powder on their clothes when baking?

    The chocolate chip cookies actually came out really well. I could still taste a little something along the lines of an aftertaste, but it may have been because I knew it was in there. My kids, mom and dh all thought the cookies were great and enjoyed every last one of them.

    Overall it was a positive experience for my family, we have yet to find it in the stores where we shop but will buy it in the future. Its good for mom, being a diabetic, and good for the kids, being sugar fiends.
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    SO glad that your mom liked the sweetener since I remember that you were mostly interested in trying it for her. I hate that you didn't like it, but I have found that the Stevia sweeteners all have a bit of a distinct taste to them...


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    I find Stevia does have a distinct taste but I tried a diff sweetener in the past and it took me a while to get used to that too.