My Pyure Review
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    I'm not a huge sugar user. I am, however, a HUGE chemical user. Not the pink stuff, (ick!) but I abuse the yellow and the blue like crazy. I've known for a while that I should cut out the artificial chemicals, but I just wasn't willing to consume the calories that sugar would add. (Bad, bad Jill) So I was really excited to try out Pyure. 

    My thoughts... 

    In my iced tea: Totally switchable. The taste of one packet was pretty much the same as two Splenda or two Equal. My tongue did feel a tad tingly at first - not bad exactly, and really subtle. I couldn't taste any difference at all and got used the feeling. It sounds worse than it was - similar to what happens when I eat pineapple for some reason. 

    In coffee: Same as above. Two super easy switches for me and I like that I can use less than I'm used to.

    Baking: I tried a few things... 

    Chocolate chip cookies: Um, hello mixer gone wild. I should have been smart enough not to mix on high with the Pyure on top. I wasn't. Whoops. It was easy enough to make the cooking adjustments and my kids could taste no difference at all. I could taste a tiny difference in the texture, but nothing to prevent me from using it going forward. Totally passed the taste test.

    Jeff likes things sweet - tomato sauce, chicken, meat... the sweeter the better for him. So, anytime I would have used a dash of sugar, I used Pyure instead and didn't tell him. He never knew the difference, so husband test passed! 

    The only thing that wasn't quite the same is a noodle kugel I make. (For the non-Jews, this is what it is:

    It uses a boatload of sugar, so I was anxious to try out Pyure instead. I kept the brown sugar and just subbed the white and added the extra egg, but the whole thing was a but mushier than usual. Still tasted good, though. 

    So, really, a complete win from Pyure. I will definitely be buying it going forward! Yay! 
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    I used a couple of packets in my crockpot tomato sauce tonight! It tasted great when I tried it awhile ago, I'm sure it'll be just as tasty when we hae dinner in a little bit!
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    Me tooooo with the yellow packet! And this random no name white packet that I don't even know what it is. It was cheap and my mom bought it for me. Prob is some kind of knock off anthrax/rat poisen.

    Oooh I just thought, theres a couple tablespoons in my homemade bread rolls....I already use a light marg in there sometimes, maybe Ill try the pyure too!

    Everyones saying its great in tea, maybe Ill make a batch anyways tomorrow. Better for Dh that that horrible sugar crystal juice he loves.